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What about adding this one?:

"fight violence as if there was no negociation, and negociate as if there was no violence"

It is a very well known quote from him and it is often mentioned when debating whether to establish dialog with terrorists or not.

Hebrew quotes[edit]

I assume most Wikiquote readers don't read Hebrew, and in any event, there's a link to the Hebrew Wikiquote. Is there really a significance in leaving the Hebrew originals, or can they be removed? OgmiosProject 00:25, 17 March 2007 (UTC)


  • האדם אינו פלדה.
    הוא לב ונשמה, הוא בוכה וצוחק.
    הוא אוהב וכואב.
    הוא מסתער ונפצע וזועק.
    האדם הוא אדם.

    • Translation:
      The man is not made of steel.
      He has a heart and a soul, He weeps and laughs.
      He loves and aches.
      He attacks, gets wounded and cries.
      The man is human.
  • .אלימות היא כרסום יסוד הדמוקרטיה הישראלית. יש לגנות אותה, להוקיע אותה, לבודד אותה

    • Translation: Violence erodes the basis of Israeli democracy. It must be condemned, denounced and isolated.
  • די לדם ולדמעות. די. אין בנו שנאה כלפיכם, אין אנו תאבי נקמה. אנו, כמוכם, אנשים שרוצים לבנות בית, לטעת עץ, לאהוב ולחיות לצידכם בכבוד, באהדה, כבני אדם, כבני חורין.

    • Translation: Enough blood and tears. Enough. We have no hatred towards you, we do not wish for revenge. We, as you, are people who want to build a house, to plant a tree, to love and live alongside you in dignity, support, as humans, as free people.
  • אנו יוצאים היום למלחמה שאין בה הרוגים ופצועים ולא דם ולא סבל. וזו המלחמה היחידה שתענוג להשתתף בה – המלחמה על השלום

    • Translation: "We are embarking today on a war in which there are no fallen and injured, and not blood nor suffer. And it is the only war in which it is a pleasure to participate - the war for peace."
    • At the White House, upon signing of the Oslo Agreements
  • I, Military I.D. No. 30743, Retired General in the Israeli Defense Forces, consider myself to be a soldier in the army of peace today.
  • I, who served my country for 27 years as a soldier, I say to you, Your Majesty, the King of Jordan, and I say to you, our American friends: Today we are embarking on a battle which has no dead and no wounded, no blood and no anguish. This is the only battle which is a pleasure to wage: the battle of peace.
    • During a speech to the US Congress 1994.
  • You can only make peace with your enemies.
  • In our tradition there is a saying that "what is a Jewish sport?" And the saying is, "speechmaking." I start to believe, Chairman Arafat, that you are close to being Jewish.
    • During a reception of head of states at the White House