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  • Idhar hum ... Udhar Tum ...
    • Over here us ..... Over there you
      • In reference to a Constituent Assembly session and his party's refusal to attend. (1970)
  • Roti, Kapra aur Makan!
    • Bread, clothes and shelter
      • PPP Campaign Slogan during the 1970 election Campaign



  • By the grace of God Pakistan has at last been saved!
    • To a crowd of people ... on the day of his return to West Pakistan ... on the same day as the Army Action in East Pakistan
  • Drive on! ... Nothing can stop me!
    • After having just heard a story about Jinnah : how Jinnah had told Gul Hasan "That if he (Jinnah) didn't obey the Law, who would?" As quoted in the Memoirs of Lt. General Gul Hassan, who was in Bhutto's car.
  • Eight of my party workers commited self immolation. This was no joke, one does not even singe one's hair for another's sake.
    • In a speech to the Supreme Court.
  • From beginning to end the whole scheme is perverse. We will meet one day. You pursue me now. Wait till I pursue you.
  • I am deeply grieved ... I have not struggled and toiled for this great country to make brother fight against brother, to engineer a situation in which damage is irremediable.
    • In a speech to the National Assembly in reference to the outbreak of the Mohajir-Sindhi riots
  • I will break their legs ...
    • Response when asked what he would do to those MP's who attended the first session of the assembly (1971). He later in retracted his words by saying he meant break their legs in the political sense.
  • Let's build a monument for the veto. Let's build a monument for impotence and incapacity.
    • Speaking about the Russian veto of the UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in the 1971 Pakistan-India War.
  • Nobody can tell me how to allocate resources between the provinces of the country. If I wish I can divert everything to Larkana. I have the mandate of the people.
    • Shouted in a cabinet session after a Punjabi bureaucrat had presented a paper regarding protection of Punjab's water resources at G. M. Khar's behest.
  • Remember that ... we shall fight, and we shall fight for 1,000 years as we have fought for 1,000 years in the past ... we can continue!
    • Speech at the United Nations
  • The crisis was in our stars ... it was boiling ... nobody could stop it in 1970 .It could have been stopped in 1950 ... over the Language issue ... I was nowhere on the scene ... Let us face the truth. If you want to hang me, hang me by all means, but the fact remains that I am not responsible for separation.
    • Speech to the National Assembly in 1972
  • We have given our lands; we have given our homes ... to people from all parts, to the Pathans to the Punjabi's, to the Muhajirs living in Sind ... What else can we do to show our loyalty, our love and our respect for Pakistan and our Muhajir brothers.
    • In reference to the Mohajir-Sindhi Language riots.
  • We will eat grass...
    • Referring to financing the Pakistani Nuclear program.
  • Yes I do drink wine ... but at least I don't drink the people's blood!
    • At a rally speaking in Urdu accusing the religo-political leaders of "drinking" the peoples blood.
    • Variant translation: Yes I drink, but at least I don't drink blood!
  • Your host country has been a victim of International conspiracies and is concerned with an intense question in which ... it's stand is based on nothing but Justice and concern for Muslim rights.
    • Speaking at the Lahore OIC Conference in 1974

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