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Tamara is a 2005 American horror film about a young high school girl who was accidentally killed by a group of tormenting teenagers. Returning to exact her revenge, Tamara uses witchcraft to punish each of her former tormentors one by one.

Directed by Jeremy Haft. Written by Jeffrey Reddick.
Karma's a bitch. (taglines)

Tamara Riley[edit]

  • [answers the phone] Sorry, Sean can't come to the phone right now, he's fucking Patrick.


  • Sorry, Mrs. Natolly. Tamara wants you dead.


Bill Natolly: I'm sorry if I misled you.
Tamara Riley: Did you?
Bill Natolly: [pause] I didn't...
Tamara Riley: Look at me Mr. Natolly.
Bill Natolly: [pause] Look it was a...
Tamara Riley: Look at me.
Tamara Riley: It's getting wet.
Bill Natolly: What?
Tamara Riley: The table...

Kisha: [on Tamara being alive] Well did you talk to her?
Patrick: Talk to her? Hell No! I was too busy shitting my pants!


  • Karma's a bitch.
  • She's back.
  • Revenge Has A Killer Body.


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