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Tamara Eteimo (born July 24, 1987) also known by her stage name Tamara Jones, is a Nigerian R&B singer-songwriter and Actor. Since her Nollywood film debut in 2011, right after she won the seventh edition of the Next Movie Star reality show, the actress has appeared in over 50 films. She was ranked second in Charles Novia's annual rankings of Nollywood actresses for 2013 and has been nominated for numerous awards.


  • I can’t go into the BBA house because I am already an ambassador of The Next Movie Star. Moreover, Big Brother Africa is not a career booster but a reality show that showcases how people cope living with strangers in the same house for as long as it lasts. I am a very professional person and I do not have that kind of time to waste. Though the money is cool, I cannot be confined to a particular house for 90 days without being productive.
  • I am a very simple person. I do not believe in what’s in vogue, but when I see something that is beautiful, I do not hesitate to grab it. [citation needed]

"I am sexy and focused — Tamara Eteimo" (2014)[edit]

"I am sexy and focused — Tamara Eteimo", Vanguard (June 1, 2014)
  • Children are born daily and they all have different abilities and selling points. In other words, great talents emerge every day. Just like there are many stars in the sky, but some stars do shine brighter than others without stress.
  • I don’t believe in a lead role all the time, once you are good you will stand out. Funny enough, some minor characters stand you out to the extent that they mistake them to be major characters depending on how you handle the role
  • My opinion about Nigerian justice system is that it doesn’t actually work. Often, people say that there is a problem of access to justice but in my own limited experience of the Nigerian justice system, it is not about the access to justice, but about justice been rendered.
  • I can never act nude for anything. There are several ways of seducing a man in a movie without completely going nude.
  • I find solace in acting than singing, that was the reason I stopped singing. For me, once I get a script, I feel God has answered my prayers

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