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This 2D animated television series was eventually produced, airing on March 17, 2017. It is said to consist of 78 episodes over three seasons; the first season consisting of 22 episodes, the second season of 26 and the third and last season 30 episodes. Its movie premiere takes place six months after Tangled and before its 6-minute short film Ever After.

Season One (2017-2018)[edit]

Before Ever After[edit]

Note: This television movie is basically the series premiere.

Eugene (narrating): This is the story of how I died...and went to Heaven. Okay, here's the lineup. You see, a single drop of sunlight fell down from the sky, from which grew a magical golden flower. This old woman, Mother Gothel, sang to said flower to sustain her youth. Flower healed Queen, a baby girl- Rapunzel- was born with the flower's magical healing powers. Until- Gothel stole the Princess and had her locked up in a tower for eighteen years.

Eugene: So how about we make you an official princess?
Rapunzel: Oh, is that today?
Eugene: Very funny.

(Looks at the view of the rising sun all over the kingdom of Corona)
Rapunzel: Whoa. Eugene, have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
Eugene: Yes. Yes I have.
Eugene: That girl over there.
(points to lovely girl across the land)

Queen Arianna: No one said dealing with teenagers would be easy.
King Fredric: She will be queen one day, Arianna. I have to prepare her for that.
(Recalls that horrible night, 18 years ago, when his infant daughter was taken)
King Fredric: Guards! My child! Rapunzel!! (to his wife) I just want to protect her.

Rapunzel: What are they?
Cassandra: Nobody knows. They just sprouted up here about a year ago. And watch this. You might wanna stand back for this.
(Uses her sword on the rock spikes, which breaks with ease and the thorn-like rocks remain intact)
Rapunzel: Whoa.
Cassandra: They're unbreakable.

Cassandra: This is where they found the miracle flower that saved your mom.
Rapunzel: And me.

Cassandra: Told you I'd get you in and out. Piece of cake.
Rapunzel: Piece of cake!? Piece of cake? Uh, did you see the 70 feet of my-father's-going-to-kill-me coming from my head!?

Cassandra: So what are going for here? Maybe a bob, a pixie?
Rapunzel: Just cut it!
Cassandra: Uh no.
Rapunzel: What do you mean "uh oh"? There shouldn't be any "uh ohs". Uh oh.

Eugene: Holy hair!
(Sees Rapunzel's regrown 70 feet-long blonde hair all over the bedchamber)
Rapunzel: Heh. Surprise.

Rapunzel: The coronation is in two hours! How am I supposed to cut this hair!?
Cassandra: I may have an idea.

Rapunzel: I have a lot of princess-ING up to do.

King Fredric: You're right, Ariana. Teenagers are a whole new frontier.

Rapunzel: The Duchess?
Lady Cain: Oh, I am no duchess.
Rapunzel: I don't understand.
Lady Cain: Of course you wouldn't, Rapunzel. But try to follow along. This is all your fault!
Rapunzel: What?
Lady Cain: You see, after your untimely disappearance, your father locked every criminal in the kingdom, including a petty thief: My father! I saw him thrown into a cage and hauled away. Never to be seen again!! So now I'm returning the favor. Your turn, Your Majesty.

Rapunzel: Dad?
King Fredric: Rapunzel, stay back.
Rapunzel: But, Dad!
King Fredric: As your father and your king I command you to stay put.

Rapunzel: Sorry, Dad. I can't stay put.
King Fredric: Rapunzel!
(Removes the powered wig, letting her 70 feet blonde hair flow all over)
Eugene (to himself): That's my girl.
Rapunzel: Let...them go!
Lady Cain: Heh. It's amazing what you can hide under those wigs isn't it, Princess? Come on! Let's move out!!

Lady Cain: Now you're just making me angry!
Rapunzel: Good 'cause I'm just getting started!

King Fredric: Rapunzel! Your hair!
Rapunzel: I know! We'll talk about it latter! Please get somewhere safe, and take care of Mom!
King Fredric: Rapunzel!

Lady Cain: You have no idea who you're dealing with!
Rapunzel: Believe me! I've dealt with much worse!

Eugene: Whoa, Lady Cain, it's impolite to leave in the middle of a party.
Cassandra: You think you'd know that.

King Fredric: So I'm trying to understand this. You snuck out last night, went beyond the walls of Corona where you touched a mysterious rock that somehow caused your hair to return?
Rapunzel: Yes.
King Fredric: And you acted alone?
Rapunzel: Look, I know you're angry. But can't you see? I'm okay. I'm more than okay.
King Fredric: Rapunzel...There's something I need to tell you: I love you. The night you were taken, a part of me died; the best part of me. For eighteen long, agonizing years I swore that if somehow, someway by some miracle, the Fates decided to show mercy and return you to me, I would never let anything happen to you again. And now that this has returned, the very reason you were snatched away from me in the first place, I'm afraid I'm left with no choice, Sweetheart. As of tonight I am forced to exercise my martial right as king to forbid you from leaving the walls of this kingdom without my consent.
Rapunzel: Father!
King Fredric: And know this: This is the last we will speak of mystical rocks or magic of any kind to anyone. Is that clear!?
Rapunzel: There is so much more to me than you think.

Eugene: I believe someone ordered room service?
Rapunzel (touched): Eugene? How did you know?
Eugene: I had a feeling. Look, I just wanted to clear some stuff up. I didn't have a chance to apologize for putting you on the spot with that proposal earlier.
Rapunzel: Looking back, maybe storming out of the room probably wasn't the best reaction. I'm sorry.
Eugene: No. No, don't apologize. Look, I'll admit I still don't quite understand why you said no. But I promise to do everything I can until I do.
Rapunzel: Thanks, Eugene.
Eugene: In the meantime, we'll stay right here and take things slowly.
(Strokes her 70-feet long blonde hair)
Eugene: I missed this.
Rapunzel: Hey, promise me one thing.
Eugene: Anything.
Rapunzel: That you'll be patient with me.
Eugene: Absolutely. Good night, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: Good night, Eugene.

Rapunzel (singing):
Is it life after happily ever after?
Stuck inside once again and I'm gazing out
But I'm in here with those I hold dear
Surrounded by their love
And for some that's more than enough, no doubt
But I got the wind in my hair, and a fire within 'cause there's something beginning!
I got a mystery to solve and excitement to spare!
That beautiful breeze blowing through
I'm ready to follow it who knows where?
And I'll get there I swear
With the wind in my hair!!

What the Hair!?[edit]

  • Mother Gothel makes an appearance only in a dream-turned-nightmare of Rapunzel's.
  • Rapunzel's new 70 feet long blonde hair is revealed to be, not only indestructible, but possess the ability to erect an orbicular shield of hair that protects herself, and those around her, from an explosion.

(In Rapunzel's dream-turned-nightmare)
Mother Gothel: Hello, Rapunzel. Did you think I was gone forever? What's the matter, Dear? Aren't you happy to see your mummy? And look! Your hair has returned! Isn't it wonderful? Come now, dear. Let's get back to your tower, where you will be safe and secure. RAPUNZEL!!

Queen Ariana: Fred, you haven't touched your food.
King Fredric: I touched it. Look, I moved my eggs from there to here.
Queen Ariana: It's been nearly a week. Just talk to her.
King Fredric: You remember my last conversation with Rapunzel didn't go exactly as I had hoped?
Queen Ariana: Fred, you confined Rapunzel to the walls of Corona under martial law. If that's a daddy-daughter conversation, I'd hate to see what a talking-too is.

Rapunzel: Come on, Cass! Those dreams are trying to tell me something! Ever since that night-
Cassandra: Shh. Raps, I told you: We can't tell anyone about that night.
Rapunzel: Um, I think the secret's pretty much out.
Cassandra: Yeah, yeah. Everyone knows the hair's back but if anyone knew I was the one who took you outside when it happened, I'd be sent to a convent. Literally, a convent.

Rapunzel: Call me Rapunzel. I need to ask you about my hair.
Varian: Ah, yes. So, fantastical stories about your hair returning have spread throughout Corona. Some say it's magic but, personally, I don't believe that. Now as you probably guessed, I am a man of science. Not magic. Mostly alchemy.
Cassandra: Yeah, yeah. Now listen here, kid! Whatever happens here stays here! Got me!?
Varian: I understand. Now, let's see exactly what this hair is made of.

Varian: Yes. Wow. It's really...long.

Rapunzel (singing): Bring back what once was mine. What once was mine. Better?
Varian: Yes- I mean no! Ow.
Rapunzel: Huh. That used to work.
Varian: Well, silver lining. We sure acquired some mystery about your hair: It no longer possesses its legendary healing power.

(A burst of yellow light emanates from the debris, revealing an unhurt Rapunzel and Eugene, in an orbicular shield of hair)
Eugene: What the hair?

Rapunzel: Okay. The truth? Remember when I said I woke up with long hair? Well, I didn't. Cassandra snuck me out.
Eugene: Ha! I knew it! She is gonna be in so much trouble!
Rapunzel: She showed me these black rocks that began to glow. I know it's strange, but I think they're what made my hair grow back.
Eugene: Back rocks that glow? Okay, we're back to weird.
Rapunzel: And when I touched the rocks, they started chasing us.
Eugene: Rocks chasing you? Okay, we're back to weird.
Rapunzel: And when we got far enough away from them, they stopped growing.

Rapunzel's Enemy[edit]

Eugene: You don't know what "boo" means, do you?
Rapunzel: Of course I do! It's a cheer like "hooray" or "yea", right? No? Then what does "boo" mean?
(Back in Rapunzel's room)
Cassandra: It means someone hates you.

Rapunzel: Why wouldn't someone like me?

Fitzherbert P.I.[edit]

Cassandra: Listen, Raps, if you trying to find your defining activity, don't listen to this dud whose whole work history is being a two-bit hood.
Eugene: Two bit hood!? Hold the pastry! I'll have you know Cassandra, Flynn Rider was a leygend.
Cassandra: Keyword being "was." And what is it you do now?
Eugene: I uh, I do many...things. You know, important things, things so important you wouldn't even understand 'em. Sometimes I don't even understand 'em. Tell her, Blondie.
Rapunzel: Hmm. What?

Rapunzel: You're gonna become a royal guard?
Eugene: It makes total sense, right? I try to have a normal job but I have trouble with authority! Being a guard I am the authority.

Captain of the Guards: Ten fingers.
Stan: Captain, that means Eugene was-
Captain of the Guards: Don't you dare finish that sentence! Now go!

Cassandra v. Eugene[edit]

  • Like Eugene, Cassandra is revealed to be an orphan whose birth parents had died when she was very young; she was then adopted by the Captain of the Royal Guards.

Cassandra: FITZHERBERT!!
Rapunzel: Ohh. Not again.

Cassandra: Not only did you take my halberd without asking, you got your disgusting hair over it!!
Eugene: How dare you! First off, I did not touch your halberd! Second off, what is a halberd!? Oh, a Halberd. Okay, you got me. But check out this shave. Smooth as a baby's bottom.
Cassandra: Try a monkey's.

Eugene: You make fun of my past, it's only fair I know something about yours. Plus we got nothing but time.
Cassandra: What do you wanna know?
Eugene: What are your hopes, your dreams? Is there a venomous cobra man in your life?
Cassandra: Cobra man? No. Besides, I don't have time for dreams.
Eugene: Don't have time for dreams? Honey, you are hanging out with the wrong princess.
Cassandra: My dad taught me at a young age to focus on the here and now.
Eugene: Yeah, wow. Being raised by the Captain of the Guards must've been a real treat.
Cassandra: He's a good man. He taught me a lot. He showed me how to defend myself, how to take on responsibility, how to earn my keep...Besides, I don't remember my real parents, so I have nothing to compare him to, anyway.
Eugene: Yeah, I don't remember mine either. I imaged they were swash-bulking explorers searching the world for treasure, and once they found it, they'd come back and get me. It's dumb, I know. What about you? I mean, you ever wonder what your parents were like?
Cassandra: You know, I really don't wanna discuss this with you, Eugene.
Eugene: Okay, fine. I'll just shut up then.

Captain of the Guards: Cassandra!
Cassandra: Dad!
Stabbington Brother: Dad? I'd call your men off if you know what's good for your precious daughter.

1st Stabbington Brother: Say sayanara.
2nd Stabbington Brother: Actually, I just got a much better idea. Let's snuff out Rider but keep the Captain's daughter as a bargaining chip. You sit there like a good, little girl. This'll just take a second.

Rapunzel: Hello? Is anybody down there!?
Eugene: Blondie?

Challenge of the Brave[edit]

Eugene: Hey, Blondie, you got the deluxe seats, too, huh? You know they put you up here so can see all the action.
Rapunzel: Really? It's kinda far.

Announcer: We have a last minute surprise entry! Please welcome the fearsome follicle! The heir with the hair! The maid with the braid! Rapunzel.

Eugene: Oh, Blondie, what have you done?

Cassandra: Guys, am I the only one who has a problem with this!? The Princess is making a mockery of this competition!
Hook: Hey, it's OK, kid. When you're mad, do a dance. Give that smile a second chance.
Cassandra: Oh go eat a turkey leg, Hook!

Rapunzel: Wait! Stop! We're supposed to be friends!
Cassandra: A friend wouldn't be so oblivious, Rapunzel! You have no idea what this contest means to me! I'm mean, you're a princess! You got nothing to prove! To you this was just a fun way to blow off a Saturday, but to me it was to show everyone that I am more than just your lady-in-waiting!! And I thought that when I would get even the slightest bit of respect...Never mind
Rapunzel: Respect? Cassandra, I respect you more than you can possibly imagine. I mean, I look up to you. Why do you think I wanted to enter this thing in the first place? You are my friend and as your friend...I should have realized how important this was to you. I am so sorry.

The Return of Strongbow[edit]

Eugene: You know I meant "hide in the vase", right? Princess Rapunzel, meet Lance Strongbow.
Lance: How you doin'?

Cassandra: Look, pal, I don't trust the guy.
Eugene: Look, Cassandra, I know you'd like nothing better than let an old friend of mine embarrass me. And I hate to disappoint you, but my friend Lance is not "up to" anything!

(Pins Lance against the wall)
Eugene: Okay, Lance! What are you up to?
Lance: Up to? Me? You'd think I come all this way jut to tell you- Okay. I need help with a job.

Eugene: This isn't a cave, it's a basement. We broke into somebody's house. Lance, you lied to me!

Eugene: Let's just get out of here Arnwaldo.
Lance: Don't call me Arnwaldo! Besides, don't you at least wanna know whose basement this is?
Eugene: No. No, I don't.
Lance: It's the baron's.
Eugene: The baron? The baron-baron?
Lance: You said we'd get him later.
Eugene: That was eight years ago.
Lance: Exactly. We waited eight long years for revenge. And I'm not letting till I settled the score. And now the score is settled. Let's get out of here.

Eugene: That ring we stole belonged to the Queen; the same queen who took me in as part of her family. And as soon as she sees Rapunzel wearing it, she'll put two-and-two together and be furious or heartbroken. She's a tough read sometimes. But if I ask for the ring back, Rapunzel will know I lied to her earlier, and Cassandra will get the satisfaction of being right.

Rapunzel: No. I can't let you that.
Eugene: What? Why not?
Rapunzel: Because I love you, Eugene. And I will forgive you, but I can't be sure they will.

King Fredric: I thought that ring was gone long ago.
Queen Arianna: I know. Isn't it great? Eugene found it this morning.

In Like Flynn[edit]

Cassandra: You know when the King considers an idea, he always says "I'll take it under advisement."
Eugene: Ha! Shows what you know. I clearly remember him saying- Oh no! He does think I'm a nitwit.
Cassandra: And there it is.
Eugene: This changes everything! I cannot have a father-in-law that doesn't take me seriously!
Cassandra: Why? No one else does.
Rapunzel: That's not true, Eugene. My dad thinks very highly of you, though you might want to be a little more subtle about the things you suggest to him. He is the King, after all.

Eugene: Sorry. It's just...this was my big chance for you to finally take me seriously.
King Fredric: Take you seriously?
Eugene: Yes. And I was getting frustrated when I wasn't able to do that. It was dumb. I know.
King Fredric: You know there are many things I fail to take seriously. Eugene, son, you brought my daughter home to me after eighteen long years. If there's anyone in the whole world that I take very seriously, it's you.
Eugene (touched): Wow. Thank you, Your Majesty. Can I ask then, why didn't you listen to my ideas?
King Fredric: Sometimes I do let the king take over the man. I should have given your idea more consideration.

King Trevor: What you should've done was stay in your own kingdom, Fredric!
King Fredric: Trevor.

Great Expotations[edit]

  • This marks the second appearance of the teenage alchemist-scientist Varian since "What the Hair?!"

Rapunzel: Really wet hallways, wet hair that takes forever- and I mean forever- to dry. Those are yesterdays problems. I give you- the Megadrye!

Varian: Wow. You turned down your dad? For me?
Cassandra: I'll find a way to make it up to him. Besides, it's not every day you get an element named after you.
Varian: I actually got the idea after discovering a cluster of these strange black rocks by my village.
Rapunzel and Cassandra: Black rocks?

Varian: It was amazing. They just kind of sprouted up here a couple weeks ago. I never seen anything like it.
(The rock spikes suddenly grow pale blue, as Rapunzel's hair glows a bright yellow)
Varian: Amazing. The rocks are demonstrating an actual physical response- to you.
Rapunzel: Shh. Varian, I need you to promise to keep this between you and me, okay?
(Turns to Pascal and Cassandra)
Rapunzel: And them.
Varian: Why?
Rapunzel: Because my dad has forbidden me from talking about these rocks to anyone. We collectively are going to figure it out, but I need to know that I can trust you.
Varian: You can count on me.

Under Raps[edit]

Cassandra: Okay, this double date needs to end now! You guys are totally embarrassing me.
Rapunzel: We are? Sorry. We didn't mean to.
Cassandra: I know, Raps. But could please stop talking about my muscles or my fighting skills? I want Andrew to see a different side of me. And when we get down I'd like to be alone with him.

Eugene: But it's mostly your fault.
Rapunzel: What?
Eugene: Okay. I'm the last person to defend Cassandra, but not everyone is as open with their feelings as you are. Cass just keeps things more to herself and if you want to be her friend, which is something I will never ever, ever understand, you're going to have to accept that and back off a bit.

Rapunzel: Cass is gonna be devastated when she learns the truth about Andrew.
Eugene: Yeah! The only guy who can mess with Cass is me!

Cassandra: Sorry, Sweetie, but the book stays here!
Andrew: How did you-?
Cassandra: I knew you were a fraud from day one. You misspelled bibliophile in your letters, dud. I was only playing along until I could see what was angle. And from where I'm standing, your angle was just so out Andrew. If that's even your real name.
Andrew: Uh...it's Hubert.

Cassandra: Great. Since the Exposition was my chance to prove to my dad I have what it takes to be a royal guard. But you messed that up, Rapunzel!
Rapunzel: Well, maybe if you had told me what you up to, I wouldn't have messed it up.
Cassandra: I couldn't count on you not letting anything slip!
Rapunzel: Hey, I can keep things to myself.
Cassandra: Oh yeah? like the time you told Eugene about the time we snuck out!?
Rapunzel: How did you...?
Cassandra: Or when your told your dad about those rocks I showed you!?
Rapunzel: I had to! He was gonna-
Cassandra: Or when you told your mom who ate her last chocolate truffle!?
Rapunzel: Hey, I had to say something. The guilt was bad enough.
Cassandra: Look, Raps, you're my best friend, but you're a sharer. It's in your nature, and I respect that. But you have to respect there are things I keep to myself!
Rapunzel: Even if those things have life-threatening consequences?
Cassandra: Okay, for the record, nobody's life was threatened until you showed up.
Rapunzel: Okay, let's make a deal: I respect you keeping things to yourself if you respect that when something's bothering you, I'm gonna wanna help.

One Angry Princess[edit]

Rapunzel: Nothing makes me happier than a dream coming true. Especially when that dream belongs to a dear friend like Attila. I am pleased to welcome Attila the Bun bakery to Corona.
Attila: My mom always said that you can only get what you want out of life by using the three Cs: Crime, Carnage and Crime. But thanks to Rapunzel, who helped make all this possible, I learned there's a fourth C: Kindness.
Cassandra: Uh, "kindness" doesn't start with-
Eugene: Shh.

Crowd: Uncle Monty!
Monty: Hiya, Kids!
Monty (coldly): Rapunzel.
Rapunzel (just as coldly): Montgomery.
Monty: I just came to wish my new neighbor "Good luck." Had to be one of his first customers.

Rapunzel: I was up all night, and I think I found some neat, bell-free ideas to help Attila the Bun.
Eugene: Wow, You are really committed to this.
Rapunzel: I'm just tired of cutting ribbons, and hosting parties, and making appearances.
Eugene: Well, Blondie, a state person's work is never done.
Rapunzel: Being a state's person is fine, Eugene, but I want to do things that really matter to the people of Corona, like helping Attila.

King Fredric: Rapunzel, I'm proud of how you represented Corona today.
Rapunzel: Thanks, Dad.

Pascal's Story[edit]

  • This episode focuses on Rapunzel and Pascal's longtime friendship, and how they had first met.

(Utilizes the mystical healing/life-generating abilities of her blonde hair to revive Pascal)
Young Rapunzel: Flower, gleam and glow. Let your power shine. Make the clock reverse. Bring back what once was mine. Heal what has been hurt. Change the Fates' design. Save what has been lost. Bring back what once was mine. What once was mine.
Young Rapunzel: It's okay Mr. Frog. You're safe now. Here. It's yours. It's a gift.
(Hands little Pascal a purple button)
Young Rapunzel: All alone, huh? So am I. Most of the time. If you want, you can stay with me, then neither of us will be alone ever.

Rapunzel: Nice move, Pascal. I didn't even see that coming.
Cassandra: What was that?
Rapunzel: What was what?
Cassandra: Congratulating your opponent? Chess is war, Rapunzel. And your opponent is the enemy. First rule of a game of Chess is getting in your opponent's head. Now give me your game face!
Rapunzel: Game face!
Cassandra: I don't know, Pascal. That's more confused face.
Rapunzel: Game face!
Cassandra: We'll work on that later. Now I want you to look at this board with only one strategy: No mercy.
Rapunzel: Not now, Pascal. I'm "no mercy-ING" my opponent.

Rapunzel: How's this?
Eugene: It's a good likeness, but why does he look so terrified?
Rapunzel: Because he's so lost, and alone, and frightened without me. He ran away and it's all my fault. I been so busy with other things that I've neglected our friendship.
Eugene: Come on, Blondie. You'll find him. He couldn't have gotten far. He's tiny.

Cassandra: Where are going!?
Rapunzel: The tower!
Eugene: The tower! The tower-tower!? Okay, we have to start voting on decisions like these!

Cassandra: Whoa. So this is where it all happened.
Rapunzel: Yeah. This is the first time I've been back since...
Eugene: Rapunzel, you don't have to go up there alone.
Rapunzel: Yes, I do. I owe it to Pascal.
Eugene: Yeah, it's probably good I stay down here. I have a strict rule about dying in the same place twice.

Rapunzel (to herself): Okay, you got this. Don't be afraid Rapunzel. It's just a tower.

Rapunzel: Oh, buddy. I know why you came here. Life was so simple when it was just the two of us, but that doesn't mean I don't love you. That will never change. No one could ever take your place in my heart...or on my shoulder.

Rapunzel: It wasn't the same without you here. Good night, Pascal. Uh uh, I don't think so. Here is better; right by my side.

Big Brothers of Corona[edit]

Rapunzel: Everyone is so terrified of this Silent Striker. So, Pascal and I have found a fun way to help catch him.
Cassandra: Uh, Raps, maybe you should leave it to the pros.

Captain of the Guards: They're...children?
Fredric: We can't put children in jail.

Angry: We have enough money to get out of Corona. We can start over.
Red: Everyone turned their backs on us- Everyone. Everyone but them.

Lance: You sure about letting them go?
Eugene: They'll be back. When they're ready.

The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth[edit]

  • Main characters Eugene, Cassandra, and Queen Ariana are all absent.

King Fredric: I'm afraid Rapunzel has a knack for getting into trouble.

Ruth's Spirit: Listen up! The legend's wrong, Rapunzel. We all have dreams. All I wanted was for them to hear my song.
Rapunzel: So you weren't a barbarian?
Ruth's Spirit: Oh no, I was a barbarian, but I never disappeared to go on rampages. I was hiding away in here, practicing my music. My only dream was to write a rabble, rousing shintae, and sing loud at the pub. But I was afraid no one would listen.
Rapunzel: "Listen up" means "listen to your song."
Ruth's Spirit: It ain't just a club, Rapunzel.

Rapunzel: Guys, Ruth wasn't as bad as we thought. This isn't just a club. It was her secret song, but she was afraid to show it. And so we all have to play it.

King Fredric: Rapunzel!
Rapunzel: Dad.
King Fredric: I was so worried about you. I love you so much. You mean everything to me.
Rapunzel: I love you, too, Dad.

Max's Enemy[edit]

  • Cassandra is again absent.

Rapunzel: Is this were for a popularity contest, you would come in first place.

Captain of the Guards: Meet the newest horse of the Royal Guard.

Rapunzel: Those two are partners!

The Way of the Willow[edit]

  • Queen Ariana is revealed to have a younger sister by the name of Willowmina, nicknamed "Willow" whom Rapunzel seems to take after more than her mother.

Willow: There's my older sister!
Queen Ariana: Willow. I didn't know you were coming.
Willow: And miss your birthday?
Queen Ariana: Well, you have missed the last six, but who's counting?
Willow: Has it really been that many? Big Fred! You're looking smart.

Willow: So, where's my long-lost niece?

Rapunzel: You never where shoes, either?
Willow: I've always said: "How can you know your way in the world if you can't feel the ground beneath your feet?" Oh, my. Rapunzel, these are amazing!
Rapunzel: Huh. Thanks, Aunt Willow.
Queen Ariana: Yes. Rapunzel is quite the artist.
Willow: Obviously, Ari. But his one says so much.
Rapunzel: Sometimes when I paint, I tell myself I'm not painting a picture, I am-
Rapunzel and Willow: Painting a story!
Rapunzel: Right! My gosh, yes!

Willow: But the most dangerous thing that happened to Ari and me-
Shorty: Ooh. "Ari."
Willow: I had this idea to build a cape/kite. I was 98% sure it was gonna work.
Attila: What about the other 4%?
Willow: That's what big sisters are for.

Queen Ariana (frustrated): Would you just give it a rest!?
(Throws the rattle down the cliff)

Rapunzel: Mom! Aunt Willow!
Both: What!?
Rapunzel: We got a problem.

Willow: Are you sure this doesn't hurt?
Rapunzel (strained): No. I'm OK. Just hurry. Eugene and Lance are down there!

Rapunzel: Goodbye, Aunt Willow. Please come back soon.
(Willow turns to her elder sister)
Willow: That was a heck of a plan, Dariana.
Queen Ariana: It wouldn't have worked without your harebrained cape kite.

Rapunzel: She did promise to take care of that Umlot for us.
Queen Ariana: WILLOW!

Queen for a Day[edit]

  • This is the first special episode since the Before Ever After movie.
  • Cassandra returns since her absence after "Big Brothers of Corona."
  • Varian begins on his new and darker path of vengeance.

Rapunzel: I am so excited for you guys. Take good care of them, Max.
Fredric: Maybe we should stay here. We have plenty of anniversaries to come, you know.

Rapunzel: People of Corona got a problem? Consider it solved.

Rapunzel: I officially declare today "Snow Day".

Rapunzel: How am I ever gonna do this?
Eugene: Relax. Your parents will be back soon.

Varian: Princess, it's the rocks! They're encasing my dad!
Rapunzel: encasing?
Varian: You have to come help! You have a connection to these rocks!!
Rapunzel: I'm sorry, Varian. I can't help you. Not now.
Guard: Whatever the boy's problem, it must be set aside.
Varian (panicky): Princess, my dad needs help!
Rapunzel: Don't hurt him!
Varian: You promised me!! You promised!! Rapunzel!!

Rapunzel: Maximus! What happened!? Are you okay!!? Where...? Maximus, where are my parents?
Captain of the Guards: There's been accident on the mountain.
Rapunzel: Accident?
Captain of the Guards: Rapunzel, I think your parents are in grave danger.

Rapunzel: I hope I'm making the right decision.
Cassandra: You're not, Raps. You're making the only decision.

King Fredric: Eugene, please. Take good care of Rapunzel.
Eugene: We are going to get you out of here! Besides, you should know by now that Rapunzel doesn't need anyone to take care of her!

Rapunzel: Eugene, I turned my back on a desperate friend in need. I sent the man I love to possible death, and then did the same to my oldest friend. I entrusted the welfare of Corona to a fairytale. In most ways, today was the most difficult day of my life.
Eugene: Sweetheart, what are you saying?
Rapunzel: I'm not sure I even want to be queen.
Eugene: Rapunzel, I know today was overwhelming and I can't say I wouldn't be feeling the same way. But you becoming queen is a long time away. Just know that when that time comes, no matter what you decide, I will be right here.
Rapunzel: Thank you for bringing my parents home.
Eugene: Hey, you got.

Varian: Don't worry, Dad. I will get to the bottom of this. I promise. (sings)
I will make you proud.
Get the answers and set you free
Don't you worry
Whatever it might take
I'm finding a way!!
And I swear right now that no matter what comes of me!!
Anyone who stands or has stood in my path, they're going to pay!!
(Glares with a burning fire in his eyes)

Painter's Block[edit]

King Fredric: The gallery of the seven kingdoms!
Rapunzel: Wow. Really!? You're actually doing this?
King Fredric: We already have. And in the mural of artistic expression, I asked the citizens of Corona to contribute their art work as well.
Rapunzel: This is amazing.
King Fredric: But first, I would like to demonstrate a mural from Corona's most celebrated artist: Princess Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: Dad, I'm speechless.
King Fredric: Oh, it was nothing. After the events of the great storm, and the judgement you demonstrated, I'm ready to let this kingdom know more of your good ideas. Now get painting!

Cassandra: sounds like painter's block.
Rapunzel: Painter's block? You mean like writer's block?
Cassandra: Yeah. You're just having a hard time being creative, is all.
Lance: What the Princess needs is a way to punch through the painter's block.
Eugene: Or what she needs is a little inspiration.
Rapunzel: That's it! Come on, Pascal! Let's go find some real inspiration.

Not in the Mood[edit]

Rapunzel: Pascal! Maximus! What did you two do!? And don't try to cute your way out of this 'casue this princess ain't buyin' it!

Xavier: What? I was only trying to help Max and Pascal teach you all a lesson.
Rapunzel: So that's why I'm less cheery, Eugene's a wimp and Cassandra-
Cassandra: Best opposite day ever!

Rapunzel: Dad, no!! you're not thinking clearly!! This is all a huge mistake!!
Fredric: Guards! Take the princess and her friends and throw them in dungeon!

Varian: Wow. What do we have here?

The Quest for Varian[edit]

Rapunzel: It was just like the dream I had after my coronation, only more intense. It was like it was trying to tell something.
Cassandra: Tell you what?
Rapunzel: I don't know. The rocks, my hair, Varian- It's like they're all connected and I need to find out how.
Eugene: Sorry to interrupt here, but is anyone else a little concerned as to why Rapunzel woke up suspended in midair?
Rapunzel: Eugene, was I saw meant something.
Eugene: OK, let's say it did. But what if it was a warning? Telling you to stay in the castle, where you're safe? We got it pretty good here, right? Why don't you leave the mystery behind these rocks alone.
Rapunzel: No, I can't. I need answers and I think I know where to start looking.

King Fredric: I made it clear that we were not to discuss magic or glowing rocks.
Rapunzel: Has anyone ever been to Old corona recently? I'm worried Varian is in trouble.
Nigel: Your Highness, Varian is dangerous. Have you forgotten the boy attacked you during the storm?
King Fredric: Nigel. (to his daughter) Come with me.

Rapunzel: The kite! It's just like the one from my dream! There's a note- from Varian. "Rapunzel, I need you help now more than ever. I may discovered the mystery of the rocks. Find the bronze graph-tic in my lab. But be careful, they are watching and will do anything to stop."
Cassandra: Who are "they"?
Eugene: It's always something with that kid.
Eugene: What do you wanna do?
Rapunzel: I'm sorry, Dad. We gotta go to Old Corona.

Rapunzel: So far, everything in my dream has come true- there's no question now. These rocks- they hold a secret and somehow...I- I'm connected to it, maybe even responsible for it.
Eugene: What do you wanna do?
Rapunzel: I'm sorry, Eugene. I've already let Varian down once. He wants us to get that graph-tic and that's what we're gonna do.

Rapunzel: Oh no. It's Varian's father.
Eugene: Blondie, you OK?
Rapunzel: Maybe you were right. Maybe my dream was telling to stay in the castle where I belong.
Casandra: Rapunzel, what are you talking about?
Rapunzel: I touched those rocks and now...this.
Eugene: Oh, come now. We don't know if any of this is your fault.
Rapunzel: We don't know that it's not.

Cassandra: Slow down, Rapunzel! Your hair touches these things, we're goners!
Eugene: Yeah! What she said.
Rapunzel: We don't have much time before he gets free!
Cassandra: Who was that?
Rapunzel: I don't know, but it must have been who Varian was trying to warn us about. Whoa!
Eugene: Is there any way to stop this guy!?

Eugene: And this where Mother Gothel fell to her doom. Um, guys, we have company.
Rapunzel: You have got to be kidding me!!

Rapunzel: Sorry, Eugene. Frying pans are great and all, but it's time for an upgrade.
Cassandra: Rapunzel, what are you doing!?
Rapunzel: Letting down my hair.

(The three are protected by Rapunzel which has again erected an orb-shaped shield of hair)
Cassandra (impressed): Did anyone see that!? Is that new?
Eugene: Let's just say, it's really complicated.

(Revealed to be none other than her adopted father)
Cassandra: Dad?
Captain of the Guards: Princess, we had orders to take the scroll, to keep it from you.
Rapunzel: Who? Who ordered you?
Cassandra: Answer her!
Captain of the Guards: Your father.
(Shocked, Rapunzel looks at the scroll, which reveals that the mystical golden flower was made from a single drop of pure sunlight, and that the sinister rock spikes were made of from one single drop of moonlight)
Eugene: Why would your father wanna keep this from you?
Rapunzel: I don't know. (firmly) But I'm gonna find out.

The Alchemist Returns[edit]

  • The mystical golden flower is revealed to have been kept deep underneath the castle ever since it was used to heal Queen Ariana nearly two decades ago. However, it no longer possess any magic, as it had all transferred to Rapunzel via her unnaturally long blonde hair.

Rapunzel (coldly): You lied to me.
King Fredric: Rapunzel, I just heard what happened in Old Corona. I assure you, my only intent was to protect you.
Rapunzel: From what!! Your own men!! It's time for answers, Dad!! I wanna know why you lied about Old Corona, and why you are covering up the fact that our kingdom is being destroyed by these back rocks!! What are you trying to hide!!?
King Fredric: I'm sorry, my dear, I did not want to lie to you. But you are not ready for the truth.
Rapunzel: Dad, we are beyond what I am and not ready for!! People are in danger!!
King Fredric: Rapunzel, I am the King and I have the situation under control!
Rapunzel: You know, you are not the first person to lie to me and tell me I am not ready for the real world.

Varian: Now, it took me awhile to translate this ancient language, but from what I can tell: Those black rocks are part of some ancient darkness. Its destructive power can only be stopped by its counterpart- the Sundrop. Rapunzel, the- the flower!
Rapunzel: You mean the flower? The one that healed my mom, and gave me my hair? But, my dad said it was long gone.
Varian: Hmm. Would you say your dad is some reliable source of information, lately?
Rapunzel: Well, no.
Varian: It's still here! I'm sure of it! Your dad wouldn't throw something away that could wield that kind of power. A single petal from that could solve all our problems.
Rapunzel: Maybe, but it's not like we can just ask my dad to hand it over.
Varian: Oh, I know. That's why we have to steal it.

Rapunzel: There it is- the flower. Varian? Wait- Wait! I thought you said you were gonna take just one petal?
Varian: But what if one petal's not enough to harvest what I need!?
Rapunzel: Varian.
Varian: What difference does it make!!? It's just sitting here, rotting anyway!!
Rapunzel: That flatlet. That had Xavier's mood potion in it. Varian, that potion is dangerous. You shouldn't be fooling with it.
Varian: There was just one drop left, but it was enough for me to replicate and modify. I had to be sure the flower was here.
Rapunzel: So, you made a truth serum and gave it to everyone?
Varian: Heh. You'd surprised what people will tell you for a cookie.
Rapunzel: Pete? Stan? How could you?
Varian: Oh, do you honestly except me to be concerned about the welfare of Corona!!?
Rapunzel: But you said you-
Varian: Rapunzel, I used you!! I begged you and this kingdom for help!! Everyone turned their back on me!! It has to be this way!!
Rapunzel: I defied a direct order from my father, the King, because I trusted you! We both broke the law! Give me the flower, Varian. We can find a way to fix all of this- the rocks, your dad, everything. I promise you. I promise. Just this is not the way. Please.
Varian (cold and sarcastic): Sorry, Princess, but I know firsthand how well you keep promises.

Eugene:The royal medics say the effects of the potion will wear off on their own eventually. Everything's gonna be OK.
Rapunzel: Really? I broke the law, I stole from my own father, and committed treason. And you know what the worst part is? I let the most powerful object in all of the land fall into the hands of...I don't even know what he is anymore. But I know we haven't seen the last of him.

(Upon learning that the petals of the golden flower no longer possess any healing magic)
Varian: No. No! No!! No!! NO!! This is useless!! It- It's like it no longer holds the sundrop's power!!
(Recalls what Rapunzel had told him earlier)
Rapunzel: "You mean the flower? The one that healed my mom and gave me my hair?"
(Remembers what he himself had said some weeks ago)
Varian "The rocks are demonstrating an actual, physical response- to you."
Varian:The sundrop isn't the flower anymore- it's Rapunzel.

Secret of the Sundrop[edit]

  • This the hour-long Season 1 finale.
  • Instead of destroying all of Corona, the magical rock spikes are revealed to be pointing towards a certain destination far beyond the walls of Corona itself to a certain destination.

Eugene: Happy birthday! Hey. How are you doing?
Rapunzel: How am I doing? (sarcastic) OK. Let's see: I found out my dad has been lying to me for months- Oh!- I destroyed my childhood home, a squad of guards hunted us in the dead of night, and I recently committed treason by helping an extremely unstable alchemist steal the most powerful object in the seven kingdoms!! But enough about me! Let's talk about you! How are you doing?
Eugene: I know what will cheer you up: Present's room.
Rapunzel: Are all these for me?
Eugene: The people love you! Ooh. I am good at this! It's new paintbrushes! Somebody got a new necklace.

Rapunzel: There's no question who's behind it! The question is: What was Varian after?
King Fredric: That boy is dangerous. I assure you he will pay dearly.
Rapunzel: Listen, Dad! He is up to something. And we need to get the bottom of-
King Fredric: We needn't do anything! The situation is being handled, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel: You can see I might have a little trouble taking you at your word, "Your Majesty."
King Fredric: Rapunzel, I know these past days have been...strained, to say the least. But more important than our disagreements, more important than anything at all, is your safety. So in light of this vicious assault, it is with heavy heart that I my decision:
Until the threat of Varian has been neutralized, you are to remain under constant serveilence, in the most secure room in the castle.
(Rapunzel is shocked)

Eugene: How is what you're doing to Rapunzel any different than what was done to her for the first eighteen years of her life!!?
Nigel: Remember yourself, Fitzherbert, you are-
King Fredric: Nigel. Eugene, son, I realize how this situation might appear, but you must trust that I have no choice.
Eugene (indignant): Of course you have a choice!! You're the king!! You cannot keep her up there!!
King Fredric: I'll do whatever I must to keep Rapunzel safe from harm!
Eugene: And so will I.

Rapunzel: There you are.
King Fredric: Yes, yes. I just had to make a quick stop in the kitchen. I'm told you're pretty handy with one of these.
(throws his daughter a frying pan)
Rapunzel: Hmm. I sure am.

Rapunzel: Mom!!
Queen Ariana: I'm Ok, Rapunzel.
Rapunzel (pleading): Let her go, Varian!! Please.
Varian: First, you're going to do something for me.
King Fredric: What do you want?
Varian: Oh!! So now you care about what I want!!? All it took was threatening the things you love the most!!

Varian: Sorry, Princess!! We were in this together, but if I can't have a happy ending than neither can you!!

Rapunzel: That's enough, Varian.
Varian: It's not enough until you have endured the amount of pain and agony I have!!

(As Varian is led away)
Rapunzel: Don't be too hard on him, Dad.
King Fredric: I promise I'll do whatever I can to get him help. As for Quirin, I'll not give until I find a way to free him.
(Rapunzel turns to look at the opening the rock spikes have made in the brick wall)
Rapunzel: It's like the rocks want us to...follow them.
King Fredric: I believe you're right. At first I thought the rocks were meant to destroy Corona. But now I see they are pointing in a direction, pointing you in a direction. Rapunzel, when you were returned to us, I vowed I would never let anything happen to you again.
Rapunzel:But, Dad,we talked about this and I-
King Fredric: I know. You're right. For the past year, you've shown me that there is so much more in you than could have ever believed. I've just been too afraid to let you go, but this path is yours to follow. And if you ever lose your way...
(The sky is suddenly filled with the lanterns that had inspired Rapunzel to return home to her kingdom and family)

Season Two: Rapunzel's Tangled Adventures (Episodes 23-48)[edit]

Beyond the Walls of Corona[edit]

  • This Season 2 premiere is a 55-minute special.
  • Rapunzel and Eugene don brand-new attire.
  • Rapunzel travels through the outside world for the very first time.
  • Eugene is revealed to have had a brown-haired girlfriend and former fiancee, by the name of Staylan, whom he had left at the altar many years ago.

Cassandra: Not that I don't think you can handle yourself out there, but you got to exercise caution. Trust me, Raps, the real world isn't all fun and games. I want to make sure we're not losing sight of what we're doing out here.
Rapunzel: Trust me, Cass. I want answers more than anyone.

Rapunzel: You were right Cass- the real world isn't all fun and games.
Cassandra: Ha! Are you kidding me? This is fun!

Rapunzel: Brace yourselves! It's about to get rough around here!
(Nothing whatsoever happens with the rock spikes)

Rapunzel: I don't have a Plan C. I thought these rocks would react like they did in Corona.
Adria: They're not reacting because they found the Sundrop. That would be you, right?

(Remains stumped about the true purpose of the obscure path left by the rock spikes)
Rapunzel: Where is it taking us, Pascal?
Adira: To fulfill your destiny.
Rapunzel: Adria, who are you?
Adira: Look, I am a friend. And I am here to make sure you get to the end of this journey you're embarking on. Listen, I don't have all the answers. But now that I've seen all that I have, I have no doubt these rocks were looking for you. And you must follow them...to the Dark Kingdom.

The Return of Quaid[edit]

Vex: Vardaros is no place for heroes.

Rapunzel: You know, I keep hearing how great this city used to be. Well, greatness does not go away. It may get beaten down or hide itself from fear or doubt, but it does not go away. You, of all people, should know that sometimes all that's needed to find the best of what's inside of you is a little help.

Eugene: You wanna do this in four days?
Rapunzel: Do you think it will work?
Cassandra: If we told you "not in a million years", would it still change your mind?
Rapunzel: Probably not.

Rapunzel: Captain Quaid?
Quaid: Who's asking?
Rapunzel: It's Rapunzel.
(Quaid slams the door in her face)
Vex: Told you everyone hates you.

Eugene: Ah, family.
Lance:There's nothin' like it.

Rapunzel: I have a feeling that beneath all the grime and gunk and dirt is a beautiful city just waiting to shine.

Goodbye and Goodwill[edit]

  • The title is a play on "Goodbye and Good Riddance."

Forest of No Return[edit]

  • This is the third appearance of the mysterious warrior woman Adira; her second in Season Two.

Cassandra: Rapunzel, we talked about this. I don't trust this woman. She keeps popping up out of nowhere and I don't like it.
Eugene: Yeah, I second that. We don't need her. Another person would slow us down.
Adria: Uh, I think you're gonna need her. She's the only one who can lead you through the Forest of No Return.

Rapunzel: I've never been so happy to see those black rocks.

Rapunzel: Uh, Eugene, is that the sunset in front of us? We're supposed to be heading east.


Vigor the Visionary[edit]

Keeper of the Spire[edit]

King Pascal[edit]

  • This is the second episode that has Pascal in its title; the first being "Pascal's Story"

There's Something About Hook Foot[edit]

Happiness Is...[edit]

The Brothers Foot[edit]
















  • This is the Season 2 finale.

Season Three (Episodes 49-78)[edit]


  • This is the Season 3 premiere.

































  • King Fredric
  • Queen Arianna
  • Captain of the Guards
  • Stan
  • Pete
  • Lance Strongbow
  • Pug Thugs of the Snugly Duckling
    • Shorty
    • Attila Buckethead
    • Hook Foot
    • The Mime
    • Vladimir
    • Big Nose


  • Mother Gothel ("What the Hair?!")
  • Varian
  • Quirian
  • The Stabbington Brothers ("Cassandra vs. Eugene")
  • Lady Cain ("Before Ever After" and "Max's Enemy")
  • Uncle Monty
  • Mrs. Crowley
  • Angry and Red ("Big Brothers of Corona")
  • Ruthless Ruth ("The Wrath of Ruthless Ruth")
  • Aunt Willow ("The Way of the Willow")
  • Hook Hand

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