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Tango & Cash is a 1989 film about the struggle of Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash, two rival Los Angeles narcotics detectives, who are forced to work together after criminal mastermind, Yves Perret, frames them both for murder.

Directed by Andrei Konchalovsky (and later Albert Magnoli). Written by Randy Feldman.

Gabriel Cash

  • Mr. Tango has spoken very eloquently....and I wish I could be as forgiving.....but I can't.....because this whole thing.....FUCKING SUCKS!!!


[Note: Tango's actor Sylvester Stallone has played Rambo.]
Sheriff to Tango: We checked the whole truck asshole there's nothin' in it, And your out of your league big city boy, I want your badge, I want your weapon and I want your ass now Who the fuck do you think you are?
One of the Sheriff's men: He thinks he's Rambo.
Tango: Rambo ... is a pussy.

[After Tango came back to police headquarters following a successful but dangerous arrest.]
Tango's supervisor: I don't understand you. You make a shitload of money, you dress like a banker. What are you doing this for?
Tango: Action.
Tango's supervisor: Action?
Tango: Good old American action.
Tango's supervisor: If you really wanna stare death in the eye you should have gotten married.


  • Two of L.A.'s top rival cops are going to have to work together... even if it kills them.


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