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Tāranātha (1575–1634) was a Lama of the Jonang school of Tibetan Buddhism. He is widely considered its most remarkable scholar and exponent.


Taranatha’s History Of Buddhism In India[edit]

Taranatha’s History Of Buddhism In India [1]
  • At that time there lived in Kashmir a king called Turuska . He lived for a hundred years and was highly religious.... When the charmed circle was found inside the fruit, [the Persian king] became convinced of the use of black magic. So he [the Persian king] destroyed Magadha by the Turuska army, ruined many temples and heavily damaged Sri Nalendra. Even the ordained monks fled away.
  • After the death of Rathilcasena, the few years of Labamsena’s reign were peaceful. Then came the Turuska king called the Moon to the region of Antaravedi in-between the Gahga and the Yamuna. Some of the monks acted as messengers for this king. As a result, the petty Turuska rulers of Bhamgala and other places united, ran over the whole of Magadha and massacred many ordained monks in Odantapuri. They destroyed this and also Vikramaslla. The Persians at last built a fort on the ruins of the Odanta vihara.
  • He made lavish offerings in Vajrasana, renovated all the temples there and properly rebuilt the upper four storeys of the nine-storied maha-gandola which was destroyed by the Turuskas.

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