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Tarun Vijay

Tarun Vijay (born 2 March 1956) is an Indian author, social worker and journalist. He was the editor of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) weekly in Hindi, Panchajanya, from 1986 to February 2008. He also writes for the Daily Pioneer.


  • Take two recent incidents that show Twitter India’s clear abrasiveness towards the patriotic people. Everyone knows how politically ill-willed Twitter India is towards an ideological section of society.
    The first was the blocking of @trueindology’s account for uploading an original quote taken from a book published by the Indian Council of Historical Research that described Akbar’s happiness on killing thousands of Hindus. Twitter India took “punitive action” against the handle. Why? No one dared to question the move. Soon after, another incident took place. This time, the platform decided to block @Amulcoop’s account for uploading two very beautiful and strong banners one showing the famous Amul girl standing up to the Chinese ...
    People, often the secular and the de-Indianised elite, may say, “But Twitter India is handled by Indians.” Yes, that is true but they work for a foreign company whose headquarters is in America. It has nothing to do with the Indian sensibilities and feelings. The British empire in India also had munshis, chowkidars, darbaris, mansabdars during moguls who were all Indians. But they worked for a foreign power who had nothing to do with the Indian soul and sensibilities.
  • Amul is not just a milk cooperative. It represents the soul and fragrance of the Indian soil. Restricting and rebuking it for being Indian, for being a patriotic citizen supporting the soldiers fighting the enemies on the border is a cardinal sin. It’s an unpardonable crime for which Twitter India must be punished.

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