Tarzan's Desert Mystery

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Tarzan's Desert Mystery is a 1943 film about Tarzan searching for a malaria serum for the Allies during World War II.

Directed by Wilhelm Thiele. Written by Carroll Young.
Tarzan Defies Enemy Agents . . . in a hot-bed of Intrigue and Danger!  (taglines)


Boy: [reading Jane's letter] My darlings, I can't begin to tell you how much I miss you both, and how happy I will be when this horrible war is over and I can come home to you again.
Tarzan: Tarzan happy too.
Boy: [continues reading] Many of the soldiers in the hospital where I am working have just been brought home from Burma. And in addition to their wounds are suffering from jungle fever. Would be wonderful if you could send me some of the fever medicine which cured Boy when he was so ill, for I'm certain that it would help our soldiers, too. You'd do this for me, won't you Tarzan?


  • Tarzan Defies Enemy Agents . . . in a hot-bed of Intrigue and Danger!
  • CHEER as Boy and Cheetah outwit Tarzan's captors!


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