Tarzan's Secret Treasure

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Tarzan's Secret Treasure is a 1941 film about gold prospectors who threaten Tarzan and his family.

Directed by Richard Thorpe. Written by Myles Connolly, based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
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Jane: My, the water's beautiful tonight!
Tarzan: Not water. Jane!
Jane: Mr. Tarzan, as nice little Mr. O'Doul would say, 'tis blarney you're giving me.
Tarzan: Blarney?
Jane: We call it love, darling. Do you remember when we first used to swim here?
Tarzan: Tarzan remember.
Jane: To think that I was ever frightened of you. You know, Tarzan, when a man meets a young lady in the outside world, he doesn't dare behave not one bit like you did.
Tarzan: What man do?
Jane: Well, they shake hands, that is, if she offers him her hand. Then he bows from the hips and asks permission to call. And then if she's of age, he takes her to some parties or theater or somewhere to dine. And then, if he decides he wants her for his wife, he goes to see her father.
Tarzan': Why? What do with father?
Jane: To ask him his permission to marry his daughter.
Tarzan: Why?
Jane: That's the way it's done. Politely. With etiquette.
Tarzan: Too much talk. Tarzan way better.

Jane: He'll never tell where his riches came from. You can be sure of that.
Tarzan: Tarzan sure.


  • Listen! Tarzan calls to NEW thrills!
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