Tarzan Finds a Son!

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Tarzan Finds a Son! is a 1939 film about Tarzan and Jane adopting a boy.

Directed by Richard Thorpe. Written by Cyril Hume, based on the characters by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
Super Story of a Super Man ! The Titan of all Tarzans . . . Giant of all jungle thrills . . . worth the years it took to make !  (taglines)


Mr. Richard Lancing: Wildebeest again.
Mrs. Richard Lancing: I think we've seen about a million today.

Jane: [to baby Boy] Now see that you turn on the charm, because I don't think Tarzan approves of strange young men. [Tarzan has built a rocking cradle] Oh Tarzan, how clever! [to baby Boy] Now say 'Thank you, Father! Thank you, Father!'
Tarzan: Tarzan!
Jane: [places baby Boy in the cradle] Isn't he adorable? Um Tarzan, would you watch him for a minute?
Tarzan: [confused] Watch?
Jane: Yes, I have something to do in the kitchen. Would you hold his bottle and see he doesn't choke?
Tarzan: Him no choke! [Tarzan gives baby Boy his bottle. Boy grabs onto Tarzan's finger] Jane! Jane!
Jane: What is it, Tarzan? [walks to the cradle] Oh look, he knows you already! He's laughing at you.
Tarzan: Baby hold!
Jane: That's right! Hold him, baby!
Tarzan: Baby strong!
Jane: Tarzan, he's been with us more than a week now. We've got to find him a name.
Tarzan: Name?
Jane: Yes, like Tarzan, Jane, Cheeta. Baby's got to have a name, too. If the Zambilis hadn't taken those men out of the plane, we might have found a clue to his real name.
Tarzan: Baby strong. Call Elephant!
Jane: [laughs] Elephant? With a little nose like that?
Tarzan: Later call Elephant. Now call Boy!
Jane: Oh, but that's not a name.
Tarzan: Boy!
Jane: Well, after all, I am his mother.
Tarzan: Tarzan father! Call boy!
Jane: [picks up baby Boy and hands him to Tarzan] Then go to your father, Boy. And later on, he'll teach you all the things you'll ever need to know in the jungle. Then look out all you lions and tigers and snakes and crocodiles and cannibals out there in the jungle! The king has a son!

Tarzan: Jane not go! Jane not die! Jane all right?
Jane: Yes Darling. Everything's all right now.


  • Super Story of a Super Man ! The Titan of all Tarzans . . . Giant of all jungle thrills . . . worth the years it took to make !
  • All New! The First Tarzan Picture In 3 Years!


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