Tarzan and the Leopard Woman

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Tarzan and the Leopard Woman is a 1946 film about Tarzan entcountering a jungle cult.

Directed by Kurt Neumann. Written by Carroll Young, based on the characters created by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
An Exotic Beauty Rules The Jungle!  (taglines)


  • If an animal can act like a man, why not a man like an animal?

Lea, the High Priestess[edit]

  • And the man that interfered his fate too shall be death. Right before he dies, he shall see his woman and his boy slain.
  • These skins are your disguise. These claws are your weapons. Go not as men, but as leopards. Go swiftly, silently.


Jane: Kimba, we'd like for you to stay with us until you feel strong enough to go home.
Kimba: Kimba thanks kind lady with golden hair.


  • An Exotic Beauty Rules The Jungle!


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