Tarzan the Ape Man (1932 film)

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Tarzan the Ape Man is a 1932 film about a trader and his daughter who set off in search of the fabled graveyard of the elephants in deepest Africa, only to encounter a wild man raised by apes.

Directed by W. S. Van Dyke. Written by Cyril Hume, based on the novel Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs.
He Knew Only The Law Of The Jungle...To Seize What He Wanted  (taglines)


Jane Parker: What color are your eyes? Yes, I know, the color of the forest. Gray-green. I wonder what you'd look like dressed. Pretty good! You'd be a great success in London. And I believe you'd love it.
Tarzan: Love it?
Jane Parker: Or would you? Women are such fools. They'd spoil you.
Tarzan: Boy!
Jane Parker: I don't think you'd better look at me like that. You're awfully attractive. I love saying things to a man who can't understand. You don't even know what kisses are.
Tarzan: Love it!
Jane Parker: I dare say you would.

Jane Parker: Tarzan! Don't go! Come with us. We'll all go back together. Tarzan. Tarzan! Tarzan.
James Parker: Jane, dear, you belong to us and he brought you back. Now, you must let him go. He belongs to the jungle.
Jane Parker: Not now, he belongs to me.


  • He Knew Only The Law Of The Jungle...To Seize What He Wanted
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