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Tasmania is an island state of Australia, located 240 km (150 mi) to the south of the Australian mainland.


  • Bonwick, Ling-Roth, West, and others have written the story of the Tasmanians, whose numbers have been estimated at from a few score thousand to three hundred thousand when Tasman first saw the island in 1642. The natives had wondrous bodies, a singular and extremely complex language, a rich store of myths, and were at first only friendly ; but their land and its products were valuable, and this was their unpardonable crime. They were gradually crowded to a corner by a cordon which it was death to cross, and were shot like animals, the settlers by notching their gun-stocks keeping tally of the heads of those killed.
    • G. Stanley Hall, in a paper delivered to the Massachusetts Historical Society , 1903
  • In April 2018, I visited Tasmania and stayed at the MACq 01 Hotel in Hobart. It is a unique “storytelling hotel,” where each room is named after, and displays memorabilia of, a significant character in Tasmanian history. For an extraordinary coincidence, my wife and I were assigned room 215, named after Charles Chiniquy (1809–1899). I had devoted several studies to the notion of apostasy, and Chiniquy was the most famous “professional apostate” of the 19th century.

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