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Taz-Mania is an animated television show produced by Warner Bros from 1991 to 1993. The series follows the misadventures of the ill-tempered Tasmanian Devil ("Taz") and his various friends, foes, and family in his native land of Tazmania.

Theme Song[edit]

Welcome to a land that's way under, Down Under
The sky's always yellow in rain or shine
Chorus: Down in Taz-Mania! Come to Taz-Mania!
When topsy meets turvy, they start to spin
Like a Tasmanian Devil and his closest kin
Chorus: Down in Taz-Mania! Come to Taz-Mania!
Mom's a live wire, Dad's a bump on a log
Molly's all fired up while Jake plays with the dog
Chorus: Down in Taz-Mania! Come to Taz-Mania!
Digeri Dingo and Wendal T. Wolf
Francis X. Bushlad is never uncouth
Bushwhacker Bob and his mother called Mum
Constance and Thickley just want to have fun
Bull Gator and Axl are always left sore
If you have a deal, just call Buddy Boar
The Platypus Brothers are a-back and about
The Keewee! The Bushrats! Have we left anyone out?! (everybody gasps)
Oh, yeah, don't forget Taz.
Chorus: He put the Taz in Taz-Mania! Down in Taz-Mania! Come to Taz-Mania! WE MEAN YOU!
(Taz blathers, snarls, razzes and points at the viewer--in a comic "UNCLE SAM" kind of way)


The Dog The Turtle Story[edit]

Axl: I don't think I'm gonna like it down here, Bull.
Bull: That's because we're about to be hurt in many indescribable ways, Axl.

Like Father, Like Son; Frights of Passage[edit]

Chief: As Chief of all you fabulous Mudpeople, it feels double-plus good to usher my son, Francis X. Bushlad, into manhood on this, his 13th birthday. (Francis smiles) Now, in keeping with the Mudpeople's centuries-old tradition, Bushy here must choose one of three tasks to complete his passage into manhood. One, perform a hostile takeover of a Fortune 500 company (my personal favorite). Two, Accumulate a portfolio of stock with a net yield of no less than 36 percent per annum. Or three... trap a Tasmanian Devil.
Francis: Oh, that's it! That's it! Number three! That's the one for me! Ahem, I, Francis X. Bushlad, shall venture forth, subdue the ferocious Tasmanian Devil, and drag him triumphantly back to camp... in time to catch Wall Street Week, of course. (everybody in the tribe laughs)
Chief: But Bushlad, no member of the Mudpeople have chosen number three in 150 years.
Francis: What Father is trying to say is, we're going soft! Bushlad will show the world that we're not just a bunch of bean-counters drooling over a profitable lawn-stand. Right, Bushdad?
Chief: Knock yourself out, kiddo.

Battling Bushrats; Devil in the Deep Blue Sea[edit]

Taz: Taz hate water! (frequently-repeated line)

Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty[edit]

Molly: What's going on in there? You better not be messing with my kitty, Taz. Aha! Just as I suspected. Out, out, out! Let's get the agenda straight. Don't touch my fish, don't touch my cat, don't touch my room! Comprende?

Oh, Brother[edit]

Big Brother (enters the cave) Tazmania Devil, where are you? Believe me kid, this will hurt me more than you. Just not the same place. (hits Taz in the head)
Taz: (Moans loudly) What for you spank me in the dark dark cave? (attacks big brother who yells in pain and throws him out of the cave)
Little Brother Oh, the shame! The better shame of it!

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