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Teala Dunn in 2014

Teala Dunn (born December 8, 1996) is an American actress and YouTuber.


  • I wouldn’t want to wear my dog’s fur, so why would I want to wear fox fur or just any [other] type of fur? ... If you wear real fur, you're … glorifying the fact that animals are getting skinned alive and are getting electrocuted every single day. … I try to stay away from fur altogether, and if I do pick something that has fur, I make sure that it’s 100 percent fake fur.
  • A lot of people do not know that you can say no when it comes to dissecting animals in schools. So please speak up. Say no. It’s disgusting. Save an animal’s life. ... I think it’s so important to just know that animals are just absolutely incredible. And frogs are so adorable. They have families, too. They have feelings. Save a frog. Please.

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