Tears of the Black Tiger

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Tears of the Black Tiger (Fah talai jone) is a 2000 Thai western film about the tragic romance between an outlaw gunman and the daughter of a provincial governor in 1950s Thailand.

Written and directed by Wisit Sasanatieng.
A spicy Thai western. taglines


  • It seems that life is just a long and terrible sadness and so we must hunger and chase after happiness and the smallest hope of reprieve 'til the end of our days.


  • Oh this is a laugh! Who'd have thought the fearless Black Tiger ... crack shot, fastest man in the land, was also a master of the harmonica?
  • Dum's been stabbed! Get help!
  • You're just a nameless corpse, Dum!
  • [Upon seeing Rumpoey] Well, what a peach! No wonder Dum's obsessed!
  • Dum! So you're still not dead!
  • "[While praying in front of a Buddha with Dum]" By everything sacred in this world, I, Mahesuan swear, with Buddha as my witness, I'll always be true and loyal to my blood brother, Dum, the Black Tiger who saved my life. If I break this oath, may his gun end my life.


  • This is my law: If you betray Fai, you will die!
  • [Preparing to execute a traitorous gang member] See this? The coin has a hole in it. Somchit, if my bullet can't get through it, you live. But if it can, you die!
  • My law is simple: Whoever betrays Fai, dies!
  • Danger? I love danger!


  • N-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o!
  • The Black Tiger is luckier than me. He has your heart to himself ... I know now I can never own your heart, but I can still own your body!


Title card: [After Dum shoots a man by richoting a bullet around a room] Did you catch that? If not, we'll play it again!
Koh: Dum's gone mental! Help me!
Governor Prasit: [After bayoneting and shooting the outlaw leader Fai.] What? Don't you recognize an old hoodlum?


Inspecting officer: Sargeant Yam, did you say goodbye to your wife?
Sergeant Yam: Sir! Every one of them, sir!
Inspecting officer: How many do you have?
Sergeant Yam: Sir! Seven wives, sir!
Inspecting officer: This is heavy indeed. After today, I'm afraid they will all be widowed.
Sergeant Yam: Sir! I told them if I don't make it, they can find new husbands, sir!

Inspecting officer: Sargeant Yam, show them your bomb throw.
Sergeant Yam: Sir! Yes sir!
[Yam throws a grenade into a watchtower, striking a man in the head, but it does not explode]
Inspecting officer: Good shot Yam! But why no explosion?
Sergeant Yam: [Winces, snaps his fingers] I forgot to pull the pin, sir! Sir! Permission to throw another?

Rumpoey: Dum? It's you isn't it? It's me. Rumpoey.
Dum: I'm sorry madame, you have the wrong person.
Rumpoey: Wait, Dum, do you really not know me?
Dum: I've never met you before. Besides my name is not Dum.
Rumpoey: What is your name?
Dum: My name is Rapin.


  • A spicy Thai western.


  • Chartchai Ngamsan — Sua Dum (Black Tiger)
  • Supakorn Kitsuwon — Mahesuan
  • Sombat Metanee — Fai
  • Stella Malucchi — Rumpoey Prasit
  • Arawat Ruangvuth — Police Captain Kumjorn
  • Pairoj Jaisingha — Governor Prasit (Rumpoey's father)
  • Naiyana Sheewanun — Rumpoey's maid
  • Kanchit Kwanpracha — Kamnan Dua (Dum's father)
  • Chamloen Sridang — Sergeant Yam

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