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Teen Titans Season 1 (2003).

Episodes 1-13[edit]

Final Exam [1.01][edit]

Cyborg: How could you lose the remote?
Beast Boy: What makes you so sure I lost it?
Cyborg: Uh, 'cause you're you.
Beast Boy: Hey! Just because I lost that video game--
Cyborg: --and the waffle iron.

Cyborg: Come on, man, how could you deny me the all-meat experience?
Beast Boy: Dude, I've been most of those animals!
Starfire: I suggest a large pizza with pickles, bananas, and mint frosting.
Robin: [after a moment of awkward silence] Uh, Starfire, not everything on the menu is a pizza topping.
Starfire: Oh....
Cyborg: Double pepperoni!
Beast Boy: I'm not eating meat!
Cyborg: There's no meat in pepperoni!

Sisters [1.02][edit]

Starfire: [Gasps] Beautiful, tell me again what they are called?
Robin: Fireworks.
Starfire: On my home planet, such explosions would mean the Gordanians were attacking. You are sure certain Earth is not under attack?
Robin: Positive. Cotton candy? [Offers some]
Starfire: The last time I ate a ball of cotton, it was white, and it did not taste very--
Robin: --this is different.
Starfire: [She eats some] Mmmm...oh! [Laughs] It vanished!
Robin: [Laughs] Yeah, it'll do that.

Centauri 2: By the name of the Grand Centauri Empire, you are all under arrest. (pulls out a badge)
Beast Boy: Uh, you can't be the good guys. We're the good guys.
Centauri 2: And we are Centauri Police.
Centauri 1: The Tamaranean girl is a liar and a thief! (points to Starfire) She's commited high crimes throughout the entire Centauri system.
Starfire: I have never even been to the Centauri Moons.
Robin: But I know someone who has. (takes the necklace off Starfire, showing the gem Blackfire gave her earlier; Starfire gasps) (to the police) You've been chasing the wrong girl. (turns to the others) Where's Blackfire?
Beast Boy: [sees a dark figure zooming through the sky] Uh...
Robin: Don't worry, Starfire. She won't get away with this!
Starfire: (enraged) No, she will not!

Divide and Conquer [1.03][edit]

Robin: Loser.
Cyborg: Jerk.
Robin: You got a problem, tin man?!
Cyborg: Yeah! It's four feet tall and smells like cheap hair gel!
Robin: Well, you're an oversized klutz and your feet smell like motor oil!
Cyborg: You're bossy, you're rude, you got no taste in music!
Robin: I don't even know why you're on this team!
Cyborg: That makes two of us! I QUIT!

Beast Boy: Come on, Cy, pick up. I know you're there. The phone's built into your arm!

Forces of Nature [1.04][edit]

Starfire: Is this punishment? I did something wrong?
Raven: You didn't. He did.
Beast Boy: Star, it was... You weren't supposed to... I didn't... Heh, just remember to change that oil every 3,000 miles. Heh heh.
Starfire: [stands up] On my planet we have a name for those who do such horrible things! You are a...A KLORBAG VARBLENELK!!
Beast Boy: I'm a what-bag??
Cyborg: You heard the lady.
Raven: You are such a klorbag.

[Beast Boy crawls out as a spider from under a pile of rubble that seemingly fell on top of Starfire. Turns back into normal form]
Beast Boy: Star? Starfire? Where are you? (climbs down) Come on! Gimme a sign here! (He starts to dig.) You have to be all right, okay? 'Cause I--it was just a joke, you know? Back at the Tower, and...I'm sorry. I never said it, but I'm really, really sorry. It was supposed to be funny. And you could've been hurt, and... (softly) ...I'm a total clorbag. [A shadow comes over him. He looks over his shoulder] Huh?
[Cuts to Starfire standing behind him, a forgiving smile on her face]
Beast Boy: Starfire!
[Turns into kitten again and jumps into her arms]
Starfire: [Laughs] I am glad you are unharmed as well.
[Beast Boy takes normal form again and kneels before her]
Beast Boy: I am so sorry. You gotta forgive me.
Starfire: [Helping him up] I already have. Now those evil brothers must be made to apologize.
Beast Boy: I don't think they are evil. [Zoom in of his face] I think they're just like me.

The Sum of His Parts [1.05][edit]

Cyborg: Four and a half pounds of baby back ribs! Man, I love picnic food! [starts scarfing away]
Starfire: Agreed, Cyborg. This tangy yellow beverage is truly delightful.
[starts slurping more of her drink. Robin and Cyborg slowly stop eating and start looking at her, flabbergasted]
Cyborg: Um .. Starfire?
Robin: That's mustard.
Starfire: [lovingly rubs the mustard jar on her cheek] Is there more?
(Robin & Cyborg stare at her weirdly)

Fixit: So... beautiful. I had forgotten how beautiful... a world... through your eyes...
Cyborg: Through human eyes.

Nevermore [1.06][edit]

Beast Boy: So,where are we?
Cyborg: You're asking the wrong robot. My sensors must be on the blank cause they're sayin' we're in Titans Tower.
Beast Boy: Riiight. So how do we get back?
Cyborg: Guess we start walking.
Beast Boy: Come on! I'm serious. We're on a rock in the middle of- [gets cut off] [rocks start forming a path] Oh. If sending us to Weirdsville is Raven's idea of a joke,I am SO not laughing.
Cyborg: Hey, she didn't send us here! You're the one who went snooping in her room and popping zits in her magic mirror!
Beast Boy: Who booby traps a mirror?
Cyborg: Maybe it wasn't a trap, maybe its Raven's way home. Maybe this is where she's from.
Beast Boy: Definitely creepy enough.

Beast Boy: [After being narrowly saved from falling nevermore by the ground turning 180 degrees] Raven?? How did...Where...What just... Why are you wearing PINK???
Happy Raven: 'Cause it's my favorite color?
Beast Boy: [Completely flabbergasted] It is?
Cyborg: Look, I'd love to talk fashion, but I don't suppose you'd know how to get home?
Happy Raven: The Forbidden Door. It's the only way out. But you don't wanna go there. Not now.
Beast Boy, Cyborg: [glance at each other] Uh... yeah, we do!
Happy Raven: [cheerfully] Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you! [leads them to the door, pretending to be an aeroplane]
Cyborg: Have you ever seen her this happy?
Beast Boy: Dude, I didn't even think Raven could do happy.

Switched [1.07][edit]

Cyborg': [About the puppets] Aww, isn't that cute? Puppet Cy has a light-up eye.
Robin: Yeah. They got all the details just right.
Beast Boy: Speak for yourself! I'm way better looking than this. And taller.
Raven: Someone certainly has a lot of time on their hands.
Starfire: [giggles] I have never seen such a whimsical device. [voicing puppet Starfire] "Hello, Starfire". [normal voice] Hello, tiny wooden replica of Starfire!!
Beast Boy: [after his puppet kicks Robin's puppet] Dude, my puppet is totally kicking your puppet's butt!
Robin: Not for long.
[his puppet pushes Beast Boy's puppet and it accidentally hits Cyborg's puppet]
Cyborg: You wanna piece of me little man?
[the boys' puppets begin to battle]
Starfire: Shall my tiny replica do battle with your tiny replica?
Raven: [tosses her puppet to her] Knock yourself out.

Starfire: We cannot fight them again. I do not wish to, and in our present condition we would surely be defeated!
Raven: Okay, how do you fly this thing?
Starfire: You must feel flight.
Raven: What!?
Starfire: When you feel the unbridled joy of flight, you will fly!
Raven: Unbridled joy...Not really my thing.
Starfire: Look!
[They spot Zombie Beast Boy]
Raven: What do I have to feel to use star bolts?
Starfire: Righteous fury!
Raven: Your alien strength?
Starfire: Boundless confidence!
Raven: Nevermind.

Deep Six [1.08][edit]

Beast Boy: [In reply to Starfire's comment about the marine life] If you think that's cool, wait till you see me out there kicking butt! First, I'm goin' shark. [He starts snapping his jaws, mimicking a shark.]
Cyborg: [Pressing the off switch controlling Beast Boy's microphone]
Beast Boy: [Now muffled] Hey! What just...is this thing on?! Hey, cut it out!
Cyborg: [Turns it back on; Innocently] Goodness me, I seem to have accidentally switched off Beast Boy's microphone.
Raven: Could you go ahead and accidentally *leave* it off?

Beast Boy: [As a squid, chasing the Titans as they sink] I got it, I got it! [Two whales pass him] Huh? [The two whales save the Titans] They got it? How come they got it?
Aqualad: [Popping up next to him] Because I asked for their help.
Beast Boy: You talk to fish? Yeah right!
Aqualad: I'm talking to you, aren't I?
Beast Boy: [frustrated] Well I, uh... technically I'm a squid.

Masks [1.09][edit]

Beast Boy: O.K, all work and no flicks makes me a dull Beast Boy. So my fellow couch potatoes, what'll it be? Super Ninja Showdown 8? Or Maniac Fury: Attack of the Protozoids?
Cyborg: [Not sarcastically] Yeah, it's really hard to pick. Wanna watch 'em both?!
Starfire: Perhaps Robin would enjoy potatoing the couch with us?

Robin: You want to yell at me, too? Everyone else has, and I don't blame them.
Starfire: I do not wish to yell, merely to understand. Robin, why did you not tell us the truth?
Robin: I needed to fool Slade. If you guys knew it was me under that mask, you guys would have held back. Doesn't matter anyway, Slade figured it out, and I haven't figured anything out about him.
Starfire: That is not true. Whoever Slade is, you and he are... similar. He did not trust you... and you did not trust us.

Mad Mod [1.10][edit]

Cyborg: Make him laugh!
Starfire: [To Beast Boy] How many okarins does it take to hogie a morflark?...Fimbar!
Beast Boy: [Drools]
Starfire: Um... "boogers"?
Beast Boy: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha... "Boogers"...OH MAN!

Starfire: [Puts down a hypnotized Beast Boy] I cannot awaken Beast Boy. I have tried the tickling, all manners of bodily noises, and the word "underpants". I fear that this time his brain is gone forever!
Raven: Beast Boy had a brain?
Beast Boy: [Wakes up, laughs] Ha ha!! Good one!! [Stops, glares] Dude, that's not funny! I totally have a brain! I just don't use it much...

Apprentice: Part 1 [1.11][edit]

Slade: I'm sure you're all familiar with the concept of a Chronoton Detonator...
Cyborg: No!
Starfire: [Gasps]
Beast Boy: No way! ...um, what's a crouton detonator?

Slade: For some time now, I have been searching for... an apprentice. Someone to follow in my footsteps. And Robin, I've chosen you. Congratulations.
Robin: No way would I ever work for-
[Slade shows Robin the kill switch]
Slade: If you join me... if you swear to serve me... if you never speak to your friends again... I will allow them to live. But... if you disobey even the smallest request... I will annihilate them, Robin - and I will make you watch. So, do we have a deal?

Apprentice: Part 2 [1.12][edit]

Cyborg: That's it, y'all. The Teen Titans are officially probe-free.
Beast Boy: [Doing "the robot"] Go Beast Boy, you're probeless, no probes now, go Beast Boy, go Beast Boy... get funky! [Moonwalks] Uh-uh, that's right...
[Cyborg and Robin stare]
Beast Boy: Yeah!
Cyborg: All-you-can-eat...
Beast Boy: Free form...
Beast Boy, Cyborg: Breakfast explosion!

Beast Boy: Who wants tofu waffles?
Cyborg: Man, nobody wants tofu waffles.
Beast Boy: I do. Now pass me the soy milk.
Cyborg: I'm telling you, you're not getting anywhere near the soy milk.
Beast Boy: Dude, pass me the soy milk!
Cyborg: Is there meat in the tofu?
Beast Boy: No, there's no meat in tofu, it's tofu!
Cyborg: Then nobody wants it...

Car Trouble [1.13][edit]

Cyborg: You lost my car?... My car lost a race?!
Thief: No way, we beat him easy. She handled like a dream!
Cyborg: She did? How'd she take the curves 'cause, Y'know, I've been working on the suspension, and-d-d-d-d-- Don't try to distract me! Who has her now?

Cyborg: What are you doing here?
Cyborg: Might as well stop looking. T-Car’s probably halfway to Metropolis by now... from the day I designed her, I knew she was gonna be special. And I work so hard every fuel injector every spark plug. I made her perfect. I put my heart, my soul, and my circuits into this car. And now she's gone forever. Maybe you were right, maybe it was just a car.
Cyborg: Yeah. Thanks,
Cyborg: [Sees Gizmo drive off in his car; About Gizmo] He'll get ketchup on the seats!

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