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Teen Titans Season 3 (2003-2004).

Deception [3.01][edit]

Jinx: Don't bother trying to run.
Mammoth: You won't get far. The whole school is in on it.
Stone: In on what?
Gizmo: Whaddaya think, pie-for-brains? (Produces a dress and unicycle) Your initiation!
Stone: (Relieved) Ha ha! That's it?
Mammoth: Don't laugh. You have to EAT the unicycle.

Beast Boy: Do I hear an undercover mission coming on, 'cause I'm a master of disguise! (Turns into multiple animals)

X [3.02][edit]

Robin: I created Red X- every system, every weapon. Whoever's inside that suit, he's my responsibility.
Cyborg: Well if we're gonna catch him, we at least need to figure out what he's after.
Robin: I already know. Xenothium: the fuel that powers the suit.
Starfire: (gasps in shock)
Beast Boy: (walking off in a huff) Aw man! I never understand anything!

Robin: Thanks for your help, X. But don't think that means you can help yourself.
Red X: No problem, kid. This [holds up the Xenothium] should keep me going for quite a while.
Robin: That won't do you much good without this. [He holds up the utility belt. Shocked, Red X looks down and sees his belt isn't on him]
Robin: Better luck next time.
[Red X backs up to the ledge and almost slips]
Red X: Not bad, kid. Not bad.
[He throws the Xenothium on the floor, exploding it and jumps and falls]

Betrothed [3.03][edit]

Cyborg: Uh, Starfire?
Starfire: Hmm?
Beast Boy: Going somewhere?
Starfire: (passing them) I am leaving for Tamaran.
(Starfire stops packing and gives the foursome a tender, wistful smile)
Starfire: I am not ever coming back.
(All eyes pop)
Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven: WHAT?!
Robin: Starfire, what's wrong?
Starfire: Nothing is wrong. I am... (Worried pause, then big smile.) ...getting married.
Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven: WHAT?!
[Robin slides to the floor in shock]

Robin: You're getting married?!
Starfire: Indeed! And I cannot wait to see Tamaran. I have been having a bit of the sick home feeling lately and am eager to introduce my home planet to you, my friends! First you must ingest some fresh-squeezed blorg, or perhaps splut-wingx! And wait until you see the pordkins. They are as big as a florknock!
Beast Boy: Um, am I the only one afraid of the pordkins?
Robin: You're getting married?!
Starfire: Oh, I have never met him. My betrothed has been chosen for me by the Grand Ruler of Tamaran.
(Star looks up to the spaceship´s window and sees Robin on it)
Robin: You're getting married?! AND TO SOMEONE YOU'VE NEVER MET?!
(Notices that he´s out the ship in the Outer space and quickly "swims" back into the ship)
Starfire: Of course Robin, it is the way of my people.
Robin: But Starfire- (Gets interrupted when the T-ship is zapped)

Crash [3.04][edit]

Beast Boy: I'm a genius! By simply turning off all those useless security programs and connecting directly to an underground server in eastern Zambia, I, Beast Boy, have gotten my hands on an advance copy of the hottest video game ever: Mega Monkeys Four!

Robin: Cyborg calm down there's something wrong with you, let us help.
Cyborg: (Seeing Robin as a steak)You bet there's something wrong. We need gravy! And plenty of it!

Haunted [3.05][edit]

Starfire: But must we keep [Robin] restrained?
Cyborg: He threatened us, Star. He's dangerous.
Beast Boy: Dangerous?! Try totally flipped-out cuckoo-labanza! (sneezes)
Slade: Alone again, Robin? (Robin looks around and spots him) As long as I'm around, you're never alone.

Robin: (Weakly) Slade... stop...
Slade: No, Robin. I won't stop. Not now. Not ever. I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind. I will never rest... and neither will you.
Robin: My friend says ... you're not real.
Slade: I'm very real. (Slade throws him down on the floor) Could you get all of those bruises from someone who wasn't there. You can't even touch me.
Robin: All these ... bruises. But you don't have a scratch. (Robin's mind)
Slade: I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil who haunts the dark corner of your mind.
Robin: E ... every dark corner. There all my mind, and it's dark. My friend's are right, you aren't real.
Slade: I'm real enough to finish you!
Robin: (Robin switches the lights on) Light's out Slade.
Starfire: (Flies down) ROBIN!
Robin: It's ok Starfire. It's ok. (Robin falls and Starfire catches him, Starfire looks worried)

Spellbound [3.06][edit]

Beast Boy: Hey Raven! Um... it's like almost noon and you haven't come out of your room. So, just in case your mad, I'm gonna go ahead and say, I'm sorry for calling you creepy last night. (Hears giggling) Raven? Is everything... (She comes out.) Hi, um... you were... laughing. And I thought I heard... was there someone in there?
Raven: Just me and a really good book.

Beast Boy: [Knocks on Raven's door] Raven, it's me. Look I'm sorry.
Raven: For what? You're not the one who...
Beast Boy: No. I'm sorry that he broke your heart.
Raven: I know it was all a lie. He was the only person who ever made me feel like I wasn't...creepy. And don't try to tell me I'm not.
Beast Boy: Okay. Fine. You’re way creepy. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay locked in your room. You think you’re alone, Raven, but you’re not.

Revolution [3.07][edit]

Raven: (to Starfire) Make him laugh!
Starfire: (holding a hypnotized Beast Boy) uh... ooh! (makes farting sound with her armpit)
Beast Boy: Ha ha ha ha! (British accent) Smashing love! Jolly good laugh-- (eyes widen and screams) Oh, dear! I'm a Tommy! A Limey! A Brit!
Cyborg: Yo, Brit Boy! We could use a hand!
Beast Boy: (British accent) Right, then. Have at you!

Mad Mod: (thinking he's won again) What a surprise, my duckies. Your little plan didn't work. Say, where's the green one? Run away, did?
Starfire: The green one...IS OUR PLAN! Beast Boy, GO!
(Beast Boy morphs into a flying squirrel and scurries through Mad Mod's shirt; Cyborg rocket arm grabs the cane and flies straight into the air)
Mad Mod: FIRE!
(The robot soldier fires at the robotic arm, releasing the cane. Mad Mod rushes to retrieve it, but before he can, Robin grabs it before he does)
Mad Mod: Now, now, old bean. Let's not do anything hasty.
(But Robin hits the button on the cane restoring his youth making Mad Mod old again, thus breaking the cane)
Mad Mod: (Gasps) NO!
(The robots shut down releasing the Titans and the city goes back to normal)
Mad Mod: Eh, hello gov'na.
Robin: Just like old times, huh?
Starfire: Robin! You are unwrinkled!
(She embraces Robin)

Wavelength [3.08][edit]

Cyborg: And Blood couldn't brainwash you because...?
Bumblebee: There's not a man alive that can tell me what to do.

Bumblebee: (approaching, holding up a CD-ROM) I lifted your blueprints from the HIVE mainframe, so Blood can't ever use 'em again.
Cyborg: (grabbing at it) Gimme that!
Bumblebee: Uh-uh. If you go down, I might need this to complete the mission.
Cyborg: Please. They're not just plans. They're me-everything I am. My body, my brain, my feelings-
Bumblebee: Relax. I only read the sonic cannon stuff...and a few memory files about the big crush you had on Jinx.

The Beast Within [3.09][edit]

Adonis: You wimps think you can take down Adonis? Bring it on.
Beast Boy: Dude, it is totally brunged... branged.

[Beast Boy "accidentally" bumps into Raven]
Raven: Sorry
Beast Boy: You'd better be! Why don't you look where you're going?
Raven: On second thought, I'm not sorry. And you're a jerk.
Beast Boy: Y'know, Raven, I've been a really nice guy for a really long time. I've put up with your insults and your attitude, and I've had it! Consider this a warning: As of last night, Mr. Nice-Guy has left the building.
Raven: Is this the part where I'm supposed to be intimidated?
Beast Boy: No - THIS is! (Changes into a yeti)
Robin: (from o.c.) Beast Boy! Leave her alone!
Cyborg: What's got into you man?
Starfire: You are behaving like a royal zarbnarf!
[Beast Boy resumes human form, and walks right in front of Raven with a glare on his face. Then he walks towards to the others]
Beast Boy: Look, this is who I am now! You guys don't like it? Tough!
Robin: Fine! If this is how you wanna act, do it somewhere else! None of us are interested! [Beast Boy breathes angrily at Robin, then attempts to fight, but chuckles.]
Beast Boy: That's what I thought.

Can I Keep Him? [3.10][edit]

Killer Moth: I must say, you took excellent care of M-319. What have you been feeding him?

Starfire: (beckoning to Silkie) Here, Silkie, Silkie... here, my sweet little mutant.
Killer Moth: Um... here, Larva M-319... come to... papa?
Starfire: (sweetly) Oh, Sikie, Starfire has a big hug for you!
Killer Moth: Hey, big fella. Did Killer Moth create you in a lab? Yes, he did; yes, he did!

Bunny Raven ... or ... How to Make a Titananimal Disappear [3.11][edit]

Raven: If you're really so amazing Mumbo, what do you need me for?
Mumbo: You're going to be my assistant for the big show tonight!
Raven: I'm not helping you with your stupid magic tricks.
Mumbo: Silly rabbit! You don't have a choice! My hat, my rules!

Mumbo: Must you overanalyze everything? Why can't you just sit back and enjoy the show?
Raven: Because it isn't real. Your act, this hat. It's all smoke and mirrors. You probably just hypnotized me into thinking I'm a rabbit. And when I get home, my nose will twitch every time a bell rings.
Mumbo: Hmm. That would be an interesting trick, but no.
Raven: As soon as I figure out how you're creating this illusion, your powers will be gone.
Mumbo: Knowing how the tricks work doesn't make them any less real. If you look like a rabbit and hop like a rabbit, then guess what, kid? You're really a rabbit!
Raven: [Mumbo plucks off one of Raven's whiskers] Ow!
Mumbo: For real!

Titans East[edit]

Part 1 [3.12][edit]

Cyborg: When there's trouble you know what to do/CALL CYBORG!/He can shoot a rocket from his shoe/'CAUSE HE'S CYBORG!/Do do do-do something like that/OH YEAH/Na na na na big fluffy cat/THAT'S RIGHT!...

Aqualad: If you're going to eat my friends, at least have the decency to get rid of the evidence!

Part 2 [3.13][edit]

Robin: (To Cyborg) Believe me, I know a thing or two about being obsessed with your target.

Brother Blood: I've combed through your blueprints, peeled back your armor, stripped off your machinery! But still you defy me! Where in this vile contraption is the part that allows you to RESIST?
Cyborg: It's not in the circuitry, is it? It's not the machine that resists you... It's me ,my spirit. That's the part you can't break. I don't need you to make me a man. I already am one!

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