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Teen Titans Season 4 (2004-2005).

Episodes 40-52


Don't Touch That Dial [4.01]

Commercial Voice: The makers of Azarath and Metrion are proud to introduce: Zinthos. New and improved Zinthos gives you exactly what you need, exactly when you need it. And because it's blue, Zinthos goes with everything. Zinthos isn't right for everyone and may cause bloating, cramping, hair loss, disturbing visions, fits of rage, and growth of additional eyes. Children under three should not be exposed to Zinthos. Do not get Zinthos wet, and never feed it after midnight. If you experience trouble meditating, stop saying Zinthos and consult your ancient scrolls immediately. New, Blue, Zinthos.

Cyborg: Hey, I know where we are! We're in the first episode of season four.
Robin: How do you know we're going to the right way?
Beast Boy: Because we just passed the engine core, which means we're right below the detention level. So all we have to do is follow the main particle flux conduit to the galactic command center.
Raven: [dryly, to Starfire] Frightening. Truly frightening.

The Quest [4.02]

Starfire: Robin, calling Robin.
Beast Boy: Robin here! Over.
Starfire: No, not you, Robin, the other Robin. [points at Cyborg]
Cyborg: [Shoves Beast Boy and takes his communicator] What's up Robin?
Raven: Well, this is just disturbing.
Starfire: [swoops in by Raven] Disturbing yet magnificent! Join us; I never knew wearing a cape was so much fun! It is wonderful to be Robin!
Cyborg: [walks in while on R-cycle] Yeah, he has all the best stuff!
Raven: Uh... right.
Beast Boy: [pops into view] C'mon! Haven't you ever wondered what it's like to be Robin? [luring] You know you wanna try it.

Starfire: [To Beast Boy who is dressed as Robin] Do you desire another slice of the cheese, Robin?
Beast Boy: Thanks Robin [To Cyborg] Got room for another one, Robin?
Cyborg: Don't mind if I do, Robin. [eats the whole pizza pie]
Raven: You know Robins, I have to admit, the mask makes me feel... cool.
[Robin appears and the whole team freaks out and Raven notices him a little too late]
Robin: Huh pizza! Sweet! [takes a bite of a pizza] You know, Robins, the mask makes me feel cool, too.
[Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg fall back in shock]

Birthmark [4.03]

Slade: The day has begun.

Cyborg: So who's the bad guy dejour? Gizmo, Mad Mod, Killer Moth?
Starfire: The reports say there's an intruder.
Beast Boy: Well, whoever it is, we're gonna totally kick their- [Beast Boy bumps into Robin]
Robin: [sees Slade and is horrified. Beast Boy then sees him and gasps in terror] No!
Slade: It's been a long time, hasn't it, Titans? A month? A year? A millennium? Far too long for my tastes anyway. I was beginning to think I'd never see your smiling faces again!
Cyborg: You! How did you survive?
Beast Boy: Terra took you down! Way down!
Robin: Slade! I don't know where you've been but you shouldn't have come back! I'm still ready.
Slade: [chuckles] That's precious, Robin. But I didn't come back for you.

Slade: You might be able to stop time, birthday girl, but you can't me. You can't stop any of it, really. I have to say, Raven, when I found out the truth, I was very impressed. All this time, I had no idea. The power lurking inside you. The glorious destiny that awaits. It's always the quiet ones, isn't it?
[Raven groans]
Slade: But honestly, did you think you could just blow out the candles and wish it all away? Today is the day it begins. You've known this all your life. It is going to happen. And no matter what you wish, no matter where you go, no matter how you squirm, there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Slade: What you have concealed, you shall become! You have no other choice.
Raven: No!
Slade: The message will be delivered. Your destiny shall be fulfilled.
[Slience while gazing at the future]
Raven: No!
Slade: Yes. Look at it. Drink it in. Behold, the world you are destined to create.
Raven: No! I won't do it! This is just a vision. This can't be real!
Slade: This is the future. Your future. It began the day you were born, and nothing can stop it. This will come to pass. I will make sure of it. You're going to destroy the world, Raven. It's written all over your face.

Slade: We'll be in touch. Oh...and happy birthday.

[The Titans are re-holding the surprise party]
Beast Boy: [quietly] Um... surprise?
Cyborg: Look... we know you didn't want a party, but after... today...
Starfire: We hoped that you might reconsider.
Beast Boy: You may not like your birthday, but we're all glad you were born!
Raven: We're going to need ice cream.
Beast Boy: Coming right up!
Cyborg: I'll cut the cake!
Starfire: And I shall fetch the Throknarr!
Robin: You're sure you're okay?
Raven: I will be.
Robin: What you told me about your destiny; that something bad was supposed to happen, I guess I did. I'm sorry I couldn't stop it.
Raven: No one could.
Robin: We will find Slade. We'll figure out how he did what he did, and why he was after you. But right now, you're safe.
[Looking at the other Titans]
Robin: You're here with friends. It's over.
[He joins them while Raven's hands begins to glow]
Raven: No. This was just the beginning.

Cyborg the Barbarian [4.04]

Robin: I'm glad you're upgrading Ops, Cyborg, but is any of this actually going to help us fight crime?
Cyborg: Er... sure?
Starfire: And for what purpose is this crime-fighting device?
[She pokes the device, which pops out a stack of waffles and a butter block]
Raven: [sarcastically] Evil, beware. We have waffles.

Sarasim: A true warrior does not need armor.

Employee of the Month [4.05]

Researcher: You will be testing our new GameStation Turbo Extreme.
Beast Boy: Ooh... it's so shiny!
Researcher: Yes, it is rather shiny.

Cyborg: Let's see... [Very fast] Eight number 3's, five number 2's, two number 1's, and a diet soda.
Beast Boy: Actually, we don't have soda here - only meat.
Cyborg: Okay, make it a cup of meat juice.
Starfire: Tell me, Beast Boy, particularly what variety of meat do you serve?
Beast Boy: Bob says that's a trade secret.
Raven: And why are you the only one working here?
Beast Boy: Bob says that's a trade secret, too.

Troq [4.06]

[After Starfire successfully broke apart the minefield]
Cyborg: Way to go, Troqie!
Starfire: [gasps, then hostile] You do not ever call me that!
Cyborg: But Val-Yor calls you "Troq" all the time!
Starfire: That does not make it right. [turns away from him]
Cyborg: What's up? I thought you said it didn't mean anything.
Starfire: No. I said it means "nothing". When Val-Yor calls me "Troq", he is saying that I am worthless. A nothing.
Cyborg: Star...
Starfire: There are those on other planets who feel Tamaraneans are inferior. "Troq" is what they call us.
Cyborg : So he's calling you a terrible name. And you know that if you punched him out, it'll just confirm all the bad stuff he thinks about you.
Starfire: Yes. Do you know what it feels like to be judged simply by how you look?
Cyborg: Of course I do; I'm part robot.

Robin: ...And that's how we defeated Control Freak!
Val-Yor: Sounds like you handled your team well, you're a true leader. You remind me of myself when I was your age, Spike.
[Robin smiles brightly, before Val-Yor gives him a noogie. Cyborg and Starfire reenter the room]
Cyborg: Robin, can I get a word?
[Robin goes over to Cyborg and Starfire. Beast Boy appears in front of Val-Yor, looking for praise]
Beast Boy: So you think I could fly this baby sometime?
[Meanwhile, Cyborg is telling Robin what "Troq" really means]
Robin: [angrily] ...What?
Cyborg: [whispering to Robin] ...And that's what he's been calling her this whole time...
Robin: Starfire, Why didn't you say something? He will apologize, I'm going to make him.
Starfire No, Robin. Our mission is more important than my feelings.

Val-Yor: Thank you for all your help.
Robin: Don't thank us; thank Starfire.
Beast Boy: Yeah, she's the one that saved your sorry butt!
[Val-Yor looks at Starfire, who breaks eye contact with him and sadly looks to the floor]
Val-Yor: Thank you, Starfire. I have to admit, you're not bad for a Tr- [catches himself] Tamaranean. You must be one of the good ones.
Starfire: No. The fact that I rescued you does not make me better than other Tamaraneans.
Val-Yor: Look, I'm trying to pay you a compliment.
Raven: Then why does it still sound like an insult?
Val-Yor: [to Robin] Spike, you understand. I didn't mean anything by it, it's just-
Robin: Val-Yor. I think it's time for you to go.
Val-Yor: [snidely] I thought you Earthlings were alright. I guess I was wrong - you're just like the Troqs.
[He flies up into his spaceship and leaves]
Robin: I'm sorry Val-Yor treated you like that. If I'd know, I never would've let it happen.
Cyborg: None of us would.
Starfire: There is nothing you could have done. There will always be people who say mean words because you are different. And sometimes, their minds cannot be changed. But there are many more people who do not judge others based on how they look or where they are from. Those are the people who's words truly matter.

The Prophecy [4.07]

Skeleton Spirits:
The gem was born of evil's fire
The gem shall be his portal
He comes to claim
He comes to sire
The end of all things mortal

Raven: You might be able to stop me from meditating. But you can't stop me from leaving.

Starfire: It appears to be some kind of...prophecy.
Cyborg: Whatever it is, it doesn't sound good.
Beast Boy: This is some serious evil, even for Slade.
Robin: Not Slade, whoever he's working for.
Starfire: Scath.
Robin: "The gem shall be his portal". Scath is coming and this gem is how he gets here. If we're going to stop him, we need to find it and destroy it.
Starfire: Robin. Where is Raven?
Robin: She's not coming.

Raven: Azarath. My last hope.

Raven: Arella. No, wait! I've come back. Mother, please help me.
Arella: You always had a home here, my child. But help we could not give.
Raven: The prophecy, it's happening. You have to tell me how to stop it.
Arella: Nothing could be done. The promise of your birth was absolute.
Raven: I don't believe you! There has to be a way! I don't want to be this. I don't want to help him. Mother, I'm...afraid.
Arella: You forever had the love of your people, Raven, even knowing what you would become. And what that would bring. It was too late for Earth, just as it was too late for Azarath.

Raven: Well, what are you waiting for? Aren't you going to attack, reduce me to ashes or did your master forbid you from hurting me? Did he order you to keep his gem safe?
Cyborg: So, Raven has the gem?
Robin: No. Raven is the gem.
[Slade powers down the fireballs and transports down through the ground]
Slade: I'll be sure to give him your regards.
Raven: I'm not finished yet! This time, I have message for you. You tell him that he'll have to destroy me before I help him!
Slade: You can tell him yourself. The hour is near.
[Raven crushes him with a pillar of rock. She then flings him around the room and as he is in mid air, she pushes all the rocks onto him. She then summons a black energy raven, which attacks Slade and causes an explosion]
Raven: I'm not afraid of you anymore!
Slade: You might not fear me, but look who's afraid of you.
[Slade phases through the rock and disappears. Raven sees the other four Titans shocked]

Raven: The ancient Order used the name "Scath" to protect the true identity of their master. We know him as Trigon.
Cyborg: Are you serious?! That's who we're up against?! Oh, man.
Starfire: His cruelty is legendary, even on my world.
Beast Boy: So, what makes you go all glow-y in the dark?
Raven: It's a warning. It means Trigon is coming. And the way he gets here is through me. I'm not just a person...I'm a portal.
Robin: But why you?
Raven: Because Trigon...is my father.
[The Titans look shocked]
Raven: Bad things are gonna happen soon. Really bad things. And it's gonna be my fault. I thought I could handle this on my own. I tried, but... I was wrong.
[Starfire puts her hand on shoulder]
Starfire: For confiding in us, we are most humbled.
Cyborg: I only have one question: how do we stop him?
Raven: We don't.
Beast Boy: That doesn't mean we still can't try.
[The Titans watch the sun rise; Beast Boy has his arm around Raven's shoulder]

Slade: The Prophecy has been revealed. The portal has accepted her fate.
Trigon: You severe me well, Slade. Continue to please me and I shall honor our deal. I shall return what you have lost.
Slade: I am depending on it.

Stranded [4.08]

[After the gang supposedly defeats a Shrieker]
Robin: Great work, Starfire. [Lightly punches her on the arm]
Starfire: [Blushing] I could not have done it without your assistance! [Punches him hard on the arm, knocking him off screen]
Robin: [Caressing his arm] Uh... nice arm.
Starfire: I too admire your abundant limb strength!
Cyborg: Let's go. [Teasingly] Unless you wanna stay here goofing around with your girlfriend!
[Robin turns around. His heart pounds heavily and he hyperventilates]
Robin: [he catches his breath] Okay. [Points to Starfire. Yelling] SHE'S NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!
[Starfire's jaw drops and she falls over in shock]
Starfire: I am not your friend?
Robin: [Nervously] Uh...
[A loud boom. Robin looks over the rail to see the Shrieker climbing back up]
Starfire: I am not a girl?

Robin: You’re still thinking about that? Starfire, we’re stranded on a hostile alien planet.
Starfire: I know. Did you hope the perilous space station explosion followed by our clamorous crash then combat with the horrible slug creature would make me forget?
Robin: Uh... yes?
[Starfire, then looks away, huffs and walks away from Robin]

Overdrive [4.09]

Cyborg: [From the TV wearing a chef's hat] Remember: if you're not grilling with Cy-B-Q Sauce...you just ain't cooking.
Announcer: Cy-B-Q Brand. Official marinade of the Teen Titans.
Starfire: I thought our official marinade was Zorbrian spider juice.
Cyborg: Yeah, but that's because you slopfar ug mopzorn!
Starfire: [bursts out into laughter] Mopzorn!

Beast Boy: You know, Cyborg's always had chips for brains, but he's turning into the one thing I never thought he could be.
Raven: And what's that?
Beast Boy: A robot.

Mother Mae-Eye [4.10]

[The episode opens with the Titans waking up in the Tower]
Robin: Uh... How did I- Hey! I'm hungry!
Raven: Me too!
Beast Boy: Me three!
Starfire: But... who is going to feed us?!
Mother Mae-Eye: Hello, sweeties! Now that we've all had a nice nappy-wappy, what would my hungry little ones like to eat?
Robin: Pie!
Beast Boy: Pie!
Starfire: Pie!
Cyborg: PIE!

[After Starfire freed the Titans from the oven and fought through Mother Mae-Eye's cookies]
Robin: [gasps] You broke Mother's cookies.
Raven and Cyborg: Oooooh...
Starfire: Please, friends, you must believe me! A bump on the cranium has allowed me to see Mother for what she really-
[The other Titans begin taunting her, spinning round in a circle]
Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven: [sing-song] You're gonna get in trouble! You're gonna get in trouble!
Starfire: [Holds up a rolling pin] Forgive me ...
[She whacks them all in the head]
Robin: Why'd you do that - ummm ... why am I in a giant pie?
Beast Boy: Why am I in a bunny suit?
Raven: Why am I in a dress?!
Cyborg: Who's been re-decorating my tower?!

The End


Part I [4.11]

Trigon: The time has come. The prophecy shall be fulfilled. Tonight at dusk, when the planets align, the portal will be opened. Finally, I shall be free from this fiery prison and the Earth will be mine.
Slade: I will make sure that Raven realizes her destiny. And for bringing you your precious Gem, I except you to keep your part of the bargain and return what is precious to me.
Trigon: You bring me the Gem, and you shall get what you deserve.
Slade: Deal. It's a beautiful day for the end of the world.

Robin: Okay, everyone. Just as we planned.
Raven: Where are you taking me?
Robin: You said there was nothing we could do. We didn't agree, so we've been preparing for this day.
[He walks up to the door and places his hand on a hand-print reader. The door opens into a safety room]
Raven: You did all this for me?
Robin: [nods] We're ready to take on Trigon.
Raven: No. You can't be. Just go. Save yourselves.
Robin: We're not giving up. Neither are you. Our plan is simple. Raven, you are the portal. Trigon needs you to take over the Earth.
Cyborg: But if Trigon can't get to the portal, then he can't take over.
Starfire: So all we must do is keep the Trigon from getting to Raven.
Raven: You can't.
Robin: We will.
[The Titans walk into the room. Cyborg, who was carrying Raven, places her on the ground]
Cyborg: You'll be safe in here. Everything's ready. I've installed all the latest state of the art technology. Nothing alive is getting in here.
Starfire: [about the symbols on the wall] And these symbols should keep out everything else. [She produces one of books] We took them out of your books.
[Some pages of the book fall out]
Beast Boy: Just in case you need some extra mojo.
Raven: This is all great, but it's not gonna make a difference. Today the prophecy will be fulfilled. Trigon is coming. There's no stopping him.
Robin: There's never been a villain we couldn't stop before.
Raven: Trigon isn't a villain. He is the incarnation of evil, the source of all darkness. The-
Beast Boy: Okay! Bad dude, we get it.
Raven: No. You don't. You don't know Trigon.
Robin: And Trigon doesn't know the Titans. Stay in here. We'll be watching from up there [he gestures to a viewing area] if you need us.
[The Titans leave but Beast Boy stops in the doorway, looks at Raven and runs back to her]
Beast Boy: [gives Raven the cent he found] For luck!
[He runs back out]
Raven: All the luck in the world won't help us now.

Cyborg: So far, everything seems pretty much normal.
Beast Boy: Yep. Just your normal last day on Earth.
Robin: It's no one's last day.
Starfire: Everything is going to be okay, yes?
Robin: I hope so.

Slade: Do you really want to spend your last day on Earth fighting?
Robin: [struggling in the grip of the fire creature] This is not my last day!
[Slade summons a fireball]
Raven: STOP!
[Slade powers down his fireball. The fire creatures let the Titans go. The Titans turn their gaze to the tower - fire creatures part to reveal standing there]
Cyborg: Raven?
[She flies over to Slade]
Raven: I will go with you.
[Robin runs over to and with arms stretched, bars her from Slade]
Robin: We won't let them take you!
Starfire: You must get back to the safety room. Please.
Raven: I can't hide from my destiny any longer.
Beast Boy: No.
[Raven subdues the Titans, rendering them unconscious]
Raven: [whispering] Goodbye. Be safe.

Robin: Raven!
[Raven clears the room out, with just them inside]
Raven: It has already begun. And there's no stopping what is meant to be.
Robin: You're willing to give up on everything, all because of some prophecy you heard as a child? What if it's wrong?
Raven: Robin, I know what I know.
Robin: I don't accept that. You can take control. You can make it not happen.
Raven: I've known my whole life that this day was going to come. I tried to control the dark side of me. I tried to do good things, to fight evil, and hoped that would somehow make up for the horrible thing I'm destined to do.
Robin: But no one knows their destiny. There are things you can't possibly know.
Raven: There are some things I didn't know: Like how I would make such wonderful friends. All I wanted was to make your last day perfect. Instead, you spent it worrying about me.
[Robin walks forward and holds her hand]
Robin: That's what friends do.
Raven: And as my friends, you have to let me go.

Raven [recites the Prophecy]:
The gem was born of evil's fire
The gem shall be his portal
He comes to claim
He comes to sire
The end of all things mortal.
Robin: NO!
Starfire: Raven!
[She sobs into Robin's arms]

Part II [4.12]

Raven [reciting the Prophecy]:
The gem was born of evil's fire
The gem shall be his portal
He comes to claim
He comes to sire
The end of all things mortal.

[Robin walks down the street and sees all the civilians have turned to stone]
Robin: I could have done something. I should have found a way. These are innocent people.

Starfire: Robin! You are unharmed!
[She runs up to him and hugs him]
Robin: I saw something out there. In the city. It led me here.
Beast Boy: It lead all of us here. Almost all of us.
Cyborg: We're the only ones left.
Starfire: But how is this possible? How have we survived?
Beast Boy: It was Raven. She saved us. I don't know how but she did.
Robin: Back at the Tower. When Raven knocked us out. The last thing I heard was her voice. It said "Be safe". She did something. Something that protected us from Trigon.
Cyborg: Like it matters. Look around. There's nothing left. What's the point?
Robin: Hope. That's the point. As long as we're here, we still have a chance! And that's why we're going to keep fighting. [He puts his hand out] For Raven.
Starfire: [adding her hand] For Raven.
Cyborg: [adding his] For Raven.
Beast Boy: [adding his] For Raven.
[Balls of energy emerges from their hands, pushing them back, and leaving them shocked]
Cyborg: Okay, that felt weird.
Robin: Raven may not have been able to stop Trigon from coming but she left us a way to fight him. She gave us some of her power.
Starfire: And it grows stronger when we stand as one.

Robin: Trigon! Stand up and fight!
Trigon: Insignificant insects.
Robin: I think it's time to hit him hard.
Beast Boy: You're positive we're not going to accidentally microwave our brains?
Starfire: I have used Raven's powers once before. They are controlled by emotions. The more we feel, the more energy is released.
Cyborg: In other words - get angry!
[Fill themselves up with Raven's dark magic]
[They hit him with a blast, subduing him very briefly, before he quickly recovers]
Trigon: You may think it wise to attack me while I gather my strength. But as you can see, not even a farewell blessing from my daughter can help you. Be gone.
[Trigon sends the Titans flying away, and they land in the old library, the place where they last saw Raven]
Cyborg: Guess that wasn't angry enough.
Beast Boy: [sullenly] Of all the places to crash and burn, why'd it have to be here?
Starfire: Please, I wish to leave.
Cyborg: [bitterly] And go where? The whole world is toast! And the only person who'd know what to do is... We could really use her help right now.
[Robin walking up the flight of stairs]
Robin: I know what we saw. But I just can't believe it. It just doesn't feel like Raven's really gone.
Slade: That's because she isn't.
[They're all surprised as Slade had survived too, as he steps out of the shadows]
Robin: Slade.

Robin: What's the matter, Slade? Giving up already?
Slade: Sorry to disappoint you, Robin, but I'm not here to fight. [stands up] I'm here to help.
Beast Boy: [angrily] We don't need your help!
Slade: [brushes the dust off his arm; sarcastically] Yes. You seem to have everything under control. Raven can still be saved.
[Starfire angrily grabs Slade and pins him into the wall, as she holds him and gets ready to fire a starbolt at him]
Starfire: You will not dishonour our friend with your trickery!
Cyborg: Whatever you're selling, we're not buying!
Slade: Think of me what you will. But what Trigon did, even I wouldn't wish on this world.
Cyborg: It's a little late for "I'm sorry"!
Slade: You mistake my generosity for regret, Cyborg. I only offer my assistance because it suits me.
[Starfire cools down and lets Slade go]
Starfire: But we saw Raven become the portal. She was destroyed!
Slade: Raven has fulfilled the prophecy of her birth. That part of her existence is complete. But another part still remains, for the moment.
Robin: Why are you doing this? What's in it for you?
Slade: My reasons are my own. Do you want your friend back or not?
Cyborg: Just tell us where she is, and we'll take it from there.
Slade: There will be no "we." This is a journey only one of you may take.
Beast Boy: No deal! She's our friend. All of us are going!
Slade: Then your friend is doomed to oblivion. You fail to realize, Trigon is all-seeing. His mind can be at any place, at any time. For us to succeed, Trigon's attention must be occupied.
Cyborg: And how do you expect us to do that?! We already tried fighting him; look where it got us!
Slade: It's the end of the world. Did you think it would be easy? I don't expect you to win. I don't even expect you to live - only endure.
Robin: [stepping forwards] I'll go with you.
Starfire: [horrified] Robin, no!
Robin: If there's even the slightest chance to save Raven, what choice do we have?
Slade: The journey to this world has taken much of Trigon's power. [holds out a ring] With this, you might be able to survive. It's a Ring of Azar; forged by the same order that imprisoned Trigon. I know from experience that it works.
[Slade gives the ring to Robin, who, in turn, gives it to Starfire]
Robin: I know you can do it.
[Robin and Starfire share a heartfelt hug]
Cyborg: It may get ugly, but don't worry. We'll keep him busy.
Beast Boy: Yeah. Just wait 'til Trigon gets slapped with my patented Wet Willie Maneuver!
Robin: He won't know what hit him.
Slade: Your goodbyes are really quite touching, but we have work to do.
[Pause. Robin and Starfire stare longingly at one another]
Slade: Robin.
[As they are about to leave, Robin turns around]
Robin: I'll bring her back. I promise.

Slade: Before we continue, a warning. If we succeed, I can't guarantee you'll like what you find.
Robin: I'll take my chances.

[After Trigon manifested negative versions of Beast Boy, Cyborg and Starfire]
Beast Boy: I always figured I was taller.
Trigon: I may be the source of all darkness, but you are your own worst enemies.
Nega Cyborg: Raven wasn't the only one with a bad side.

Robin: So why did you do it? For money? Status? Those dark powers?
Slade: Not everything is so cut and dry, Robin.
Robin: Selling out our world for your own personal gain seems pretty cut and dry to me.
Slade: With or without me, there was no stopping this.
Robin: But you played a part. And just like everything else you've ever done, it's made people suffer.
Slade: It's what I do best.

[As the fire demons surrounds them, Robin and Slade prepare to fight]
Slade: Only a minor setback. Nothing two old friends can't handle.
Robin: I'm not your friend.

[As Slade and Robin have the upper hand, one fire demon comes up to Robin, which he quickly fends off]
Robin: I thought we had a deal.
Slade: Old habits die hard.

[It's revealed to Robin that under Slade's mask, is a skull]
Slade: [after putting his mask back on] I'd rather you hadn't seen that. It's really only a temporary condition.
Robin: What are you?
Slade: Let's just say I'm currently incomplete. Time is running out. We must keep moving.
Robin: I don't think so. Unless I get some answers, you're on your own.
[Slade pauses and turns back to Robin, who's folded his arms]
Slade: It seems my luck with apprentices is most unfortunate.
[The flashbacks show Slade's death and Trigon's half-resurrection]
Slade: Terra's betrayal should have been my demise. But I got lucky. Someone was looking out for me that day.
Trigon: [in the flashback] Heed my command, and I will return what you have lost.
Slade: It was a simple arrangement, actually. Do a few chores, and I get back my flesh and blood. And I must admit, the fringe benefits were most enjoyable. [pause] A pity things didn't work out as planned.
[Flashbacks ends]
Slade: The moral of this story? Never make a deal with an inter-dimensional demon without a little protection.
Robin: You didn't bring me down here just to save Raven. I'm also here to help save you.
Slade: A deal's a deal.

Starfire: You remind of our sister.
Nega Starfire: I will take that as a compliment. Realize, with you gone, Robin will be all mine.
Starfire: HE WILL NOT!

Nega Beast Boy: What's the matter? Had enough? No wonder Terra dumped you.

Slade: You must be overjoyed to see me like this, Robin. Desperate, weak, vulnerable.
Robin: I'm here to save Raven, not pity you. Which way?
Slade: I'm afraid this where we part company. You'll find your friend along that path.
Robin: What about you?
Slade: What I seek is in a somewhat... hotter place.
[Slade begins to walk away]
Robin: That's it? No double-cross? No cryptic threat?
Slade: I kept my word. How about a little gratitude?
Robin: This doesn't change anything. If I ever see you again-
Slade: I wouldn't expect anything less.

Part III [4.13]

Beast Boy: I hate to say it, but Four-Eyes has a point. My butt can't take much more kicking!
Starfire: It can, and it will. We must keep the Trigon occupied.
[Cyborg walks up to them]
Cyborg: As long as those all-seeing eyes are looking at us, he won't go looking for Robin.
[Nega Cyborg shoots him in the back with his cannon]
Nega Cyborg: Wanna bet?
[Nega Starfire takes off. Starfire tries to stop her but is too late]
Starfire: No!
[Nega Starfire zips up to Trigon's ear]
Nega Starfire: [giggles and whispers] They are trying to distract you so Robin can-
Trigon: I know.
Beast Boy: He knows?
Cyborg: He knows. He's just been toying with us.
Trigon: I was aware of this rescue mission before your small minds have even concealed it. And I have known from the beginning that your plan presents no threat. You fail to comprehend the depth of my power, and you fail to understand the departure of your friend. Some remnant of my daughter may yet exist, but the Raven you know is lost forever.

Young Raven: Who...who are you?
Robin: It's okay. I'm here to take you back.
[She begins to run from him out of fright]
Robin: Raven!
[He starts chasing after her until he manages to catch up to her]
Robin: Wait! I'm not going to hurt you!
[Young Raven cuts him off a different path. She stops when she hits a dead end]
Robin: [reaching in for her] Please! I just want- [Young Raven kicks him] Ow!
[She takes her cloak from him and continues to run until she reaches another dead end. Robin catches up to her]
Robin: Raven, it's me, Robin. Remember?
Young Raven: I'm lost.
Robin: I know. [kneels down] But I've found you. You don't need to be afraid anymore. I can help you. [stands up and reaches out his hand] But you have to let me.
[Young Raven hesitates for a moment, before taking Robin's hand]

Soul Guard: The hollow journey of your vacant vessel ends here. What you seek cannot be reclaimed.
Slade: Perhaps. But it's not like I have anything left to lose.

Beast Boy: Dude, I have no idea I was so tough.
Cyborg: You're not. I can kick your butt any day of the-
[He realizes what he said and begins to smile, as Starfire walks up to them]
Starfire: If we cannot defeat ourselves, perhaps we can defeat each other!
[The negative clones appear. Starfire smiles, then Cyborg and Beast Boy smile and nod. Cyborg and Beast Boy high five each other]
Cyborg and Beast Boy: SWITCH!
[They run off in opposite direction]

[Robin is walking with Young Raven]
Robin: It's all right.
[Young Raven climbs onto to back]
Robin: How about a story to pass the time?
[He begins to climb the cavern]
Robin: This is the story of Raven. She was my very good friend. And she was very brave. Together, we fought evil. We beat monsters and villains, and we kept our city safe. But even though she was doing good, Raven was always afraid that deep down inside, she was bad. See, from the day she was born, people told her that someday, something terrible was going to-
[The lava suddenly splits apart to reveal fire demons]

Robin: You okay? You didn't get hurt?
Young Raven: Robin... why are you doing this?
Robin: You do remember, don't you?
Young Raven: [nods] The story you were telling. I can see it. Bits and pieces. You... our friends. My father. Like it was a dream. A nightmare. Whatever it was... it's over.
Robin: Raven... there may still be a way to-
Young Raven: Nobody can stop him. I remember that. You came down here for nothing.
Robin: I came down here for you.
[He reaches out for her, but Young Raven quickly turns to face him with tears in her eyes]
Young Raven: Why? I can't help. My powers came from him. And now that he's done with me, I don't have them anymore.
[She falls to her knees]
Young Raven: There was... a prophecy, Robin.
[Robin kneels down]
Young Raven: And it came true. It's all over now.
Robin: Yeah... it's the end of the world. But so what? We're still here. Still fighting. Still friends.
Young Raven: Look at me, Robin! There is nothing I can do! There isn't any hope!
Robin: Then I guess... I just have to have enough hope for the both of us.
[He smiles, picks her up, giving her a piggyback, before continuing on his journey]

Soul Guard: Your days have long since ended, mortal. Time to lie down with the rest of the mortals.
Slade: You first!
[The Soul Guards seems to have defeated Slade and about is to execute him]
Soul Guard: You cannot hope to defeat pure evil.
Slade: Actually, I'm not such a nice guy myself.
[Using his S bomb, Slade blows him up, along with the gate. This causes all the souls, including his, to be released]
Slade: [as his soul has returned to him] Ahhh. My own flesh and blood. [looks at the guard] Don't get up. [picks up the guard's double-headed axe] I'll let myself out.

[Trigon creates a hole in the sky]
Trigon: Go forth and conquer! One by one, worlds shall fall! [fire demons fly up and enter through the hole in the sky] Until every being in this entire dimension bows down to worship Trigon the Terrible! [closes the hole in the sky and thunder roars in the background]

Robin: This is your story, Raven. And I'm not sure what happens next. I know it seems hopeless, but I believe that when the time is right, you will know what to do.

Slade: For the record, I'm nobody's servant.

[After Trigon sent a blast that incapacitated the Titans]
Young Raven: Get up! Robin, please! Get up!
[Trigon's approaches]
Trigon: Farewell, dear daughter.
[He tries to kill her, but a white energy coming from her hand shields her]
Young Raven: How...?
Trigon: You may have retained some trace of my power, but you are still no threat to me, little girl. I am your creator, your master. You exist only to serve me. You survive only because I allow it. What hope can a mere child have of defeating her all-powerful father?
Raven: [having transformed back into a teenager] You may have created me. But you never my father.
[The four Titans awake, amazed to witness teenage Raven use her new and stronger white magic against her own father]
Trigon: Wretched, insignificant- [gets hit] UGH!
Raven: Fathers are kind. Fathers protect you. Fathers raise you. I was protected by the monks of Azarath. I was raised by my friends. They are my family, this is my home, and you are not welcome here! AZARATH, METRION, ZINTHOS!
[She projects a raven of pure white mystical energy that illuminates her father and reverses the effects of what he did to Earth]
Starfire: Raven, that was...
Cyborg: Unbelievable.
Raven: No, it wasn't. Somebody believed.
[She hugs Robin, to Cyborg and Starfire's surprise]
Robin: Welcome back.
Beast Boy: Okay, you're freaking me out here! The white robe and smile are weird enough but hugs? Are you still...you?
Raven: Blue is still my favorite colour. And don't get used to the smile, 'cause you're still not funny.
Beast Boy: Huh?
[Overjoyed by this, Beast Boy hugs Raven]
Beast Boy: Raven!
[The other Titans lean in, with big, cheesy grins]
Raven: Quit it.

Raven: Slade got away?
Robin: If he ever shows his face again, we'll be ready.
Raven: How do you do it, Robin?
Robin: Do what?
Raven: Keep hoping. After everything that happened, everything I did, how did you still manage to hope it could all work out?
Robin: Because of you. You don't realize it, Raven, but you're actually the most hopeful person I've ever met. From the day you were born, they said you were evil, that you were created to do unspeakable things. But you wished for more. You dared to hope that you could be a hero.
Raven: I thought it was all over. And now...suddenly-
Robin: -You have your whole life ahead of you. You can decide your own destiny.
Raven: I guess, in the end, there really is no end; just new beginnings.






  • Deathstroke/Slade (5 episodes)
  • Trigon (5 episodes)
  • Arella ("The Prophecy"; vision)
  • Dr. Light ("Birthmark")
  • Adonis ("Overdrive")
  • Mother May-Eye (debuts in "Mother May-Eye")
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