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Teen Titans Season 5 (2005-2006).

Homecoming: Part 1 [5.01][edit]

Mento: Negative Man! Go!
Negative Man: Yeah, I'm on it

Beast Boy: I know what you're thinking. There's nothing more annoying than not being able to play your Tuba in the bath tub.
[Robin is snoring, Cyborg is getting drowsy and Raven is reading a book]

Computer: Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!
Cyborg: [joyfully] ALL RIGHT! We're under attack!
[The locater pod enters the room; Cyborg powers up his sonic cannon but the pod does nothing]
Cyborg: So, uh... why isn't it attacking?
Beast Boy: Because it's for me.
[The locater pod scans Beast Boy and plays a message]
Mento: Beast Boy... if this locator pod has found you, then you know what it means.
Beast Boy: The Doom Patrol's in trouble.

Beast Boy: Then we'll look everywhere.

Starfire: This Patrol of Doom... Why do you never speak of them?
Cyborg: Seriously! The Doom Patrol are legends. You gotta have some good stories.
Beast Boy: It was something I did once. I'm a Titan now. You're moving to slow!
[He transforms into a Peregrine Falcon and flies off]
Robin: I think he's just worried. The Doom Patrol raised him. They're like his family.

Robot Man: This is your new group? They're just a bunch of kids!
Beast Boy: Nice to see you too, Cliff.
Robot Man: Sorry, squirt.

Beast Boy: [He runs off] Titans! Go!
[The Titans pause]
Robin: You heard him. Go!
[The Titans follow Beast Boy]

[After Robot Man destroys the machine attacking him and the Teen Titans from the inside]
Starfire: That was most... daring.
[Robot Man walks up to the Titans]
Robin: Robot Man... I know you want to stop The Brain, but we're never going to find him unless we work together. Attacking everything that moves isn't going to help.
Robot Man: If he builds it, I'm going to break it. That's the way we do things in the Doom Patrol.
Beast Boy: Well in case you haven't noticed, this isn't the Doom Patrol.
[Robot Man grunts. Beast Boy walks up to him]
Beast Boy: Cliff... this is the way it has to be. At least until we find Mento.
[Long pause]
Robot Man: This isn't kids stuff, Beast Boy. You think you can handle it?
[Robot Man walks off]
Beast Boy: You have no idea what we can handle.
[Beast Boy follows Robot Man and the other Titans follow]

Brain: [To Mento] You mock what you couldn't possibly understand. Everything is now in place. My only desire is an admission of defeat.

[Robot Man has smashed a tank into the building]
Robot Man: [To The Brain, about him winning] Won what? Sure ain't a beauty contest.
Brain: Your tin soldiers seems to be fixed, Mento.
[The Titans appear next to Robot Man]
Beast Boy: You can thank us for that!
Brain: Oh, look. The little green one. How nice. A family reunion.
[Robot Man and the Titans jump down and begin fighting The Brain's henchmen]

[Cyborg has taken out two henchmen at the same time]
Elasti-Girl Good shot! Whoever you are.
[Cyborg removes the control that keeps her imprisoned; she falls out]
Cyborg: "Whoever you are?!" [He helps her up] Hey! I've saved the Earth. Several times!

[Beast Boy has woken up and sees the Doom Patrol and the Teen Titans in a forcefield and The Brain and Monsieur Mallah escaping]
Mento: Beast Boy! Stop them!
Beast Boy: So now I exist.
Cyborg: This place is coming down! You gotta get us out!
Starfire: Please! You must hurry!
Mento: Never mind us! Get that power core!
[Beast Boy looks lost as to what to do]
Monsieur Mallah: Difficult choice, is it not?
[He begins to leave]

[Robin puts his hand on Robin's shoulder]
Robin: You did it, Beast Boy!
Cyborg: And just in the nick of time.
Starfire: We are most thankful!
[The Titans look over to the Doom Patrol. Beast Boy looks at the destroyed building then at the Doom Patrol and walks over to them]
Beast Boy: I got everyone out safe.
Mento: But you let The Brain get away. How could you be so foolish?!
Elasti-Girl: Mento-
[He gestures her to be silent]
[Robin walks up to Beast Boy and the other Titans walk over as well]
Robin: He saved our lives! Doesn't that mean anything to you?!
Mento: No. he's only delayed our destruction.
Beast Boy: You'll keep looking for him, just like you always did! [Pause] Sir.
Mento: You don't understand. I read The Brain's mind, Beast Boy. He has a new Quantum Generator! And it works. The most devastating power in the cosmos and it's now in the hands of a madman! Because you couldn't follow orders!
[Pause. Beast Boy looks at the ground. Another pause]
Mento: We've got a planet to save. Doom Patrol! Move out!
[Mento walks away. The other members look at Beast Boy, sadly, before following Mento]

Homecoming: Part 2 [5.02][edit]

[After Mento has asked Beast Boy to join the Doom Patrol on their mission]
Robin: If Beast Boy goes, then so do we.
Negative Man: I really wouldn't go there. Trust me.
Robot Man: You kids have no idea what we're up against.
Cyborg: Well from the looks of things, you need all the help you can get.
Robot Man: Listen up punks! The little runt was in the Doom Patrol [Cyborg begins talking at the same time] long before you got your paws on him!
Cyborg: [At same time, from "Doom Patrol"] Excuse me, but I don't see a sign saying "property of the Doom Patrol"!
Robot Man: [At same time, from "saying"] So back off!

Robot Man: [While being attacked by a robot. He runs towards the robot] Blasters?! You're going to have to do better than that, Brain.
[He tries to attack the robot but gets pulled back by a magnetic field. He falls to the ground]
Robot Man: Magnetic field, huh? All right... that's pretty good!

Mento: [to the Doom Patrol, while running away] Keep a sharp eye.
[Negative Man looks down to see they're in a minefield]
Negative Man: Oh, great. Magnetic lines. I hate these things.

Beast Boy: This always works for me: eenie, meanie, minie, moe!

Mento: You know something, son, you turned out ok.
Beast Boy: Thanks to you.

[After The Brain threatens to destroy Jump City]
Mento: [to Robin] Now you see why I have such a problem with this guy.
Robin: Titans!
Mento: Doom Patrol!
Robin: [At same time] Go!
Mento: [At same time] Attack!

Mento: You kids... You Titans did ok.
Robin: So what's next? The Brotherhood of Evil got away.
Negative Man: They'll crawl back to their hole like they always do. I'm sure The Brain is already working on a new plan.
Mento: And we'll be waiting. But next time, we won't be alone.
Cyborg: Count on it!
Elasti-Girl: We're all very proud of you, Garfield.
[She hugs Beast Boy]
Elasti-Girl: Take care.
[The Doom Patrol leave on their ship]
Cyborg: "Garfield?"
[Beast Boy gives an embarrassed chuckle]

Brain: [Final lines, addressing a large group of villains] The face of our enemy has changed. No longer is the Doom Patrol our only threat. Now a new generation stands in our way. And those who rule the young will control the future. We have a -common enemy. The Teen Titans and their friends will fall. Working together, we will destroy them... one by one.

Trust [5.03][edit]

Madame Rouge: You like to fight criminals, no?
Hot Spot: It's just part of the job.
Madame Rouge: Perhaps you are wanting to fight me, too?
Hot Spot: I'm sure a nice lady like you wouldn't want to fight me.
Madame Rouge: I would not be so sure.
[She attacks Hot Spot]

Madame Rouge: You can not touch me! [grabs Hot Spot and gets burned] Ow!!!
Hot Spot: Looks you can't touch me either.

Hot Spot: Maybe you should call Cyborg. Make sure you've got the right co-ordinates.
Madame Rouge: [disguised as Robin] Firestar gave me the co-ordinates. We're heading in the right direction.
[Pause. Hot Spot stops walking]
Hot Spot: Starfire.
Madame Rouge: [disguised as Robin] That's what I said! I know what I'm doing! Trust me!

Madame Rouge: I hope you don’t have a problem getting beaten by a lady.
Robin: You’re no lady!

Hot Spot: Are you heading back to the Tower?
Robin: The Teen Titans won't be going home until we stop the Brotherhood of Evil!
[He walks up to Hot Spot]
Robin: Seeing as your communicator is broken, take mine.
Hot Spot: You're giving me your communicator?
Robin: Now more than ever, we'll need to keep in touch and share any information we have.
[Robin gets on T-ship and it takes off. Hot Spot waves goodbye]
Hot Spot: [in Madame Rouge's voice] Yes, Robin... Do keep in touch.

For Real [5.04][edit]

[Control Freak appears on the Titans' TV]
Control Freak: GREETINGS Titans! Your number one nemesis, CONTROL FREAK, has returned! You may have thought you saw the last of me in 257- 494. But while away I've been studying your every move and now I'm back! The Ultimate Titans Challenge! A series of mind-boggling events designed to test your specific skills and stamina! [pause] And to raise the stakes... I've crafted an arsenal of counter technology to render your powers useless! Prepare to be defeated.
[He laughs evilly, but then realises that the Titans aren't there]
Control Freak: Hello?
[He zaps himself out of the TV]
Control Freak: HELLO!
[He goes to Beast Boy's room]
Control Freak: GREETINGS Titans! Your number one nemesis has returned!
[He realises Beast Boy isn't there]
[He goes to the training room]
Control Freak: GREETINGS Titans! Your number one nemesis has returned!
[He appears on the roof and realises they're aren't there]
[He goes to Starfire's room, looking down at the ground, sulkily]
[He gets on her bed]
Control Freak: [disheartened] Greeting Titans. Your number one nemesis has... [he decides to stop talking]

Control Freak: Who am I?! I am Control Freak. Master of mass media. Ruler of reality. And I escaped from prison to defeat my arch nemeses: The Titans! The Real Titans. Robin! Teen Wonder. Raven! Mistress of Magic. Beast Boy! Shapeshifter Supreme. Cyborg! Half man, half robot. And...! Starfire [spoken in a loving way] Alien Powerhouse. [Aside] She's too good for Robin. He'll never appreciate her.
Mas y Menos: [They have heart eyes] Ci!
Aqualad: You sound more like a fanboy than a nemesis.
[Control Freak stutters]
Control Freak: A great villain always studies his adversaries, okay?!
Speedy: [Reading the Teen Titans list of notorious villains] Well, if you're such a bad dude, then why aren't you on their bad guy list?
[Control Freak grabs the list]
Control Freak: Huh? [He scans the list and reads aloud] List of notorious villains. [His voice gets louder as he reads the list] Plasmus! Overload! Johnny Rancid! THE PUPPET KING! [He stutters] They only fought him once! I'm a recurring villain!

Control Freak: I’ve brought the ultimate weapons, made specifically for the real Titans. You Titan-wannabes don’t stand a chance.

Control Freak: [After Bumblebee escapes his force field] That would've worked on Starfire!

Control Freak: How did you do that?
Más: [Touching palms with Menos] Cuando nuestras manos se tocan...
Menos: ...somos muy veloces!
Control Freak: I can't understand you! [Whips out remote and clicks it at Más] Take that! [Click] And that!
Más: Nothing happened.
Menos: Must be the batteries.
Control Freak: [smug, as they realize they're speaking in English] Spanish Language Converter.

Control Freak: [Defeated] All these would've worked on the real Titans. It's just, your powers are... stupid! [Teleports to TV screen] I don't wanna fight you anymore.

Speedy: This stinks. Nobody even knows who we are.
Aqualad: So what if the kid didn't know your name? Let it go... "Robin."
Aqualad's rescuee: [in a TV interview] Before I knew it, I was surrounded by dolphins. Then some guy in a unitard pulled me out of the water.
Aqualad: "Some guy in a unitard"?!
Speedy: [with a wry smirk] Let it go... Unitard Guy.

Snowblind [3.02][edit]

[Cyborg powers up his sonic cannon but it fails]
Cyborg: Something is messing up my signal! I can't get a lock on it!
[She creates a black dome in her hands and after she says "Zinthos!", the dome expands and acts as a forcefield and envelops the Titans and some of the land around them. Starfire uses her starbolts to provide light]
[Beast Boy changes back to human form]
Beast Boy: You know... you could have done this when we landed.
[Starfire uses the light from the starbolts to scan the forcefield]
Cyborg: [noticing his broken engine after the starbolts' light passes it] Oh, no! I just fixed that engine!
Robin: He's not here. Nice try,
[Red light is seen in the distance and it transforms into a red human figure. Due to this, the forcefield begins to crack. Red light blasts her and Raven groans as she is thrown backwards. The figure is pressed against the forcefield, which breaks it, throwing the Titans backwards]

[The Titans are silent]
[Robin stands up]
Robin: I'm going after her!
Cyborg: Raven's right, Robin. The temperature's dropping fast. We have to find some shelter.
Robin: She's lost. She needs our help.
Cyborg: I know.
[The Titans look out at the snowstorm]

[Robin scans the landscape]
Robin: That still doesn't mean I can't worry.

[After Robin tells Cyborg to take them to the source of the radiation and the Titans except Beast Boy begin to walk]
Beast Boy: Uh... guys?! Aren't you forgetting something? Our warm comfy ship?
Cyborg: Our warm comfy ship has a fried electrical system and a missing engine.
Robin: We don't have time to fix it now.
[Beast Boy looks down at the ground, upset]
Robin: Are you coming?
Beast Boy: [irritated] Yeah, I'm coming! But I'm freezing my tail off!
[He transforms into an Arctic Fox]

[On seeing the Titans outside the door of the complex]
Starfire: My friends!
[She hugs Robin]
Starfire: How happy I am to see you!

[After the proximity alarm goes off, Red Star runs over to Raven]
Red Star: [To Raven] That would be the doorbell.

[As the red creature is about to attack Beast Boy, Red Star appears in front of him]
Red Star: You will not harm my friends!
[He punches the creature repeatedly]

Cyborg: [After the creature has absorbed more radiation and grown bigger] This won't turn out good.

[Red Star shows the Titans snowmobiles he has built]
Cyborg: You built these?!
Red Star: I have much free time.
[Beast Boy runs over to a snowmobile and jumps on it]
Beast Boy: Sweet!
[Red Star walks over to Beast Boy]
Beast Boy: This one has lasers!
Red Star: This one... is mine.
Beast Boy: [dejectedly] Figures.

[The 4 Titans leave to go after the creature and Red Star drives up and stops by the Russian man]
Red Star: I am sorry to have failed you... General.
[He drives away, following the Titans]
General: Captain Kovar...
[Red Star turns the snowmobile to the side and stops]
General: Do your best.
[Red Star nods and leaves]

[As he is about to go to space and explode]
Red Star: Do not worry, my friends. I have no more need to be alone.

Kole [5.06][edit]

Dr Light: Soon I will have the power of the Northern Lights at my fingertips! And up here in the Arctic Circle, no-one will ever come to stop me!
[The T-Ship arrives, speeding over the snow. It comes to a halt. Robin opens his cockpit and lowers his hood]
Robin: Wanna bet?

Dr Light: The Teen Titans. Even you will not be a match for my enhanced powers!
[He fires beams of light at the Titans but Raven protects them by creating a forcefield]

Kole: Want to come to my place for dinner?
Cyborg: [Stomach growls] The girl said "dinner"...

Hide And Seek [5.07][edit]

Beast Boy: Kids are easy! All you have to do is make silly faces. Oh, and kids love jokes. This one never fails. Okay, why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Beast Boy: You're supposed to ask why.
Beast Boy: He went because he was feeling a little crummy! Ha, ha, ha! Get it?
Rocka: Alright Let's Take Down Dusty
Dusty: Melvin Timmy Teether Come Guys Going Home

Dusty Rocka Timmy Teether Melvin