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Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo is a 2006 animated feature film based on the popular television series Teen Titans. Melvin Timmy Teether And Dusty Crophopper And Rocka And Robin Were Brothers Mission Protector To Environment Guardian Of The Earth Bumblebee Grappling Hook (Cables) Red (Little Red Ridding Hood) The Fox w:The Little Prince (2015) Paulet Rodriguez Clover the Bunny in Sofia the First Trollhunters 2016 During By Jim Claire Toby Rocka Bumblebee Sideswipe and Iruikshi Seven of us in Friends Thomas The Tank Engine Le Vanessa Sarah Christopher Brian Franky Edward The Blue Engine Brandon P Erica Monique Tanai Paulet Sheryll Hera Henry The Green Engine Nashalee Gabriel Sampann Giovanielle Yamil Khatif Justin Jakolby Felipe Gordon The Big Engine Andre Isaiah Brandon B Jackson Raul Brandon G James The Red Engine Natan Achelie Ismael Josanel Wilson Rey Percy The Small Engine Kelvin Carlos Bradley Osvaldo and Jose Sofia The First Clover Said I Will Leave Sofia Alone Sofia the First Clover Time I Will Leave Sofia Alone.


  • I can't even find my way around in this town, much less catch a criminal.
  • I would never... this isn't happening. This can't be real. It has to be some sort of sick joke, or a setup.
  • [Distracting Deka-Mido, a giant reptilian monster] Hey, over here! Your mother was a salamander!
  • [To Starfire] I think I was wrong before. Maybe a hero isn't all that I am. Maybe I could be... maybe we could be-- [Is cut off by Starfire]]'
  • [Cyborg says Robin isn't a wanted man anymore. Cuts to show Robin holding hands with Starfire] Mmm, I wouldn't say that.
  • Inspire me.


  • [Taps on the back of the Saico-Tek, who is flying away] Um, excuse me, but I did not wish to do this when you were not looking. [Starts fighting]
  • [After Beast Boy tries to enter the comic book store, but runs into the door. Points to the Japanese sign] The sign says, "Closed".
  • [Robin calls him an idiot because he believes their expedition to Japan was a "wild goose chase". Puts her hand on his shoulder] No, please, do not blame Robin for ther wild chasing of the goose.
  • [Robin: A hero is what I am, and if you don't like it--] Robin? I like it more than you will ever know.
  • [A little girl asks if Starfire is sad. Starfire says she is not and does not have boy troubles. The little girl walks away] Ohhh, I am not even certain that I have a boy with whom to have the troubles. [Follows the girl] Since the day I met him I have had... the feelings. I have waited most patiently and had hoped that some day... [Stands there sadly. Little girl takes her hand and takes Starfire with her] Perhaps I was foolish to hope. Peraps we are just... heros, and nothing more.[Little girl smiles. Starfire smiles back. Hopefully] But no! We are more! I feel this, and he does also even if he fears to admit it. And I shall not let him go without a fight! Oh, I thank you for this talk. [Ruffles little girl's hair] You are most insightful. I must go find... [Looks up and gasps as she sees a giant mugshot of Robin on a screen above her] Robin?!
  • [Robin pulls her out of a pile of ink and asks if she is okay] I am now.
  • [As Robin tries to explain his feelings] Robin, stop talking.

Beast Boy[edit]

  • Um, either that wasn't English, or I think I have a concussion.
  • This was the only place in Japan I wanted to see. It's like paradise for comic book geeks... did I just call myself a geek?
  • [Many girls kiss him after he sings karaoke] I love this town.
  • Hot girl! Don't go away! I've just got to help my friend, then I'll be back to take you on the best date of your life!
  • [Looks at a mugshot of Robin in the newspaper] And he was telling us to stay out of trouble.
  • (singing a translation of the show's theme)
I will obey the traffic rules
Teen Titans!
I will eat everything without likes or dislikes
Teen Titans!
Earthquakes, lightning, fire, Dad,
Grammar, math, science, social studies,
There is nothing I am afraid of?
Teen Titans go!
Hooooooooooooolla my name!!!
Teen Titans!
Half your troubles will be gone
Teen Titans!
Papa's schedule control, uh!
Mama's weight control
Wishes are endless?
Teen Titans go!
One, two, three, four, five
Teen Titans!
Good night, Tokyo!
  • (Fighting the catgirl) Come on! How can I think of a good comeback when I don't even know what you're saying?
  • Yeah, um, great plan, but there's this one teensy problem: Everybody in Tokyo's tries to get us!
  • So wait. If the good guy was really a bad guy, then that means... (brainstorms) Oh, sweet! We're the good guys again!
  • Okay, next time, we're going to Mexico!


  • I can rebuild my car. I can repair my tower. But my sofa? (Crying) I can't even look.
  • (to Robin, who says they should go home) Are you out of your spiky-headed little mind?! We are in Tokyo, man! We got to look around! See the town! [pulls out a camera and snaps a stunned Robin's photo]
  • [Upon seeing his "All you can eat" buffet given by the chef] BOO-YAH!!!


Robin: Since you're new in town, we're going to make this very simple.
Starfire: Stop now!
Cyborg: Yeah, man. The locals don't like it when you blow up their stuff.
Robin: Put your hands in the air and-
Saico Tek: (follows orders, but immediately leaps clear of the lamppost and takes off)
Beast Boy: Hands in the air, dude, not your whole body!

Robin: Um, Starfire? Why did you just... kiss that guy?
Starfire: Oh, the people of my planet are able to learn any language instantaneously through lip contact.
Cyborg: So you speak Japanese now?
Starfire: (nods) Mm-hm.
Cyborg: That's great! (Starfire, Cyborg,and Beast Boy walk off, leaving Robin behind)
Robin: (sulky) Yeah, great...

Beast Boy: How am I supposed to pick up hot Japanese girls with a big green stain on my shirt?
Beast Boy: Hey! Chicks dig the ears!

Man: (pointing into sky) Nigerou! Taihen da! Kaibutsu ga densen o kitteru zo! (runs off)
Starfire: "Run! The monster is attacking the power lines".

Robin: I feel like an idiot.

Beast Boy: Whoo-yeah! Hello, Japan! So, when do we get to go see the Great Wall?

Shop vendor: (Offers Raven a pack of Super Twinkle Donkey Gum)

Cyborg: Think you can make a meal out of me? You don't have the guts!
Yellow Robot: (bites off the muzzle of Cyborg's cannon arm)
Cyborg: Or maybe you do have the guts.

Beast Boy: Um, hi. How do I get to Shinjuku?
Man: Ee? Sumimasen. Eigo ga wakaranain desu, tasukete wo rigari naru na. ["Hm? I'm sorry. I don't speak English, so I can't help you."]
Beast Boy: Uh-huh...mmm-hmm...okay, thanks. [nips back to the others, gives them a big grin, then lets it deflate into dejection] I have no idea what he said.

Starfire: Robin? About that boy and the... lip contact?
Robin: Yeah, is that why you kissed me when you first came to Earth - to learn English?
Starfire: (nods) On my planet, this means merely the transfer of information, but on your planet, it means...more. Or, so I have heard.
Robin: (smiling at her, then acts embarrassed) Oh, yeah, uh, lip... contact. Um, uh, right, uh, yeah. I've, uh... heard that too.
(Starfire scoots closer to him while he is talking, then they grin at each other. Robin smooths out his hair, Stafire sniffs her armpits, Robin cleans his teeth with his tongue, Starfire eats a bunch of breath mints, then they scoot back to each other)
Robin: Hi.
Starfire: Greetings.
Robin: Starfire.
Starfire: Yes, Robin?

Chef: (Struggling to find something Cyborg won't eat) Raw egg? Devilfish? Pickled sea cucumber? (Desperate) Cow eyes? Old shoe full of wasabi?!
Cyborg: (Chomp) What's for dessert?

Robin: A hero is what I am, and if you don't like it-
Starfire: Robin? I like it more than you will ever know.
[Starfire flies off crying]

Robin: Speak English?
Bartender: Yes.
Robin: Good. This is the worst dive in the worst part of town, so I'm guessing you know a little something about Tokyo's criminals. I'm looking for Brushogun.
Bartender: Ha! He's just a myth! (Robin grabs him by the collar] Troopers don't like us talking about him, alright? They say it inspires more criminals!
Robin: Inspire me.

Starfire: [To Robin] You are not the only one who has been pursued. We each were attacked, and barely escaped with our lives. [Pushes forward Robin's clothes and mask] But we believe this place will be safe, for the moment.
Robin: Thank you.
Starfire: [smiles and then turns to leave] I shall give you time to...
Robin: [Takes her arm in his hand] Starfire?
[They lean in to kiss, but Beast Boy, Cyborg, greg burson into the room]
Beast Boy: Wassuuuuup?!
Cyborg: Man, are you ever glad to see us!
Robin: I am?

Robin: Ink?
Cyborg: Yeah, just like the stains on my armor, the streaks on Raven's cloak, and the lipstick from that girl who kicked BB's butt.
Beast Boy: She was a catgirl!

Uehara: (as Robin closes in, and evil laughing) Give it up, my friend. You cannot win.
Robin: I'd say I just did.
Uehara: You can knock me down all you like. Destroy me, if you wish. It doesn't change a thing! When this is over, everyone out there will still think you're a criminal. And the people of Tokyo will still call me a hero!
Robin: I know what it means to be a hero, Commander. And trust me - you are no hero.

Robin: I think I was wrong before.
Starfire: You do?
Robin: Maybe... a hero isn't all that I am. Maybe I could be... maybe we could be-
Starfire: Robin?
Robin: Starfire?
Starfire: [Pauses, and then smiles] Stop talking.
(They kiss.)
Cyborg: Well it's about time!

[The Titans are standing in front of a large crowd of Tokyo citizens after saving the city]
Cyborg: (To Robin) So I guess you're not a wanted man anymore.
[Cut to Robin and Starfire's interlocked hands]
Robin: I wouldn't say that.

Starfire: Did you also make the new friends while exploring Tokyo?


Just Keep It[edit]

Name Friend Tittle Replaced
Perry The Platypus R2D2 Star Wars The Clone Wars Ahsoka And Anakin
Muscle Man SUV Ranger Truck Open Season Beth (is out on March 11, 2012)
Daniel Rocka Melvin, Teether, Timmy, And Dusty Crophopper ,the Fox Teen Titans Raven (is out on May 9, 2017)
Bumblebee (TFCM) Grappling Hook (Cables) Teen Titans Robin
Lee Nick Stephen Parker Hoang White Jacket None Virginia
Mr Station Manager Cooking Show Stage w:The Garfield Show Eddie Gourmand
Little Red Riding Hood the Fox The Little Prince Jessica Riley (the Little Girl)
Roxanne Riley (the Mother) Mr Prince The Little Prince Jessica Riley (the Little Girl)
Princess Pea Octopus (Octi) The Powerpuff Girls Bubbles (is out on September 9, 2016)
Dorothy Ship (Upgrade) Ben 10: Alien Force Julie (is out on January 30, 2015)
Gwen Tennyson (The Crop Duster) Sid's Microphone w:Sid The Science Kid Sid
Iruikshi Yellow Helicopter Open Season Beth (is out on March 11, 2012)
Sideswipe (TFCM) Aranaut (Signsight) w:Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders Fabia Sheen (is out on January 16, 2012)
Pig Gary The Snail Patrick Star Spongebob (is out on February 15, 2014)
Mordecai Krusty Krab (Kitchen Duty) Patrick Star Spongebob (is out on February 15, 2014)
Rigby Krusty Krab (Kitchen Duty) Patrick Star Spongebob (is out on February 15, 2014)
Benson Krusty Krab Patrick Star Squidward
Tahu Pyrox's Team Hero Factory Brain Attack William Furno
Lewa Ogrum's Team Hero Factory Brain Attack Natalie Breez
Kopaka Bruiser's Team Hero Factory Brain Attack Duncan Bulk
Pohatu Scarox's Team Hero Factory Brain Attack Daniel Rocka
Gwen Tennyson (The Crop Duster) Isabella's Phone Phineas And Ferb Isabella (is out on June 20, 2012)
Starfire Pinky The Dog Chihuahua Phineas And Ferb Isabella (is out on June 20, 2012)
Sideswipe Pearl's Spear (Sword) Garnet & Amethyst Pearl (is Out of May 31, 2014)
Bumblebee (TFCM) Emily's IPhone None Emily R (died May 14, 2017 age 19) Emily Rodriguez since died from Rhode Island
Blossom Clifford Clifford Emily E (is out on December 26, 2016)
Gwen Tennyson (The Crop Duster) Enrique Trollhunters Claire
Jackson Homer King Mr & Ms Nunez Trollhunters Claire
Claire The Little Girl's Room The Little Prince Jessica Riley (the Little Girl)
Jim & Toby The Mother's Room The Little Prince Roxanne Riley (the Mother)
Iruikshi The Aviator's Home The Little Prince James Riley (the Aviator)
Toby Plane (The Little Prince) The Little Prince Jessica Riley (the Little Girl)
Linus Claude Rubanoid w:Bakugan: Gundalian Invaders Sid Arkale (died Episode 23)
Vakama Shadow Staff Trollhunters Claire
Rocka Margo, Agnes and Edith Despicable Me 3 Lucy
Edward The Blue Engine Tanai Ovalles None Percy The Small Engine
Striker Hot Dots Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Clint Hot Dots Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Shift Hot Dots Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Ractus Hot Dots Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Striker Animals Animals Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Clint Animals Animals Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Shift Animals Animals Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Ractus Animals Animals Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Striker Guess The Dot Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Clint Guess The Dot Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Shift Guess The Dot Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
Ractus Guess The Dot Thomas & Friends Hello Kitty (is out on August 18, 2017)
3602 Rhode Island Woods Cir & Oklahoma Woods Ct None 3631
3602 Rhode Island Woods Cir & Fairway Glen Dr None 3634
3602 Rhode Island Woods Cir & Island Walk Dr None 3635
3603 Rhode Island Woods Cir @ Villa Del Sol None 3604
3606 Windrose Dr & Chihuly Ct None 3633
3612 Landstar Bv & Lake Trail Dr None 3613
3614 Oakshire Bv & Sandestin Way None 3634
3620 Balcombe Rd & Hunters Glen Dr None 3621
3622 Braxted Dr & Bradwell Dr None 3621
3624 Wyndham Lakes Bv & Cedar Branch Way @ Cedar Bend None 3635
3628 J Lawson Bv & Canoe Creek Falls Dr None 3631
3632 Barwick St & Brunswood Way @ Bristol Shores/E None 3635
Paulet Rodriguez Clover The Rabbit Sofia The First Sofia
Carlos Gonzalez Robin & Nia Sofia The First Sofia
Striker Apex Armor Transformers Prime Miko Nakadai
Striker Phineas's Guitar Phineas & Ferb Phineas
Clint Isabella's Guitar Phineas & Ferb Isabella


Shift Ferb's Guitar Phineas & Ferb Ferb