Teenagers from Outer Space

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Teenagers from Outer Space is a 1959 film about an alien who falls in love with an Earth girl, and tries to stop the plans of his invading cohorts.

Directed and written by Tom Graeff.
Teenage hoodlums from another world on a horrendous rampage!  (taglines)


Derek: Betty, when you learn where I'm from, well... you will not understand but, I hope it will not make any difference between us because...
Betty Morgan: I Dont care where your from. I don't understand all this, but somehow I feel that I've always known you. That we've never been apart!

Captain: Morrow! Go below and bring up the young gargon specimen. Now the decision depends on its reactions.
Derek: Wait, Captain. I have found evidence of intelligent beings on this planet!
Thor: Of what concern of foreign beings?
Derek: Of none to you, Thor! Just as you were so unconcerned when you destroyed this small creature, so bravely!
Thor: It was no more than an insect.
Derek: But it had life. And that life you had to take to satisfy your endless hunger for killing.


  • Teenage hoodlums from another world on a horrendous rampage!
  • They blast the flesh off humans!
  • Thrill-crazed space kids blasting the flesh off humans!
  • Before - A Beautiful Girl. One Moment Later - A Skeleton!


  • David Love — Derek
  • Dawn Bender — Betty Morgan
  • Bryan Grant — Thor
  • Harvey B. Dunn — Gramps Morgan
  • Tom Graeff — Joe Rogers
  • King Moody — Spacecraft Captain
  • Helen Sage — Nurse Morse
  • Frederick Welch — Dr. C.R. Brandt, MD

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