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Teesta Setalvad (born 9 February 1962) is an Indian civil rights activist and journalist.

Quotes about Teesta Setalvad[edit]

  • Teesta Setalwad has reportedly pressured eyewitnesses to give the desired incriminating testimony against Hindus in the Gujarat riots.
  • Mrs. Teesta Setalwad, is a convert from secular Hinduism to Islam, and she has the typical zeal of the convert. She was repeatedly caught in the act of lying during the secularist attempts to exploit the Gujarat riots of spring 2002. She even went on record thinking up a justification for the Muslim arson attack on the women's wagon of a pilgrims' train in Godhra, killing 58 innocent Hindus. A Muslim girl whom she had paraded as her crown witness in her culpabilization of the Gujarati Hindus, came out to accuse her of kidnapping and of coercing her to give false testimony in court. Of course, the poor girl stood no chance against Mrs. Setalwad's well-financed media machine, so she was convicted of perjury (which she at any rate committed, but more likely when initially toeing the Setalwad-dictated line than when recanting), but Mrs. Setalwad's insulted-royalty conduct during the whole controversy clearly revealed just what type of character gets attracted by the secularist hate industry. In these circumstances, I take it as a point of honour to find myself the target of criticism in her paper.
  • I had given numerous photographs to Teesta Setalvad of rioting mobs during that period. They clearly showed faces of known party workers and leaders of the Congress Party along with VHP/Bajrang Dal and BJP cadres. Teesta has never released those pictures that implicate Congressmen. Those particular photographs have simply disappeared. She has refused to give me copies of pictures I sent her from ground zero. Likewise, she never mentions or shows pictures of Muslim mobs attacking Hindu homes and business establishments during that period. When I began pointing out to Teesta and Co. that they were presenting a one-sided picture of the riots, and that they studiously avoided talking of attacks on Hindus, the losses they suffered, the thousands that were rendered homeless and sought shelter in relief camps, she let loose a propaganda campaign that I had been bought over by the VHP. She finally threw me out of the organisation without as much as giving me notice or a chance to explain myself. Moreover, Teesta got false affidavits signed on behalf of riot victims. That is why many of the victims have openly distanced themselves from her. Only those Muslims who are on Teesta’s payroll are still standing by her. She gives them monthly doles to remain as showpieces of the Gujarat riots and give tutored testimonies. Till 2007, as the ground level worker of Citizens for Justice and Peace (CJP), I was in-charge of distributing cash to such families—all of which was part of hawala money Teesta got from various Muslim countries—bulk of which she kept for herself.... I had submitted photographic evidence of Muslims also attacking Hindu areas. Many Muslims suffered injuries from police firings because they were also attacking Hindus where they could. But Teesta did not publicise that evidence.
    • Rais Khan, quoted in Kishwar, Madhu (2014). Modi, Muslims and media: Voices from Narendra Modi's Gujarat.
  • But the fountain head of all these devious interpretation was Teesta Setalvad. She made it politically fashionable to say that since the Hindus killed in the Godhra train carnage were “militant karsevaks, they “could hardly be described as innocent travelers”. This implies that they deserved to be butchered. Even today, the website of Communalism Combat peddles the same prejudice despite the fact that Nanavati Commission has recorded that the karsevaks did not do anything to invite being butchered.
    • Kishwar, Madhu (2014). Modi, Muslims and media: Voices from Narendra Modi's Gujarat.
  • I was a personal witness to the following incident. On 3 rd or 4 th of March, I entered Shah Alam dargah, which had been converted into a refugee camp. Baldeep Singh photographer was with me. On one side of the dargah there is a big room where one lady named Belim was briefing the press and giving highly exaggerated accounts of what had happened. She was crying hysterically in front of journalists. As soon as the media persons moved away, she instantly stopped howling. This made it obvious that it was all a play-act. On the other side of the partition, there was a squint-eyed man from Karnataka. A lady was sitting with him with a tape recorder tutoring this Muslim from Karnataka to say, “I am so angry at the riots that I am going to become a terrorist.” Teesta has a real perverse streak in her. She had started tutoring witnesses from the start as though she was just waiting for this riot to break out.
    • Uday Mahurkar, quoted in Kishwar, Madhu (2014). Modi, Muslims and media: Voices from Narendra Modi's Gujarat.

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