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Teknoman (1992) is an anime series based on a Japanese Series called Tekkaman Blade. It was aired in 1995 by Saban Entertainment & in 2001 on SOLAR USA. This series involves the story of Nick Carter – a mysterious man who is the only one who can stop the invasion of the Venomoids & their leader named Darkon.

Episode Guide


Friend or Foe

In this scene, Nick "Blade" Carter piloted the Blue Earth along with Star Summers & Ringo Richards & those three were sending into the Space Ring aiming at them. When they had no chance against its firepower, Blade decided to leave Blue Earth & fight these Venomoid Spider Crabs.
Nick Carter: I have to destroy as many as I can.
Ringo Richards: From the inside of the air lock?
Nick: That wouldn't be a silly idea wouldn't it? I plan them to fight them out in space, Ringo.
Star Summers: That is Impossible!.
Ringo: There's no oxygen out there. It's a total vacuum. You don't have a chance
Nick: Wrong.
Ringo: Are you nuts or something? Didn't you hear me?
Star: Don't you understand, Blade?
Blade: It's you two that don't understand
(Blade leaves)
Star: What's he up to?
Ringo: Cut off all circuits to air section & into the main airlock. Who knows what he'll do?
Star: Roger!
Blade: Techno-Power
(Powered Up his Techno Crystal)
Ringo': Wow! That's Incredible!
Narrator: With the amazing power of his Emerald Techno Crystal which calls upon the universal forces of time & space. Blade is endowed with impenetrable armor, quantum energy weapons & superhuman powers transforming him into the warrior superhero known as Teknoman.


In this episode, Teknoman Blade single handedly fighting the Spider Crabs by utilizing his Techno-Battle mode that left biting the dust. Ringo Richards & Star Summers watched in awe.
Ringo: I don't know what to think of this man, Commander. He's a total mystery.
Comm. Jamison: Had he's no move against you?
Star: No, sir. Not at all only against the enemy.
Comm. Jamison: Could he be putting on some sort of act?
Ringo: Negative, Sir. Nobody could put on that good enact.
Comm. Jamison: We're monitoring the battle now.
Tina: Boy, Is he ever exciting. Teknoman is terrific & Oh, isn't it absolutely lad when he's beating the tar out of those spider crab monsters.
Comm. Jamison: No need to go overboard, Tina. But I must admit, his battle prowess is very impressive. He maybe our answer.
Ringo: Yeah. Or our Destruction.
Comm. Jamison:: And what do you think of it, Star?
Star: Well, sir. So far I like him but he's still an enigma.
Ringo: The question is...What do you want us to do about it?
Comm. Jamison: That's the problem. We need this man. I wanna be able to question him so whatever happens I want you to bring him with you when you return to Earth. Is that understood? It may be difficult but the survival of Earth might depend it on what we can learn from this man.
Ringo: Understood, Sir.
Star: Right, Sir.

Saber Strike

In this episode, Teknoman Blade went berserk after going over his transformation limit.
Nick: (attacking soldiers when in rage state) Hahahaha, I don't think so! Fools!


  • David Thomas, Jr. - Nick "Blade" Carter
  • Kerrigan Mahan - Ringo Richards
  • Barbara Goodson - Star Summers
  • Michael Forrest - Commander Jamison
  • Julie Maddalena - Tina
  • Tom Wyner - Narrator
  • Mari Devon - Maggie
  • Richard Epcar - Mac
  • Paul Schrier II - Cain "Saber" Carter
  • Simon Prescott - Darkon
  • Steve Buten - Balzac
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