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This template is for use on Category pages, to refer to the primary article associated with this category, which most of the time, describes the entire set containing the category.

This template is not a replacement for adding a category to the main article. The main article of a category should always have the category set. Furthermore, the main article should always have a space as sort key so that it appears on top of a category. Example: the article Internet should have the category [[Category:Internet| ]].

Normal usage (uses category name for wiki link):

If the name of the main article is different than the name of the category — for example: if the main article for Category: Dead or Alive (series) is Dead or Alive (franchise) — then you will need to use one parameter to specify the article:

Multiple articles[edit]

Simply append more articles as additional arguments (up to five):

Pages which aren't articles[edit]

The template should automatically detect titles being outside the article namespace, but this may also be set manually:


Template:TemplateData header

Specifies the primary article(s) associated with this category

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers block formatting of parameters.

Article 11

Name of primary article, if different from category name

Page nameoptional
Article 22

Name of second main article

Page nameoptional
Article 33

Name of third main article

Page nameoptional
Article 44

Name of fourth main article

Page nameoptional
Article 55

Name of fifth main article

Page nameoptional


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