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{{{author}}}, {{{title}}}, [[{{{publisher}}}]], {{{date}}}.

This template is for citing sources.

It is most appropriate to use this when the other Citation templates are too specific. In most cases one of them will serve the purpose better.

The use of citation templates is not required. See Wikiquote:Citing sources for the relevant guideline.

Please consider using specific citation templates before this general template. For a list of citation templates, see Category:Citation templates.



{{cite |author=Fred Bloggs |title=A book |publisher=A Publisher |date=2004-07-31 }}


Fred Bloggs, A book, A Publisher, 2004-07-31.

Note: As "the date" is a single parameter in the code, using something like date=July 31, 2004 doesn't work. Hence the ISO date format is used in the example.

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