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Media related to Commons-inline on Wikimedia Commons

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This template creates an inline link to Commons in list format.

Full syntax
{{Commons-inline[|list=wikitext for a list][|links=wikitext to override default link][|Commons-gallery-page-name][|extratext=extra text]}}



Media related to Work on Wikimedia Commons

Text override

Media related to Puffle on Wikimedia Commons

Full link override
{{Commons-inline|links=[[commons:Foo|]] and [[commons:Bar|]]}}

Media related to Foo and Bar on Wikimedia Commons

List format
* [[commons:Foo|Foo]]
* [[commons:Bar|Bar]]
* [[commons:Row|Row]]
* [[commons:Dee|Dee]]

Related media on Wikimedia Commons:

Extra text
{{Commons-inline|Work|extratext= Extra text}}

Media related to Work on Wikimedia Commons Extra text

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