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This template is meant to simplify the merge/split procedures by providing one template that can be used on the talk pages of source and destination articles or other pages. Intended for use on talk pages, this template identifies that text has been copied or moved from one page to another, recording attribution dependencies as described by Wikipedia:Copying within Wikipedia.


  • Be sure to use the exact page names of the articles.
  • The page names are automatically linked, so this template will not behave as expected if the names are enclosed in link brackets ([[ – ]]).


|from       = 
|from_oldid = 
|to         = 
|to_diff    = 
|to_oldid   = 
|date       =


  • from is the name of the source page, where the text originally appeared.
  • from_oldid is the ID of the page revision of the source page from which the text was copied.
    From the permanent link url: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=PAGENAME&oldid=from_oldid which may be obtained from an article's "history" page by following one of its (cur | prev) links, similarly for respective "to_diff" and "to_oldid" article parameters below.
  • to is the destination page, where the text was placed.
  • to_diff is the ID of the page revision of the destination page that includes the copied text.
  • to_oldid is the ID of the page revision of the destination page before the text was copied. If the copy created the destination page, just omit or leave blank the to_oldid field, since this ID number will be the same as to_diff.
    From the url: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=PAGENAME&diff=to_diff&oldid=to_oldid
  • date is the date, time and date, or timestamp that the copying took place at.

Example 1[edit]

  • {{Copied |from=Baruch_Spinoza |from_oldid=1464167 |to=Ethics_(book) |to_diff=1482832 |date=15:16, 13 September 2012‎‎}} displays:

Example 2[edit]

Note in this example an article title contains the mispelling "Pierce," and its contents were copied/merged to the article with the correct spelling "Peirce." In one link only, user must click on (Redirected from Charles Sanders Pierce) in the latter article, due to automatic REDIRECT from the former article.

  • {{Copied |from=Charles Sanders Pierce |from_oldid=898595 |to=Charles Sanders Peirce |to_diff=898607 |to_oldid=898601 |date= 21:01, 6 February 2009‎‎}} displays: