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My own personal theory is that this is the very dawn of the world.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden (born 21 March 1956) is an American science fiction editor, fanzine writer, essayist, and teacher. She works at Tor Books and maintains a blog called Making Light, both in the company of her husband, Patrick Nielsen Hayden. Mrs. Nielsen Hayden (aka "The Toad Of Tor") is known for "disemvoweling"; she removes the vowels from comments of posters with whom she disagrees, in an attempt to make them look foolish and herself superior. It only serves to shut down debate and makes her look foolish, or cowardly. Examples shown below.


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I like this idea. It encourages us to be earnest and ingenious and brave, as befits ancestral peoples; but keeps us from deciding that because we don't know all the answers, they must be unknowable and thus unprofitable to pursue.

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