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Terrahawks is a British science fiction series created by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr, which ran from 1983 to 1986. The show focused on the battles between a elite defence force based in South America and an army of alien monsters on Mars, led by the android Zelda.

Series 1[edit]

Expect the Unexpected part one[edit]

[first line of the show]
Zelda: Planet Mars... A small step for us, but a large step towards mankind...

Narrator: When's a house not a house? When it's the White House. One thousand feet below the surface: The Battlehawk. Flagship of the Terrahawks, an elite fighting force ready to engage the invaders from Mars....

Lieutenant Hiro: [to his flowers] Hi, Erica! My, how you've grown. Nice to see you, Lantana. Why Cassandra, you look beautiful. [to 101] You've obviously been talking to them , just like I told you.
Space Sergeant 101: Yes sir.
Hiro: You know something, 101? Doctor Ninestein's theory is that my plants flourish because of the artificial gravity up here. And when I explain to him it's because I talk to them, do you know what he says?
101: You're a nut?
Hiro: Exactry.

Captain Mary Falconer: Sergeant Major, I want a hundred of your men to be boarded immediately.
Sergeant Major Zero: Yes Captain. ...You don't really think of us as men, do you?
Doctor 'Tiger' Ninestein: Oh, for space sake, Zero, not now...

[after Hawkwing has destroyed Zelda's ship]
Ninestein: Fantastic, Katie, just fantastic! Mind you, in my opinion, you left the breakaway dangerously late.
Captain Kate Kestrel: That had to be the most exciting moment of my life! And I don't take chances. My reflexes are faster than yours. Don't forget, I'm younger.
Ninestein: True. But then I'm wiser.
Lieutenant Hawkeye: And I'm scared sick! But then I never was a good passenger.

Expect the Unexpected part two[edit]

[following 13's funeral]
35: Sergeant Major? I don't understand. I mean, when we get back, they'll make another number 13, won't they?
Zero: You know your trouble, 35? You've got no heart.

Zero: I could save Mary. And the Doctor. But I will not disobey an order. I will not disobey an order. I definitely will not disobey an order! ...Oh, heck I won't.

Thunder Roar[edit]

Ninestein: Flaming thunderbolts!
Zero: Oh! Didn't expect you, sir...
Ninestein: What do you think you're playing at, Zero?
Zero: I was playing your video game.
Ninestein: Get out of there! [Zero quickly returns to his usual perch]
Mary: What's all the commotion?
Ninestein: I come in here and what do I find? Zero's playing my game!
Mary: That's not so terrible. What did you score, Sergeant Major?
Zero: 820, ma'am. And I hadn't finished...
Ninestein: What?! That's higher than...!
Mary: Higher than your best ever score, Tiger?
Ninestein: 820?! I don't believe it.
Mary: He can't lie. He's only a machine with limited intelligence. Isn't that what you always say?
Ninestein: Well.... What I meant to say was....was..... Flaming thunderbolts...!

Sram: So... You are Ninestein. Leader of the despicable Terrahawks. Protectors of the inhuman human race.
Tiger Ninestein: Did Zelda send you?
Sram: Zelda leads the fight for survival. Survival of all that isn't human.
Ninestein: Let me look at your wounds.
Sram: No! ...I am dying. My strength is failing....but you will die with me, Ninestein!

Ninestein: Don't fuss, Mary, I'm fine. And thanks for getting me out of there.
Mary: The Sergeant Major did the hard part. He was very brave, don't you agree?
Ninestein: Were you afraid, Zero?
Zero: No sir. Not at all.
Ninestein: Well, to be courageous, first you've gotta be afraid. It's a very human attribute.
Zero: To be brave...you have to be...afraid?

Ninestein: Zelda reclaims her own.
Mary: It's really scary...
Zero: Sir. I'm pleased to say I'm now scared. Does it mean I'm now brave?
Ninestein: No, it doesn't.
Zero: To be brave, you have be scared... And now that I'm scared, I'm not brave... The whole thing is totally beyond my comprehension!!

Happy Madeday[edit]

MOID: I wear many faces, but have none of my own.

Thunder Path[edit]

Zero: That stuff's hard. Almost as hard as Ninestein's heart.

Zero: And that, Dix Hewitt, is how we are gonna destroy the bridge.
18: Sacre bleu, you expect us to fire ourselves out of zis?
Zero: Exactly, lad. You increase to maximum mass and go like space fire.
18: C'est impossible. No man would do zis.
Zero: That is where you are wrong. You never heard of them human cannonballs?
18: Ze humans? They do zis? Hm. Zen I, numeral Dix-Huit, I am ready.
Zero: Right, Dix-Wit, get in the pipe.

Series 2[edit]

Ma's Monsters[edit]

Cy-Star: Zelda, you must listen to me!
Zelda: What is it?
Cy-Star: My news!
Zelda: Very well. Tell us if you must.
Cy-Star: Well... I am going to have....a baby!
Zelda: [drops tray of glasses] What...did....you say...?
Cy-Star: I'm going to have a baby! Isn't it wonderful?
Yung-Star: A baby?! [giggles while clapping gleefully]
Zelda: A BABY?!

Series 3[edit]

Two for the Price of One[edit]

Yung-Star: What will it be?
Zelda: What will what be, you slobbering simpleton?
Yung-Star The baby, of course. Will it be a boy or a girl?
Zelda: We are androids. Cy-Star can decide what it will be.
Yung-Star: Have you decided, Cy-Star?
Cy-Star: Yes.
Yung-Star: Well?
Cy-Star: Well what?
Yung-Star: Is it a boy or a girl?
Cy-Star: Not going to tell you.
Yung-Star: [grumbles]
Zelda: Stop that! All this need not concern you, Yung-Star. You're a man. Although I sometimes have my doubts about that. [laughs with Cy-Star]
Yung-Star: Women. Huh!

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