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Terror by Night is a 1946 film about Sherlock Holmes protecting a priceless diamond onboard a train.

Directed by Roy William Neill. Written by Frank Gruber.
One Way Ticket to DEATH..!  (taglines)


Sherlock Holmes: The young lady is taking her mother to Scotland for burial.
Inspector Lestrade: In a coffin?
Sherlock Holmes: That is the customary method, I believe.

Sherlock Holmes: Thank you, Lady Margaret. We'll be as unobtrusive as possible.
Lady Margaret Carstairs: That would be a novelty from a policeman.

Lady Margaret Carstairs: My husband gave it to me on our fifth wedding anniversary.
Sherlock Holmes: 423 carats, isn't it?
Lady Margaret Carstairs: The original diamond was over 700 carats.
Sherlock Holmes': Really?
Lady Margaret Carstairs: [to her son] Your father had it cut. Less ostentatious.
Dr. John H. Watson: Less ostentatious? It's as big as a duck's egg.

Lady Margaret Carstairs: I shall report you both to Scotland Yard.
Inspector Lestrade: ...But I am Scotland Yard.

Sherlock Holmes: Did you discover anything, Watson?
Dr. John H. Watson: Yes. He's a very suspicious character. He tried to put me off the scent.
Sherlock Holmes: From the little I heard, he seemed reasonably successful.

Prof. William Kilbane: You come pounding on this door again and I'll have the law on you.
Inspector Lestrade: I am the law.
Prof. William Kilbane: Then stop barging in and out of my room like a chambermaid.

Dr. John H. Watson: Try some of this curry. It's excellent.
Sherlock Holmes: [ignoring him and speaking to the waiter] Steak and kidney pudding, please.
Major Duncan-Bleek: Of course, the Bengal curry doesn't compare with that of Madras. It's the quality of the mutton that makes the difference, don't you think?
Dr. John H. Watson: The, uh... the meat's unimportant. It's the spices that make the difference. Don't you agree with me Holmes?
Sherlock Holmes: [he hasn't been paying attention to the discussion] What?
Dr. John H. Watson: I say, we-we-we were discussing curry.
Sherlock Holmes: Oh, yes, curry! Horrible stuff!
Dr. John H. Watson: Oh, really? One man's meat is another man's poison.


  • One Way Ticket to DEATH..!


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