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Tessa (Tabasa in Japan) is a character in the Red Earth series.

  • It's a huge marine creature. I must defeat you. (when ready to battle Hydron - Red Earth (Warzard in Japan))
  • That type of monster shouldn't live in this place. Why was it here? (when defeating Hydron)
  • It means nothing to me, but you're welcome. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go.
  • Empire? A team? You must be joking. I'm not that kind of girl.
  • What!? Even a human can turn into a monster.....Is this related to the empire too?
  • You lack but these things: power, speed, technique, spirit sense, endurance, and talent. (SVC Chaos - when defeating Dan)
  • ?! What was all that?! I must do that again... you can't rest now. Let's go!
  • You were tougher than predicted. I must amend my data.
  • My analysis of you is 78 percent complete... can I get a bit more cooperation?
  • Ooh hoo hoo hoo! I extracted some good samples that time.
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