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This page is for quotes about Texas Longhorn athletic teams.

The Texas Longhorns football squad represents the University of Texas in American football.


  • It's so beautiful. Don't you think that's beautiful? It's coming home all the way to Austin, Texas.
  • This is what it's all about, 41-38 in the final game. You couldn't ask for anything better. This was a great football game. We gave our hearts, they gave their hearts, and they came out on top.
  • What you saw Wednesday night was the best player in University of Texas history. That's the state university of the state that thinks it invented the game.
  • When the Rose Bowl chooses their "all century team", the quarterback will not be from the Big-10 or Pac-10, it will be Vince Young of Texas.
    • John Ryan (2006-01-06). Not just a poser. San Jose Mercury News. Retrieved on 2006-01-10.
  • In a once-in-a-lifetime national championship game, Vince Young became a once-in-a-lifetime college football legend...Vince Young is easily the greatest single player in the history of the Rose Bowl (a mouthful of a statement in its own right), and likely the owner of the greatest single-game performance in the 137-year history of Division I-A college football.
  • We have Vince Young on the show tonight...We were able to do something USC couldn't do, we grabbed him.
    • Jay Leno Monologue. Tonight Show with Jay Leno (2006-01-05). Retrieved on 2006-07-24.

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