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Thackeray is a 2019 Indian film written and directed by Abhijit Panse and made simultaneously in Marathi and Hindi. The film follows the life of Balasaheb Thackeray, the founder of the Indian political party Shiv Sena. The film stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Thackeray and Amrita Rao as his wife. The film released on 25 January 2019, right after the 93rd birthday of Bal Thackeray.


A.P. Selvarajan: Your cartoons are becoming sharper nowadays.
Thackeray: I am pleased to know that you understand my cartoons.
A.P. Selvarajan: Do me a favor and leave SK Patil alone! That Nijalingappa calls me more than my wife in a day. And Morarji is completely off-limits. You start a fire and I pay the price. Thackeray, this press is not for you alone. It's the breadwinner for countless other families. So please stop trying to shut it down.
Thackeray: If you restrict me from using any of these models... then who am I going to use for my caricatures?
A.P. Selvarajan: Thackeray, I do not doubt your skills. But this press is dependent on advertisements and good relations. Why are you trying to ruin my business? I know you think you're your own boss. But I have superiors to answer to. It's me who has to face the music.
Thackeray: I am tired of explaining it to you, but you just don't get it-- I... am an artist and not some laborer.


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