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Thappad is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language drama film about a young woman whose seemingly perfect life is shattered when her husband slaps her once in a party.

Directed by Anubhav Sinha. Written by Anubhav Sinha and Mrunmayee Lagoo.
Thappad: Bas itni si baat?

Amrita Sabharwal[edit]

  • Everyone says, "it's just a slap". You know what that slap did? Suddenly i became aware of all the unfair things... i had learned to accept. What's expected of me is that i move on from the unfair.


  • Sulakshana Sabharwal: Let it go child. Women must learn to be tolerant.
  • Subodh: Does she have a real case for divorce? When you're truly in love, a little physical aggression is an expression of love.


Netra Jaisingh: Every relationship is flawed. So best mend it.
Amrita Sabharwal: If you need to mend it, it means it's broken.

Amrita Sabharwal: Am i making a mistake?
Sachin Sandhu: We always do what we think is right. The right thing doesn't always result in happiness.

Netra Jaisingh: So, just one slap then ?
Amrita Sabharwal: Just a slap, but... he cannot slap me.

Vikram Sabharwal: Did Shivani buy a new car once again?
Amrita Sabharwal: Yes.
Vikram Sabharwal: What does she even do?
Amrita Sabharwal: Hard work.

Vikram Sabharwal: I didn't know you smoked.
Swati: You're not supposed to know.
Vikram Sabharwal: Does Karan know ?
Swati: We kiss sometimes.


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