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The 355 is a 2021 American-Chinese-Hong Kong-Taiwanese-French action spy thriller about a top-secret weapon that falls into mercenary hands, a C.I.A. agent then joins forces with three international agents on a mission to retrieve it, while staying a step ahead of the mysterious woman who's tracking their every move.

Directed by Simon Kinberg and co-written with Theresa Rebeck.
Work together or die alone.(taglines)

Lin Mi Sheng

  • [To Mace] That's what we do, right? We put ourselves in danger so that others are not. We all look different, speak different, but we are the same.


Mace: Hi Nick, do you remember the story they told us about in training? Washington's female agent, agent 355. That's what they called her?
Nick Fowler: Because they did not know her name.
Mace: No somebody knew her name. They just did not want the world to know it.

Mace: Hey Marie! Bye!
Marie Schmidt: I doubt it.

Mace: I'm sorry that you're here. This is my fault. I brought all this into your life.
Graciela Rivera: No, you didn't. He did. You don't have to apologize for him, Mace. We always do that, right? We think everything is our fault. You didn't bring this into my life. All you did was trust the wrong guy. It's not your fault.
Mace: That's what therapists always say.
Graciela Rivera: I'm not a therapist right now.


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