The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

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See these incredible scenes before your unbelieving eyes.

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad is a 1958 film about Sinbad undertaking a quest to an island of monsters to cure a princess and prevent a war.

Directed by Nathan H. Juran. Written by Kenneth Kolb.
See these incredible scenes before your unbelieving eyes!  (taglines)


  • For another such kiss, I'd invent a whole continent.


[first lines]
Sinbad: Harufa.
Harufa: Aye, captain?
Sinbad: Sound for a depth.
Harufa: A sounding? Here?
Sinbad: Aye.
Harufa: Aye, captain.

Sokurah the Magician: From the land beyond beyond. From the world past hope and fear. I bid you, genie, now appear.
Barani - the Genie: I obey the master of the lamp.
Sokurah the Magician: I command you to build me a barrier between those men and the Cyclops!
Barani - the Genie: I shall try, o master. I shall try.

Sultan: Is that not Sadi, your waiting woman?
Princess Parisa: Yes, papa. She has offered herself as the Magician's subject.
Sultan: If he can turn her into a contented woman, he is indeed a great magician.
Princess Parisa: Papa!

Sinbad: May Allah grant we find food and water.
Harufa: And may Allah grant we find nothing else.

Princess Parisa: [after seeing Sokurah throw a live cobra into the same urn Sadi is in] It's a serpent! Papa... she will be killed!
Sultan: [patting her arm] Allah have mercy on them... both!
Princess Parisa: Oh, Papa!

Caliph: Where will you find the crew, Sinbad?
Sinbad: The bravest of my former men will sail with me.
Caliph: That will not be enough. Where will you find the others?
Sinbad: I'll find them... where men fear the headman's axe more than the cyclops - in the caliph's prison yard.


  • See these incredible scenes before your unbelieving eyes!
  • 8th Wonder of the Screen!


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