The Accrington Pals (play)

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The Accrington Pals is a 1982 play by Peter Whelan set in Accrington during the first few years of the World War I.


  • I never believed war would make a difference like this. There's money around.
  • Dreaming is not making your own decisions but letting others make them for you.
  • I shouldn't have killed him.


  • I couldn't love a man who'd stayed at home.


  • There was nothing in the paper.
  • I've got to cuddle something somehow.


  • I shall be his very shadow.


  • Then it depends on which way you read them.
  • One for all and one for each. (in a letter to May)
  • That’s the great thing about the army. You don’t need money… It’s free exchange.


  • God has called me to the lists and if I fall let my death help cleanse the world of its weakness.
  • We have failed to build Jerusalem and this is God’s answer.

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