The Addams Family (TV series)

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The Addams Family (1964–1966) is an American television sitcom based on the characters in Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons.

  • They´re creepy and they´re kooky
    mysterious and spooky
    they´re all together ooky
    the Addams Family!
    • Theme song


  • Morticia: Black is such a happy color.

  • Gomez: Fixed her? But that doll doesn't have a head!
  • Wednesday: It's Marie Antoinette!

  • Morticia: Salt, pepper, or cyanide?

  • Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: You kids really live in this crumb box?
  • Wednesday Addams: We like it. It' so nice and eerie.

  • Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: Dig?
  • Wednesday Addams: Only graves.
  • Rockland 'Rocky' Cartwright III: Oh, you break me up, sawed-off.

[Sam looks over Wednesday's little grave markers of famous people and characters who've died by beheading]

  • Sam Picasso: Little Red Riding Hood - 'she' didn't die.
  • Wednesday Addams: The way 'we' play it she does.


  • Gomez: Tish! You know how wild I get when you speak French!
  • Lurch: You rang?
  • Uncle Fester [brandishing a rifle after a guest makes an insult]: Let me shoot him in the back!

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