The Adventures of Chico and Guapo

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The Adventures of Chico and Guapo (2006 - ) is an animated series that follows the misadventures of two interns trying to get ahead in the music business.

Season 1[edit]

Affirmative Reaction[edit]

Latrina Aquinetta: Thank you! I’m gon’ put the mackdown in smackdown! I’m so bad I’z smacks myself!

Chico: Hello, he aint in love with you!
Concepcion: Oh yea he is! He come by and try to get close to me, and touch my cucho, lick my toe-toe, rub my bolo!

Chico: We killed him! What are we gonna do now?
Guapo: No, you killed him, you’re going to jail!
Chico: Oh no, my grandma is gonna kill me if I go to jail!"

Hank:Count Chocula and Donnie Osmand? I see what you’re goin’ for but white people are suspicious and easily spooked.

Duck: Affleck! Affleck!
Chico: Shut up Ben! You’re movies aint that good anyway!

Concepcion: I turn Shanekwa’s head around like the girl in the exorcist…or in Scary Movie 2.

Mr. Angelo: I am not wasting my hard earned money just to make white people feel better about themselves.

Guapo: Hurry up! Help me put the hippo in the closet!

Chico: Guapo look at that - pretend lesbians.
Guapo: I don’t care if they’re pretending or not, they’re all the same to me.

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