The Adventures of Kid Danger

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The Adventures of Kid Danger is an American animated television series created by Dan Schneider that first aired on Nickelodeon as a sneak peek on January 15, 2018, before its official premiere on January 19, 2018, and aired through June 14, 2018. The series is based on Henry Danger and details the animated adventures of Kid Danger and Captain Man as they fight various villains and threats to Swellview

Popcorn Monster

Henry Hart: Ray, you triple-beeped me! What's the emergency?
Ray Manchester: Look at 'em! Look at these 2 fluffy little babies.
Henry: I see 2 pieces of popcorn.
Ray: Identical… You see 2 identical pieces of popcorn!

Game of Drones

Henry: Do you have a new drone for us?
Schwoz: I sure do! [shows Henry and Ray the massive drone] And there she is!
Ray: Dude, we can't use something that gimongous in the Drone Dash…
Schwoz: I know, just wait! [pulls out a massive gun out of the drawer, pointing right towards them]
Henry and Ray: Woah! Woah, what're you doing with that?
Schwoz: [blasts the drone with the gun, making it shrink down increasingly] SHABOOM!!
Henry and Ray: [excitement] Woah!
Ray: Holy drone! That is perfect!

Clone Babies

[Henry and Ray are playing the game Call of Booty]
Henry: You're about to lose! [manages to slice the butt off Ray's pirate]
Ray's In-Game Pirate: AAARRRGG!! You cut off me booty! [lands face first on to the deck, while the butt bounces into a dolphins mouth and eats it]
Ray: [pretending to be a pirate] Arrrgh! Me severed booty…
Henry: Booty dance! [disco music playing] A-booty, A-booty, A-booty, A-booty, A-bootay, A-bootay, A-bootay!
Ray: Yaaaagh! Booty too close, BOOTY TOO CLOSE!!


Charlotte: you guys could answer a Captain Man emergency hotline that being blink all day.

Flying Spiders

Ray Manchester/Captain Man: Henry, get ready to see what just might be the coolest, most fantastical invention Schwoz has ever created! [pulls the lever, dramatic music is playing as the floor opens, Schwoz is playing the belly drums, and the invisible motorcycle appears] Look at that.
Schwoz: Oh, it gives me the goosies!
Henry Hart/Kid Danger: What? There’s nothing there.
Ray/Captain Man: Oh, isn’t there?

Texas Weiners

Henry/Kid Danger: How could you do this?
Captain Man: I don’t know what you mean.
Kid Danger: We are superheroes!
Captain Man: I am, you’re the sidekick. [he giggles awkwardly]
Kid Danger: [sighs] I mean, how dare you rent us out to a kid’s birthday party like we’re some kind of bounce house?
Captain Man: Come on, Kid, this is the richest family in all of Swellview! Big Dingus is paying us $80,000 to be here!
Kid Danger: Oh, you just want some money so you can buy one of those stupid Japanese toilets.
Captain Man: They are not stupid! They- they do things for you…
Kid Danger: Gross!


Schwoz: Okay, little kitten.
Kitten: *meow*
Schwoz: To cure your dyslexia, first, I do this… [he presses a button and coloured lights turn on] Then, a-this… [he turns a knob and the chair spins around] And finally, PLUTONIUM GAS! [presses the final button and purple, sparkly gas goes completely over the kitten, who turns evil]
[The evil kitten jumps out of his seat and goes into Schwoz's mouth. He tries to get it out but then he… spanks himself?]

Wet Doom

Henry:hey Char the waiter brought our food.
Charlotte: Henry! (sighs) you can't bring a ladys food in a republic restroom.
Henry: why not?
Ray: a Henry I think you have my spaghetti.
Henry: are you sure about that.
Schowoz: Does anyone want Parmasione cheese [music from french]
Henry and Ray:Na no were good.
Schowz: kay kay
[Jasper runs in and picks up Schwoz and throughs him on the ground]
Jasper: floored !
Charlotte:Jasper! why did you through Schwoz on the floor?
Jasper: Because it's the bathroom floor challenge.
Ray: Now Charlotte hurry up and close the tap I want to go eat my spaghetti.
Charlotte:I can't it can't close [the tap breaks and water starts leaking]

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