The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle

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The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle is a comedy film released in 2000, starring Robert De Niro as Fearless Leader, Jason Alexander as Boris Badenov, Rene Russo as Natasha Fatale, and the voices of June Foray as Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Keith Scott as Bullwinkle J. Moose.

Bullwinkle J. Moose[edit]

  • [While flying over Washington D.C.] Boy, New York sure has changed a lot since my day. They even moved the White House here.

Fearless Leader[edit]

  • Have you liquidated Moose and Squirrel? Did you use the CDI? Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Then who else are you talking to? Are you talking to me? Well, I am the only one here, so you must be talking to me. And you are lying. Now catch Moose and Squirrel. And next time use the CDI on them.


  • Judge Cameo: And you, Mr. District Attorney, I'd like to point something out to you in the penal code: Section C, Paragraph 22: "Celebrities are above the law." This case is dismissed.

* Sign on a Bridge: CRIMEA RIVER

Judge Cameo: The defendants are charged with grand theft auto: 1 count; breaking out of jail: 1 count; impugning the character of a prison guard: 1 count; reckless driving: 4 counts; talking to the audience; five counts; criminally bad punning: 18 counts.
Bullwinkle: And three dukes and seven earls. Ha ha ha ha.
Judge Cameo: Make that 19.


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