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The Amityville Horror is the 2005 horror film. It is based on the novel by Jay Anson, and a remake of the 1979 film of the same name. A family had moved into a new house, until they discovered that this house is evil and they must get out. It is inspired by true events.

Directed by Andrew Douglas. Written by Scott Kosar.
Based on the true story. taglines


[As Chelsea is talking to Jodie's ghost.]
Chelsea Lutz: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
[Kathy enters Chelsea's room.]
Kathy Lutz: Chelsea?
Chelsea Lutz: Hey, Mommy.
Kathy Lutz: Hi, hon. Who are you talking to?
[Jodie's ghost appears]
Chelsea Lutz: The girl who lives in my closet.
Kathy Lutz: Oh, yeah? And what's her name?
Chelsea Lutz: Jodie.
Kathy Lutz: You know there are plenty of other little girls to play with in town too?
Chelsea Lutz: I know, but Jodie says they're all mean.
[Kathy looks at Chelsea's obscured drawing.]
Kathy Lutz: Is that Jodie?
[Chelsea turns to Jodie, telling her to keep it a secret.; Chelsea turns back to Kathy.]
Chelsea Lutz: No, that's someone else.
Kathy Lutz: Who?
Chelsea Lutz: I'm not supposed to say who. She says it's an A-hole.
Kathy Lutz: You are not allowed to say that word.
[Chelsea erases the drawing, turns to Kathy, telling her to be quiet.]

Chelsea Lutz: Jodie says you're a bad babysitter.
Lisa: Yeah? Well Jodie's... what's the word? Dead.
Chelsea Lutz: Is not.
Lisa: That little shit got me fired.
Billy Lutz: Dare you to go there. [points to Chelsea's closet]
Lisa: You give me your KISS poster if i do it.
Billy Lutz: Okay.
Lisa: Okay.
Chelsea Lutz: You're going to make her mad.

George Lutz: It's one thing to pull a prank?
Billy Lutz: We didn't pull a prank. It's another one to hurt someone.
Michael Lutz: It was this house.
George Lutz: Shut up!
Kathy Lutz: George.---
George Lutz: I got this under control.
Kathy Lutz: You don't have you under control! [to her sons] What you guys did was wrong.---
George Lutz: Stop it, Kathy! Whatever you're doing, Whatever you're saying doesn't work! From now on, I'm doing the disciplining around here, end of story!
Michael Lutz: This house is bad, Mommy.
Kathy Lutz: Michael, honey.
George Lutz: There's no bad houses!, just bad people!
Billy Lutz: Why didn't you tell us about the people who died here?
Kathy Lutz: Where did you hear that?
Billy Lutz: The babysitter told me that two little boys died in our room.
George Lutz: Goddamn babysitter's an idiot!
Kathy Lutz: Get to bed. We'll deal with this in the morning.
Billy Lutz: No!, I'm not sleeping in that room! It's gross!
Michael Lutz: Me neither.
George Lutz: Wipe that stupid look off your face and go to bed!... run!

Father Callaway: This is gonna sound strange, but you know the doll with one eye that your daughter is holding? Well, that belonged to the little girl who lived here before you.
Kathy Lutz: Yes, it was left here.
Father Callaway: No, Mrs. Lutz, it was not left here.
Kathy Lutz: Father, what exactly are you trying to tell me?
Father Callaway: I knew the DeFeos very well. I presided over their funeral. Jodie DeFeo was buried with that doll.

Michael Lutz: Do I have to call you Dad, now?
George Lutz: Guess what?
Michael Lutz: What?
George Lutz: You can call me whatever you want.
Michael Lutz: Anything?
George Lutz: Yep.
Michael Lutz: Cool.
George Lutz: Anything.
Michael Lutz: Cool.
George Lutz: Yeah.
Michael Lutz: Um... Stinky?
George Lutz: Sure.
Michael Lutz: Poopy-head?
George Lutz: Yeah.
Michael Lutz: Crap-monkey-fart?
George Lutz: [laughing] Okay, we gotta draw the line somewhere, pal, that does it!


  • Based on the true story
  • What happened over the next 28 days has never been explained.
  • Katch 'em, kill 'em


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