The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes

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The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes is an American superhero animated television series by Marvel Animation in cooperation with Film Roman, based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Avengers.


  • The Skrulls turned you against each other. Broken bones, destroyed buildings… these things are easily repaired. But broken friendships, broken trust… Wounds such as these take much longer to heal.



Gamma World, Part 2 [1.13]

Leader: It would have been glorious. I was creating the perfect world all in my image.
Hulk: That's the problem. You're ugly.

Thor: And what of you? Will you walk away as well? You are indeed a noble warrior, Hulk… one who has saved the Avengers, and now helped save the world. I would trust you with my life. Will you trust us?
Hulk: Uh… I'll stay if Cupid stays.
Hawkeye: You want to go, jade jaws? Right here and now? Let's do this!
Tony Stark: Okay. This is going to be fun.

Hail, Hydra! [1.21]

Hulk: Lucky shot.
Captain America: If you say so, big guy. Now, remember, watch out for civilians.
Hulk: Is that why you teamed up with me? To protect people from the monster?
Captain America: Stow that talk. I want you to protect civilians from Hydra. They're the monsters here, not you. In my day, we had a name for someone like you.
Hulk: Yeah, what's that?
Captain America: Hero. [Hulk surprised.] I've been watching you, Hulk. No matter how scared people are of you, no matter how much you're hounded, you always do the right thing. And that makes you a hero in my book. Now, how about we smash some more Hydra goons?

Nightmare in Red [2.09]

Hawkeye: I said no!
Bruce Banner: You get to say no to me. I'm an Avenger! I was an Avenger before you were! I want to help!
Hawkeye: Ok. A: you're not an Avenger, the Hulk is. Calling you an Avenger is like, saying my bow is a member of the team. And 2: Cap's right, you got to stay here.
Bruce Banner: You're making it very difficult to not turn into the Hulk and tear you apart.

Ultron Unlimited [2.17]

Vision: Why do you keep fighting? You are but flesh and bone. I am a machine. You cannot win. What do you have to gain?
Captain America: You think I'm fighting for me? To save my own life? That's why you'll never win. I'm not fighting for me, I'm fighting for them. And that's something you'll never understand, machine!
[Captain America attacks Vision]
Captain America: It's the very thing that makes us human.
[Vision knocked Captain America down]
Ultron: This is the reason your species must be extinguished. You fight against logic. Emotions make you imperfect and therefore will be eliminated.