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The Backyardigans is an Canadian 3-D CGI-animated children's TV series, created by Janice Burgess and produced by Nelvana. Music for the show is written by Evan Lurie, of The Lounge Lizards, and Douglas Wieselman. The characters are designed by children's book author and illustrator Dan Yaccarino. The series premiered on October 11, 2004 on Nickelodeon's Nick Jr. block in the United States.

Season 1[edit]

Knights are Brave and Strong [1.1][edit]

Tasha: Hello and good day to you I'm Queen Tasha the rul of everything.

[Queen Tasha sends Uniqua the page on a mission to deliver a secret message to King Austin.]
Uniqua: Oh, Queen, nothing can stop me from delivering this message. I hope.

Pablo: You cannot pass!
[This is a reference to Gandalf's famous line, "You shall not pass!"]

The Yeti [1.2][edit]

[Uniqua, Tyrone, and Tasha set out on a journey to the Frozen North to find the Yeti - Pablo.]
Tasha: I'll race you to the other side.
Uniqua: I'll beat you to the other side.


Uniqua: Tarnation!

Uniqua: Come on.
Tasha: Oh, for goodness sakes. You come on.

Pablo: See you.
Tasha: See you later.
Pablo: See you next time.

The Heart of the Jungle [1.4][edit]

[The three Tarzans (Pablo, Tyrone, and Austin) and Scientist Uniqua set off on a journey to the heart of the jungle to return Sherman the Wormin to his home.]
Uniqua: [singing] These trees look so familiar, we've been here once before.
Tyrone: You're right except it wasn't once.
Pablo: It was three times.
Austin: Or four.

[Austin comes to the large fern leaf, which has hit him in the head the past two times they've gone past. He ducks, and it misses.]
Austin: Ugh!

Austin: Quicksand bad.

Secret Mission [1.5][edit]

[Secret Agents Pablo, Uniqua, and Tyrone must return the mystery object to its rightful owner in the museum.]
Pablo: Secret agents go on secret missions and we have background music. Sneaky background music: de de doo. Danger background music: dun, dun, DUNN. And if we goof up: wuah wuah wuahnn. But no matter what happens, a secret agent always stays cool.

:Tyrone: This certainly is a long short cut.

Riding the Range [1.6][edit]

[Tyrone heads to Texas for the hoedown, while Tasha, Uniqua, and Pablo track down a jump-rope thief - who is actually an unwary Tyrone.]
Uniqua: The bandit must have jumped across on his horse.
Pablo: Now that's one clever varmint!
(Uniqua Pablo and Tasha To The Cowboy Tyrone.)
Tyrone: Thank you apples?!
Pablo: Now get my apples.

Oh. My Apples Bandit

Pablo: See you later.
Tasha: See you later.
Uniqua: See you next time.
Tyrone: See you.

The Key to the Nile [1.7][edit]

[When the Nile river in ancient Egypt disappears, Princess CleoTasha takes her three servants out to find three presents for the Sphinx, so that she can tell them the secret of the Nile and get the river back.]
Tasha: [singing] Some say a princess should live like her people; but I reply: What are you? Nuts?

Tyrone Grace is your fame, O Princess!
Pablo: Long may you reign, O Princess!
Austin: She's such a pain, that princess!

[Princess CleoTasha has not said thank you for any of the three presents her loyal royal servants have gotten for her]
Austin: You know...
Pablo: We know.
Tyrone: You don't even have to say it.
Austin: I know. [pause] But that Princess CleoTasha just never says please or thank you!

The Snow Fort [1.8][edit]

[Mounties Tyrone and Pablo defend the world's biggest snowball while Ski Patrollers Uniqua and Tasha look for someone to save.]

It's Great to be a Ghost! [1.9][edit]

Pablo: [pops up in front of the viewers] Boo! [chuckles] Did I scare you? That's 'cause I'm a ghost.

[Ghosts Tyrone, Pablo and Uniqua, and practice scaring people, and try to scare Tasha.]
Tasha: [singing] Are you scared of dark shadows that go bump in the night? Do you leave the door open?
Tyrone: I've got two night lights.
Tasha: Well that's okay, if you're a scaredy cat.
Tyrone: Hey!

Viking Voyage [1.10][edit]

[Vikings Pablo, Tyrone, and Uniqua seek to discover uncharted lands, though Mermaid Tasha has other ideas.]
Tyrone: I'll read the map, so we know where we're going.
Pablo: And I'll be the lookout, so we can see where we're going.
Uniqua: And I'll steer, so we go where we're going.
'Uniqua, Tyrone and Pablo:Yah!
'"'"Uniqua'": Seek uncharted territory Mermaid Tasha.

The Quest for the Flying Rock [1.11][edit]

[Four explorers find a mysterious map for the legendary Flying Rock atop Stone Step Hill (really a pyramid), but upon a disagreement on what path to choose, Uniqua and Tasha compete with Pablo and Tyrone on a race filled with unknown obstacles.]
All: [reciting the spell and singing] Float, flutter, fly. Float flutter fly, oh rock, oh rock on hilltop high! Float, flutter, fly!

Surf's Up [1.12][edit]

[Surfer Pablo is on the lookout for Tiki Beach to ride the perfect wave, but he can't find it. Little does Pablo know that he must learn a lot of radical moves before he can find that place and ride the perfect wave, and he will only do that with the help of other fellow surfers and a mysterious lifeguard, Austin.]

Pablo: Hey, lifeguard dude! Do you know where Tiki Beach is?
Austin: You're looking for Tiki Beach?
Pablo: Totally. I wanna surf the perfect wave.
Austin: Well, you gotta have rad moves to surf Tiki Beach, dude.
Pablo: I guess lifeguards like to call everybody dude, too. No problemo, dude. Check this out! [does the monkey move]
Austin: Dude, that's the monkey. Anybody can do the monkey. That's not a rad enough move.
Pablo: Oh. Well, how about this? [does the twist move]
Austin: That's just the twist. That's not a rad move, either.
Pablo: Oh. Hmm… Well, not everybody can do this! [does the triple whip]
Austin: The triple whip, huh? Now that's a rad move.
Pablo: Totally!
Austin: What else can you do?
Pablo: Uh, well, that's the only rad move I know.
Austin: You need all rad moves to surf Tiki Beach, dude. Not just one.
Pablo: Bummer. But I still wanna find Tiki Beach.
Austin: Well, it could be up north or it could be down south…
Pablo: This lifeguard is being kind of mysterious. So which way should I go, dude?
Austin: Hmm, try that way. [points to the right] Look for the tall palm trees.
Pablo: Tall palm trees. Okay, thanks, dude! Later! [walks to his dune buggy and drives away]
Austin: [to the viewers] Actually, Tiki Beach isn't that way. I tricked him. I couldn't tell him where it really is. Because he just doesn't have the moves yet. He's got a lot to learn before he can surf Tiki Beach.

Race to the Tower of Power [1.13][edit]

[Two wicked supervillains, Dr. Shrinky (Tyrone) and Yucky-Man (Pablo) are intent on stealing the Key to the World, which lies inside the Tower of Power, and taking over the world. Stopping them is the duty of superheroes Weather Woman (Uniqua) and Captain Hammer (Austin).]

Austin: Where do you think you're going?
Pablo: Uh… to the Tower of Power, so we can rule the world?
Uniqua: Oh, no, you don't! We'll catch you!

Austin: How are we gonna catch those supervillains?
Uniqua: [thinking; gets an idea] I know! Build us a boat, Captain Hammer!
Austin: [confused] A boat?! What good will that do on the ice?
Uniqua: There's no time to explain. Trust me.

Pablo: [pacing back and forth, freaking out] No, oh, no! They're getting ahead of us! We're going backward, they're going forward…
Tyrone: Pablo?
Pablo: Yup. They're gonna get there first. What are gonna do? What are we gonna do?!
Tyrone: PABLO!
Pablo: Yeah?
Tyrone: There's only one thing we can do!
Pablo: What's that?
Tyrone: Think!
Pablo: Oh, yeah.
Uniqua: The water’s turning to goobly goo!
Austin: It’s disgusting.

[The supervillains run up to the entrance of the tower]
Pablo: We made to the tower! Now we just need to get to the top and get the key!
Tyrone: [sees the superheroes coming] But here come the superheroes! What will we do?
Pablo: I know! We'll fake 'em out! Let's pretend to be tired and then, when they fall for our trick, we'll get 'em!
Supervillains: WA-HA-HA-HA-HAAA!
Pablo: Here they come!
[They start pretending to catch their breath as the heroes run up to them]
Uniqua: Villains, HALT!
Pablo: [panting] It's okay… You win, superheroes.
Tyrone: [panting] We're too tired… to climb the tower. You guys go ahead.
Austin: Great! Now's our chance!
Pablo: Now, Dr. Shrinky!
Tyrone: Captain Hammer, SHRINK! [zaps his rays at Austin, shrinking him]
Uniqua: Camptain Hammer!
Tiny Austin: [high-pitched voice] Uh-oh!
Uniqua: You shrunk Captain Hammer?!
Tiny Austin: Uh-ha.
Uniqua: Are you okay?
Tiny Austin: Let's Get It Started In Here.

Uniqua: Now what are we gonna do?
Tiny Austin: We've got to stop them!
Uniqua: What?
Tiny Austin: We've got to stop them!
Uniqua: What?!
Tiny Austin: I said, we've got to stop them!
Uniqua: Oh. Yes, you're right. But, they shrunk you.
Tiny Austin: I know they did. But I'm still a brave superhero, and we've got to stop them.

Uniqua: We've got you now!
Austin: The Key to the World is safe!
Uniqua: We've saved the world from your evil plot!
Tyrone: [high-pitched voice] We're tiny!
Pablo: [high-pitched voice] And gooey!
Austin: What?
Uniqua: We can't hear you.

Castaways [1.14][edit]

[Uniqua, Tyrone, and Pablo are castaways on a deserted island, and as they struggle to find food and a place to live, they receive mysterious help. Could it be a mischievous intruder, or just a fellow castaway, maybe Austin, who's too shy to say hello to the others?]
Uniqua: [singing] On an island at sea, just me -
Pablo: - me -
Tyrone: - and me.

Polka Palace Party [1.15][edit]

[Cowboys Tyrone, Uniqua, Pablo and Austin—united by a shared love of polka music—need to get to Cheyenne by sundown in order to play at a surprise birthday party for Sherman the Worman's brother Herman.]
Uniqua: Darn tootin'!

Pablo: What's the snack for today?
Tyrone: Apples.
Austin: I thought it was cheese.
Uniqua: No, that was The Front Page News. This is the Polka Palace Party episode.

Talk about 4th Wall Breaks. If this actually happened, children would scream in happiness.

Cave Party [1.16][edit]

[The Mountain Cave People — Austin and Tasha — invite the Valley Cave People — Uniqua, Pablo, and Tyrone — to howl at the moon when it hits the highest peak. While the three Valley Cave People must get there on time, the two Mountain Cave People must fill their time, all with the help of handy new inventions.]
Uniqua: Ugh!.
Tyrone: Ice.
Pablo: A shade of ice.
Tyrone: I guess this is why they call it the ice age.
Pablo: Yeah, because so far, it's been more like the snow age.

[The three Valley Cave People are climbing the stairs Uniqua invented up the mountain.]
Uniqua: Next time... I'm gonna invent... the elevator.
[The three Valley Cave People are climbing Hill and when they reach the top]
Pablo: Whoa!, i mean Ugh! that's a long way down!.
Tyrone: You know what we need? Something to help us get down this hill.
Uniqua: Yeah, something we can ride on and go fast.:
Tyrone: Ughxactly,So that's why i invented this.
Pablo: Great invention!.
Uniqua: Awsome!.
Pablo: Great invention!.
Uniqua: Really Cool! .
Pablo: What do you call it the button?
Tyrone: Nope.
Uniqua: The Rice cake?.
Tyrone: Nope, i call it the sled.
Uniqua, & Pablo: Ugh!
Pablo: Ugxcellent choice.
Uniqua: Good name.
Uniqua, & Pablo: The Sled
Tyrone: Hop on, Now let's ugh.
All Three: Ugh!
[The three Valley Cave People ride the sled down the hill]

High Tea [1.17][edit]

[When Pablo, Tyrone and Uniqua can not agree on what to do, they let Tasha decide—and she leads them on a quest for the perfect cup of tea that takes them to Borneo, the Ming Empire (ruled by a grumpy Emperor Austin) and the Gobi Desert.]
[Repeated throughout when it seems they're almost ready.]
Tasha: There's just one teensy little thing...
"'"All: Empire Emperor

Tasha Comes the Ming Empire

""All"": (Difficult:) Aha!

Pablo: Have look at this funny face.
Austin: If that's funny, I'm a Ming vase.

Pablo: See you next time.
Tasha: Ta-ta.
Uniqua: See you later.
Tyrone: Later chaps.
Austin: Next time.

Season 2[edit]

Misson to Mars [2.01][edit]

The Swamp Creature [2.07][edit]

Uniqua: See you later.
Pablo: See ya.
Tyrone: See you next time.
Tasha: Later.
Austin: See you soon.

Season 4[edit]

Breaking Out [4.09][edit]



  • LaShawn Tináh Jefferies (speaking) (singing) - Uniqua
  • Jake Goldberg (speaking) (singing) - Pablo
  • Jordan Coleman (speaking) (singing) - Tyrone
  • Gianna Bruzzese (speaking) (singing) - Tasha
  • Jonah Bobo (speaking) (singing) - Austin

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