The Barkleys of Broadway

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The Barkleys of Broadway is a 1949 film about a married musical team who splits up so the wife can become a serious actress.

Directed by Charles Walters. Written by Betty Comden.
M·G·M's New Technicolor Musical Hit  (taglines)

Ezra Millar[edit]

  • Thank you. I'm touched, the piano's touched, and Tchaikovsky's touched.
  • I find that girl completely resistible.


Josh Barkley: Well, gotta go put on the old feed bag!
Dinah Barkley: What kind of talk is that? "Gotta go put on the old feedbag!"
Josh Barkley: Can I help it if that guy brings out the gangster in me?


  • Joyously Together Again!
  • M·G·M's New Technicolor Musical Hit


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