The Battle of San Pietro

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The Battle of San Pietro is a 1945 documentary film about the Battle of San Pietro Infine sixty miles from Naples during World War II.

Written and directed by John Huston.


  • The lives lost were precious lives- to their county, to their loved ones, and to the men themselves.
  • Children are able to forget quickly. Yesterday, they wept. Today there are smiles and even laughter. Tomorrow it will be as though the bad things have never happened.
  • Our prime military aim being to engage and defeat the enemy, the capture of the town itself and the liberation of its people is of an incidental nature. But the people, in their military innocence, look upon us solely as their deliverers. (Beat) It was to free them and their farmlands that we came.
  • The new-won Earth at San Pietro was plowed and sown. It should yield a good harvest this year." (Pause) "And the people pray to their patron saint to intercede with God for those who came to deliver them, and moved on to the north with the passing battle.

Closing disclaimer[edit]

  • All scenes in this picture were photographed within range of enemy small arms or artillery fire. For purposes of continuity, a few of these scenes were shot before and after the actual battle of San Pietro.


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