The Beast with Five Fingers

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The Beast with Five Fingers is a 1946 film about a one-handed, wheelchair-bound pianist, with a strong belief in the occult, who is murdered.

Directed by Robert Florey. Written by Curt Siodmak.
Your flesh will creep... AT THE HAND THAT CRAWLS!!  (taglines)


Francis Ingram: Hilary, do you know why you are here?
Hilary Cummins: No, I don't . Some anniversary perhaps?
Francis Ingram: No, no such thing. I merely want your testimony... that I am not insane. It's very important to me to be certain that not one of you thinks I am of unsound mind. Bruce, you are an artist, a musician, You've been with me a long time. You've been with me constantly; therefore you are in a position to speak. Are you convinced that there is nothing wrong with... with my mental balance?
Conrad Ryler: Your mental balance is equal to mine, and while I consider that a tribute to your sanity, there are certain people in San Stefano who consider me... slightly eccentric. Perhaps they're right.

Conrad Ryler: I know, Julie, you're afraid. He's holding you with his pain and helplessness. He draws his energy from your life. He'll never let you go.
Julie Holden: But I must go.


  • Your flesh will creep... AT THE HAND THAT CRAWLS!!
  • It walks like a spider... it stalks like a cobra!
  • A Sensation of Screaming Suspense!
  • You've never seen the like of it!


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