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The Bench is a 2014 Canadian psychological dramatic short film. The film follows Michael, a quiet man, who every day at noon, visits the same park to sit at the same bench to enjoy the sun; but this day changes as he is greeted by a mysterious woman who appears to know everything about him, yet he doesn't recall ever meeting her in his life.

Written and directed by Shawn Martin.
Produced by Shawn Martin and John Houston.
What would you do if a stranger knew everything about you? (taglines)


  • Did somebody put you up to this?
  • There's no way you know anything about me!

Mysterious Woman[edit]

  • I do know you very well. Every detail. Every memory. Every secret.
  • You used to have anger issues. Now, you're just sitting alone in a quite park.


Mysterious Woman:  Cute dog.
Michael:  Thank you. He's a great dog.
Mysterious Woman:  The news amuses me as well.
Michael:  I agree.
Mysterious Woman:  Come here often?
Michael:  Every day.
Mysterious Woman:  It's such a beautiful park. Wouldn't you agree?
Michael:  Sure would.
Mysterious Woman:  You know, there's a better place than here.
Michael:  A better place? What do you mean?
Mysterious Woman:  A place that forgives you.
Michael:  What are you talking about?
Mysterious Woman:  A place where everything bad you've ever done, just doesn't matter anymore.

Mysterious Woman:  There are only a few of us, Michael, who believe we are here for a reason while others believe it's just all fun before death.
Michael:  I don't remember telling you my name.
Mysterious Woman:  You haven't today.
Michael:  Then how do you know my name?
Mysterious Woman:  I know everything about you, Michael.

Mysterious Woman:  Ever noticed you come to the same park and sit at the same bench every time you go for a walk?
Michael:  It's only a park.
Mysterious Woman:  Why?
Michael:  Why what?
Mysterious Woman:  Out of all the parks in this area, why do you always choose this one? Why do you choose this bench out of all the others?
Michael:  I just feel something familiar with it. It's just a bench.
Mysterious Woman:  It's called déjà vu, Michael. You feel you've been here before, yet you can't recall when. That's why you keep coming back.


  • What would you do if a stranger knew everything about you?


Awards and Nominations[edit]

2015 Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival, NJ
Best Concept of a Short (nominated)

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